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									                                                                                           WEST VIRGINIA

                                                              Board requires AIDS awareness / risk prevention
                                                              training: no
                                                              Other special areas of specific CE training
               For Information Contact:                       required: varies, for 2002 6 hours of insurance
                                                              compliance for D.C. s practicing instate.

      Barbara L. Johnson , Executive Secretary                CONDITIONS FOR
             415 ½ D Street, Suite #6                         RECIPROCITY/ENDORSEMENT: Handled on case-
                   P.O. Box 8532                              by-case basis, sta te mu st have re quirem ents
            So. Charleston, WV 25303                          equivalent to West Virginia and reciprocate with WV.
                  (304) 746-7839
                                                              EXAMINATIONS ADMINISTERED BY STATE: Oral
                                                              jurisprudence exam and interview with Board.
                FAX: (304) 746-0794
           (Do not use FAX for applications)                  NATIONAL BOARD EXAMINATIONS:
                                                              Part I: required
       W eb Add ress: www.state.wv.us/wvboc/                  Part II: required
                                                              Part III (WCCE): required
          E-Ma il Address : wvboc@citynet.net                 Part IV: required*
                                                              Physiotherapy: accepted

                                                              *Minimum passing score for Part IV 475.
Board Office Hours: 10:00-3:00, Monday-Thursday
Time Zone: Eastern                                            SPEC: Reciprocity/Endorsement: not planning to use
                                                              Reinsta teme nt of Lap sed Lice nse: no t planning to
Exam Dates: 02/07/2002, 08/01/2002                            use
Application/Transcript Deadline: 6 wks prior to               Disciplinary Cases: can use now
exam date; 12/27/01, 6/20/2002                                Impairment Review: not planning to use
Exam Fe e: $ 150
Initial License Fee: $ 25                                     PHYSIOTHERAPY: Termed Physiological
Criminal Backg round Ch eck: No                               Therapeutic Procedures
Require Fing erprinting: No                                   Certification: Optional endorsement or notation
License Ren ewal Fee: $ 200 - Re sident, $ 100 -              included with chiropractic license
Non Resident or Retired                                       Additional Education: 120 hrs in subject
T erm: annu al, ren ew J uly 1                                Additional Examination: Must take state exam /
Students: must be graduate to sit for Board.                  NBCE P.T.
P recept o r/ Inter n /Ex te r n P r og r am : Students may   Additional Fee: None
work u nder dire ct supe rvision of licen sed D .C.
Contact Board for more details.                               EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS
Requ ire sup ervised practice prior to fu ll                  Min. # yrs pre-professional education required
licensure: No                                                 for licensure:
License(s) Required for Practice: Chiro prac tic              2 years or 60 seme ster hours
Optional Licenses or Certification: Physiotherapy             Requirement for 4 year degree - July 1, 2005
(considered optional but preferred)                           pre-chiropractic college matriculation.

CONTINUING EDUCATION:                                         Accred itation fo r Chiro practic
Requirements: 18 hrs per year                                 Programs/Institutions:
Program Criteria: At the discretion of the Board -            Council on Chiropractic Education - Fully accredited
app rove s eith er sp ons or or p rogr am . Rep utab le       only
spo nso rs, ins truct ors f rom appr oved chiro prac tic
colleges.                                                     SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATES OF
Board accepts the uniform continuing education                FOREIGN COLLEGES: Schools with CCE
f o rm: yes                                                   Reciprocal Agreement accepted.
Board requires sexual boundaries training: no

Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards " Official Directory 2002                        Updated March 2002
                                                                                         WEST VIRGINIA
                                                                                            (Page Tw o of Tw o)

SUMMARY O F SCOPE OF PRACTICE:                              BOARD MEM BERS / TE RMS (where ava ilable):
(Contact State for precise definition by state law)         Board handles both licensing and disciplinary
The practices and procedures which may be
employed by Doctors of Chiropractic are based on            Clifford E. B ickerton, D .C., Chair, 333 L inco ln
the academic and clinical training received in and          Street Ext., Grafton 26354 Exp. 6/2003
through accredited chiropractic colleges. These             Jeffrey L. Su mm ers, D.C., V. Ch iar, P.O. Box 4003,
shall include the use of diagnostic, analytical and         Charleston 25364 Exp. 6/2002
therapeutic procedures specifically including the           Eric Emb ree, Secretary , 3058 Mt. Vernon Road,
adjustment and manipulation of the articulations and        Hurricane 25526 Exp. 6/2002
adjacent tissues of the human body, particularly of         James W. Hau ght, D.C., Inv estigative O fficer,
the spinal column; included is the treatment of             3201 Route 60, East, Huntington 25705 Exp.
intersegmental disorders for alleviation of related         06/2004
neurological aberrations. Patient care and                  Ruth Lem mon , Public M emb er, P.O. Box 2028,
management is conducted with due regard for                 Charleston 25327 Exp. 06/2002
environment and nutritional factors, as well as first
aid, hygiene, sanitation, rehabilitation and
physiologic al therape utic proce dures d esigned to         STATISTICAL INFORMATION
assist in the restoration and maintenance of
neurological integrity and homeostatic balance.              Active Licenses as of 1/02: 285
                                                             New Licenses: 20
OTHER REFERENCE INFORMATION:                                 Resident Licenses: 208
Board regulates specialty council certification:             Non-Resident Licenses: 77
cannot claim to be certified unless shows proof of
certification or diplomate status.
Board permits or authorizes travel-to-treat
requirements: case by case basis with approval
from Boa rd fo r limit ed pe riod o f tim e
Board permits or authorizes telemedicine
practices: no
Licensees required to carry malpractice
insurance: no
Additional legally accepted terms for
chiropractor (in addition to Doctor of
Chiro practic , D.C., Ch iroprac tor, Ch iroprac tic
Doctor): Chiropractic Physician
P e er R ev ie w : handled by separate organization or
Chiropractic Assistants: see code

Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards " Official Directory 2002                      Updated March 2002

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