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Value Statement Art_ Quality The iron waffle believes in


									Value Statement :
Art, Quality
The iron waffle believes in artistic creativity and stoic quality for all the games they make.
Innovation will flourish from the hands of artists.

Code of Ethics :
The Iron Waffle will not waffle from the art of the game. The Iron Waffle will not compromise
quality for any price. The Iron Waffle will smother every game with a toasty portion of

High Concept
Fantastical Journey through the neighborhood of young children and their imagination.

Game Genre
Rpg/child learning game.

   • Target Audience: 8 – 15 children
   • ESRB Rating
          – E for Everyone
          – No hypersexual characters
          – No gratuitous violence
          – No explicit drug use
          – No foul language
   • It’s good clean fun for the whole family

   Main Platform
    Nintendo DS

   Other Platforms
    X box
    Game cube

Target Audience
    Males: ages 8 - 15
    Females: ages 8 -15

    Males: ages 20 – 30
    Females: ages 20-30
Unique Features
    D pad accessories allowing the user to get creative and use there artistic abilities
    Mini games throughout Game play which will increase are user’s replay value
    We have multi player options which allow the user’s friends to have access to a special
      multi player mini games without owning the game themselves
    We include crayons with the instruction booklet
General Design
       You will explore a vast world, the neighborhood. You will make allegiance with your
neighbors to compete in various missions and childhood games. You are introduced to the world
be moving into this new town. A moving van rolls up to your home and your parents start to
unload leaving you to explore and make new friends

                        User Experience
   •   Customizable Characters- Your Avatar
   •   Toggle able camera angles- first and third via touchpad/ L and R buttons
   •   Begin with a tutorial that guides you through all of the games elements and functions
   •   Mini-Games throughout the game that resemble basic childhood games.

                                Game Goal
       The goal of the game is to play as friendly as possible or to be as solitary as possible, but
   with no greater reward for either style of play. The goals will be very open, some games will
   be racing where your goal may be to beat your best score, or puzzle games to try and collect
   the most items.

       Plot Type – Character Base
   •   You will explore a vast world, the neighborhood. You will make allegiance with your
       neighbors to compete in various missions and childhood games.
   •   It is a mix between character/mission hybrid bases of play. You can choose what
       missions you do, weather you make friends, or have competition with other groups of
       friends, or mini-games as well.
   •   The different dynamics with the groups of friends you make, either helping them, or
       being in direct competition with the other groups of friends.
                   In Game Conflict
   Since you have changing alliances somebody who was an ally at one moment and
    strengthen will be in competition with you later as a competitor. Because of this change
    you have to help your future opponent.
   You can choose to play a mini game with your friends that don’t have a clear out winner,
    such as build the best fort. You will be rewarded for building your fort, but any fort is a
    good one, focusing more on building the fort not actually the specs of it.
One Sentence Description
He’s your best friend and helps you through out the game

Appearance Description
We envision him as an African –American with a big afro, or dreads this customizable.

He is the main characters next door neighbor is the first one to great him, showing him the
neighborhood, and how to do a box knot.
He is in the second grade, and his favorite subject is history. He likes cats.

                  •   He’s a fast runner
                  •    He can make knots – he’s a specialized boy scout
                  •    He is a source of information.
                  •   His imaginary friend is a cat, Pete, which becomes a lion in the imaginary
                  •   He assists the main character with questions.
                  •   He always waves to passing characters, he’s the friendly type.

Character Purpose
He gets the game moving, and helps the player when they are stuck.

Relationships with Other Characters
He’s well liked by all the characters, neutral party you can always go to. He becomes your best
friend; you can always go to him for help.

Sample Dialog
“Hey friend, did you know you could use the touch pad?”
“You know, your elephant is no match for his giraffe”

Vocabulary of Motion
                  • When he runs he has the comical speed lines with a cloud of dust
                  • He can waves when you run up to him
Julio - ESFJ – Guardian - Traditionalist
                  • “A friend in need is a friend in deed”
                  • He is really friendly, and tries to make friends with everyone, offering
                      help always.
                  • Like to engage in physical activity, he runs really fast.
                  • like to do work with his hands and doing crafts
                  • he is a boy scout, he likes to make knots
One sentence Description
Takes things personally, and his feelings are hurt easily. He doesn’t like Phil because he thinks
he’s trying to horde the neighborhood candy instead of sharing it equally.

Appearance Description
Has neatly combed hair Wears khaki pants and a sweater vest. Relatively short for his age

Jack since he was born has been a cry baby. He believes it’s a kid’s right to enjoy what
his parents gave him, rather than share with others. But despite this he is a relatively
kind child.

                   •   Has a lot of imaginary points
                   •   People like to follow him, despite his commanding nature

Carries his blankie with him and uses it as a weapon when his feelings really get hurt.
He cries, excessively

Character Purpose
He helps lead his friends with you along your various missions, if you wish you could not
accept his help or conversely could accept Phil’s help.

Relationships with Other Characters
Friendly with most of the children in the neighborhood except Phil.

Sample Dialogue
“Ask what you can do for your neighborhood, not what your neighborhood can do for

Vocabulary of Motion
               • He cries.
               • He cries a lot.
               • He continues to cry.
               • He goes into a ferocious rage whirling his blankie around his head.

                   •   Jack – INFP – Idealist – Healer
                   •   Sensitive and Caring
                   •   Very selective of his close friends, but cares for them even more so.
                   •   Take everything personally
One Sentence Description
He is a commanding, structured, hot head that looses temper easily, often resulting in
near apocalyptic water balloon fights.

Appearance Description
He always wears a green hat with a red star on it, He always has a sucker.

He believes in equal sharing of all toys and candy, and will to any length to achieve this.
He led his first neighbor hood revolution when he was three. When he was four his
friend Croochy left a stockade of water balloons at Phil’s house. He still has a problem
wetting the bed.

                 •   Always has a lolli-pop
                 •   He’s very accurate with a water balloon
                 •   He makes one hell of a pirate.
                 •   He has good imagination points
                 •   many imaginary followers

                 •   Talks with his hands
                 •   He’s quick to decide on his actions, taking in little account for the
                     well beings of others
Character Purpose
Usually on the opposing NPC, but you could choose to help him better himself, and
work through his issues, including his bed wetting issue.

Relationships with Other Characters
No one likes him in the game but Croochy Jack particularly despises him.

Sample Dialogue
“Jack, Go Home”

Vocabulary of Motion
               • Rigid arm movement as he walks”
               • He can throw balloons well.
Phil – ENFJ – Idealist – Teacher
                • Diplomatic
                • Can rally friends to join his cause.
                • Disappointed when people they believe in let them down
                • He cries, a lot, usually resulting in a bed wetting during that night.
Dust Jacket
Welcome to the world of imagination. You are a kid Navigating through your neighborhood,
Filled with puzzles and adventures, play with or against friends. Become the Friendliest kid in
the game or become the least friendly it’s your decision!
Heads-Up Display
  Design Elements
   •   Emotional/Social Stimulus
          – By creating your own avatar, you will identify with your character. You will
              be curious about how they change, what games they unlock and the
              friends the make.
   •   Visual Stimulus
          – Bright and vibrant effects, with a nightmare before Christmas look to it,
   •   Tactile Stimulus
          – You can write, draw, and create things using the DS touchpad

                           Risk Barriers
      We allow the user an enormous amount of leeway when it comes to taking risk. In our
game we encourage the user to feel comfortable in taking risks without any penalty besides
impeding progress

                   In-Game Language
       •   Designed to be casual and inoffensive
       •   Sample Dialog
              – “Hello friend. Did you know you can use the touch pad?”
              – “You know, your elephant is no match for his giraffe”
              – We will also add simple childhood dialogue flaws to add to the inclusiveness
                 of the dialogue.

           Reward and Punishment
   •   Gain friendship points
   •   Unlock mini games
   •   Your bad decisions will slow your progress
   •   Low friend points makes it harder to make friends
                     Intuitive Interface
On the lower map, there is an overview of the neighborhood, and current location. While
you are walking around you cannot do much other than walk around with the arrow
keys, or talk or activate options with the few 'A' and 'B' keys. And you can always call
Julio for additional help. You can also move around with the touch pad selecting points
on the map leading you to your selected destination.

    Avatar Design/Customization
        The game allows for the choice of a male or female main character, with the option of
selecting multiple genders. The user free reign when it comes to customization with a Varity of
clothes and accessories. The user is also provided the option to change his avatars facial
appearance and hairstyle. Our game has another unique feature the user can unlock more
customizations through out the game.
Level Name
The Cul-de-sac

One-sentence description
Trials and tribulations of you and your neighbors, all surrounding the common blacktop
where the characters clash, or don’t.

Main theme
Summer Sub-Urbia

Verbal map
You step out of your house and you see Julio. Julio will then begin to give you the tour
of the neighborhood, showing you many of the lead NPC’s such as Jack, Phil, Croochy,
Britney, and Susan. Each of the NPC’s will reveal a sub game that they enjoy to play,
like jump rope. Now is your chance to run around free, and choose which you would like
to play. Because your parents don’t trust you enough yet, you cannot move past the
road entering the cal-de-sac. You are limited to the few houses around the cal-de-sac
and the limited games they provide.

Appearance description
Normal mode:
Jacks house is bigger than everyone else’s house. It is completely white, has white
shutters, and colonial columns supporting an overhang at his door. Next to his door is a
professionally painted mailbox featuring a bald eagle. He also has a big fountain in his
front yard. On the three-car-garage there is a basketball hoop. His house is also at the
end of the cal-de-sac

Phil’s house:
however is at the beginning of the cal-de-sac. Phil’s house is a split level type house,
with a spacious basement, that has a hatchway for easier access. The color of Phil’s
house is forest green, with red shutters. There is a lemon tree in the front yard and
Phil’s house boasts the best view of the neighborhood pond which is directly behind his
Croochy’s house:
Brick house, fairly narrow house, but is taller than the others being three stories high.
There is shrubbery near the doors, resembling jungles. He also has a sweet barbeque
pit in the back yard, also made out of bricks.

Britneys house:
She is your other next door neighbor, opposite to Julio. She lives in a yellow pastel
house. Her house has a lot of potted plants that surround the outskirts of her house and
the walk ways. There is a big elm tree in her back yard, which has a home depot bought
tree house built into it.

Susan lives in between Croochy and Phil. Her house has relatively close access to the
pond. She lives in a log cabin, it’s nice, it has central air, and big windows, with a nice
back yard deck.

Fantasy mode
All the houses conform to the different imagination modes you can play. Whether it be a
space level, where the houses become space ships, or a winter wonderland where they
become igloos and mountains.

The housing in the cal-de-sac is so diverse because of it its immensely diverse
upbringing as a cal-de-sac. In the original settlement of the cal-de-sac it was a large
farmland with a colonial style plantation mansion. Then through time, and the city began
to encroach on the farmland portions of the land were sold off, this continued up to the
1960’s and early 70’s when the current state of the cal-de-sac was finalized.

Rules (In development)
In development

Behaviors (In development)
In development

Environmental aspects (In development)
In development

Level duration (In development)
In development

To get you familiar with the base neighbor hood and NPC’s, the beginning stages of the
game and its basic mechanics.

User experience
You can walk around the cal-de-sac playing the different games, experiencing some of
the different imagination modes. As you walk around and speak with the other children
NPC’s they will give you missions to accomplish. Once you complete these missions
you will unlock a mini-game which you can then play to earn points.

Interactive Rhythm
For the experienced player it will take between three to four hours. For a new player
learning all the mechanics it will take about four to eight hours to complete. Overall time
to master the game however will take much longer, unlocking all the mini games, and
replay value of these games will also add to the end rhythm of the game.

How the user marks progress
After each completion of a mini game there is an auto save, there is also an auto save
after any major decision to which you can go back to. There is a map of the town, as
you get further into the game more and more of the map will be uncovered, this will be
one way to see how much more of the map needs to be uncovered. You will also have a
list of mini games which you have unlocked in the various levels.

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