Budget Adjustment Request - Instructions

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					                                                                                                                          Revised 01/05/05
                                                   REGIONAL NUTRITION NETWORK
                                                   BUDGET ADJUSTMENT REQUEST



Fill in the Region, Contractor name, contract number, contract term and budget adjustment effective date.

COLUMN 1 -BUDGET CATEGORIES: The budget categories listed here should match the categories in the current approved budget.

COLUMN 2 -ORIGINAL APPROVED BUDGET: This column reflects the approved line item amounts as they appear in the
approved budget.

COLUMN 3 - LINE ITEM BUDGET ADJUSTMENT: This column reflects the amounts increasing or decreasing for each line item.

COLUMN 4 - REVISED APPROVED BUDGET: This column should calculate automatically based on the information placed into
columns 2 and 3 and will reflect the new approved totals for each line item. These totals will become the new official budget totals
 once the request is approved by CPNS staff.

SIGNATURES: Original signatures, in blue ink, are required for the Project Officer and the Financial Officer.