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					                                                 Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (as of March 31, 2010)          1

                                                Economics Department                   Phone : (510) 643-3783
                                               691A Evans Hall, #3880                    Fax : (510) 642-6615
                                      University of California, Berkeley                    pog@berkeley.edu
                                              Berkeley, CA 94720-3880      http ://socrates.berkeley.edu/˜pog

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
International Monetary Fund
 2009–.            Editor, IMF Economic Review
University of California, Berkeley
 2008–.              Associate Professor of Economics
 2003–2008           Assistant Professor of Economics
Princeton University
 1998–2003.         Assistant Professor of Economics
Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
 1996–1998          Assistant Professor of Economics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 1996      Ph.D., Economics, Dissertation Title :
           “Essays on Exchange Rates & Consumption”
           Advisors : Olivier Blanchard, Ricardo Caballero and Rudiger Dornbusch
Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, Paris, France
 1993                     e
            Diplome d’Ing´nieur
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France
 1991       Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies (DEA)
            Advisor : Charles Wyplosz
Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France
 1990                     e
            Diplome d’Ing´nieur, Majors : Physics and Economics

Review Editorship
 2009-      Editor, International Monetary Fund Economic Review
 2004-      Associate Editor, Journal of the European Economics Association
 2003-09 Associate Editor, Journal of International Economics

Consulting and Policy Advice
 2010       Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission testimony, Washington DC, Feb.

Unpublished Manuscripts, Work in Progress
Unpublished Manuscripts
 2010       “Estimating the Border Effect : Some New Evidence,” with G. Gopinath, C.-T. Hsieh
            and N. Li, R&R, American Economic Review.
 2009       “Capital Flows to Developing Countries : The Allocation Puzzle,” with O. Jeanne,
            R&R, Review of Economic Studies.
 2009       “When Bonds Matter : Home Bias in Goods and Assets,” with N. Coeurdacier. Oct.
Work in Progress
           “The U.S.’s Exorbitant Duty,” with H. Rey and N. Govillot
           “World Bankers,” with H. Rey and C. Lopez
           “IMF Programs and Conditionality,”
           “Capital Mobility and Reform,” with O. Jeanne
                                                Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (as of March 31, 2010)     2


Journal Articles
 2008           “Financial Crash, Commodity Prices and Global Imbalances,” with Ricardo Cabal-
                lero and Emmanuel Farhi, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, D. Elmendorf,
                G. Mankiw, L. Summers, eds., vol 2. pp1-55
                “An Equilibrium Model of “Global Imbalances” and Low Interest Rates,” with
                Ricardo Caballero (MIT) and Emmanuel Farhi (MIT), American Economic Review,
                98(1), pp358-393, March
 2007                                                          ee
                “International Financial Adjustment,” with H´l`ne Rey (Princeton), Journal of
                Political Economy, 115(4),pp 665-703, August
 2006           “The Elusive Gains from International Financial Integration,” with Olivier Jeanne
                (IMF), Review of Economic Studies, 73(3), pp715-741, July
 2004           “Exchange Rate Puzzles and Distorted Beliefs,” with Aaron Tornell (UCLA), Jour-
                nal of International Economics, 64(2), pp303-333, December
 2002           “Consumption over the Life-Cycle,” with Jonathan Parker (Princeton), Econome-
                trica, 70(1), January
 2001           “The Empirical Importance of Precautionary Saving,” with Jonathan Parker (Prin-
                ceton), American Economic Review, papers and proceedings, May
 2001           “Lending Booms : Latin America and the World,” with Rodrigo Valdes (Banco
                Central de Chile) and Oscar Landerretche (MIT), Economia, 1(2)
 1999           “Exchange Rates do Matter : French Job Reallocation and Exchange Rate Turbu-
                lence,” European Economic Review, 43(7), June
 1997           “Federal Transfers, Decentralization and the Labor Market,” Annales d’Economie
                et de Statistique, 45, April
 1990           “La segmentation des Marches Boursiers Francais et Americains,” with Marc Gur-
                gand (CREST-INSEE), Economie et Statistique, October
Book Chapters and Edited Volumes
 2008      “Valuation Effects and External Adjustment : a Review”, in “Current Account and
           External Financing”, K. Cowan, S. Edwards and R. Vald´s, eds, Series on Central
           Banking, Analysis and Economic Policy, vol XII
 2007      “From World Banker to World Venture Capitalist : US External Adjustment and the
           Exorbitant Privilege,” with H´l`ne Rey (Princeton), in R. Clarida ed. G7 Current
           Account Imbalances : Sustainability and Adjustment, University of Chicago
 2002      “Social Security and Inequality over the Life Cycle”, with Angus Deaton and Chris
           Paxson (Princeton), in M. Feldstein and J. Liebman eds. The Distributional Effects
           of Social Security and Social Security Reform, University of Chicago Press
 1998      “Exchange Rates and Jobs : What do we Learn from Job Flows ?” in B. Bernanke and
           J. Rotemberg eds, NBER Macroeconomics Annual, MIT Press
Recent Published Discussions (2004-)
 2005       comments on “Has the Inflation Process Changed ?”, by G. Debelle and S. Cecchetti,in
            Economic Policy 46, April
 2005       “Is The U.S. Current Account Deficit Sustainable ?”, by S. Edwards, in Brookings
            Panel on Economic Activity, 2005 :2
 2005       “Why are Europeans so tough on migrants ?”, by T. Boeri and H. Bruecker, in Eco-
            nomic Policy, 44, October
 2005       “Capital Quality Improvement and the Sources of Growth in the Euro Area”, by P.
            Sakellaris and F. W. Vijselaar, in Economic Policy, 42, April
 2004       “Financial market integration and economic growth in the EU”, by L. Guiso, T. Japelli,
            M. Padula and M. Pagano, in Economic Policy, 40, October
 2006          Economic Dynamics Newsletter, Research Agenda, April.
                                               Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (as of March 31, 2010)   3

Older Stuff
 2000      “Precautionary Saving, Life Cycle and Macroeconomics”
 1997      “Non-linearities in Exchange Rates : a Nonparametric Instrumental Variables Approach”

 1993       Macroeconomics, a European Text : a Teacher’s Guide, with Michael Burda
            and Charles Wyplosz, Oxford University Press

Recent Invited Talks (2006-)

            “When Bonds Matter : Home Bias in Goods and Assets”
 2009       Harvard ;
 2008       University of Toulouse ; UCLA ;
            “Capital Flows to Developing Countries : The Allocation Puzzle”
 2008       Northwestern University ; University of Michigan ; Wharton School of Management,
            London Business School ; European Central Bank ;
 2007       Stanford ;
            “An Equilibrium Model of ‘Global Imbalances’”
 2006       Berkeley ; London School of Economics ; Princeton ; Stanford ; University of Southern
            California ;
            “International Financial Adjustment”
 2007       Haas school of business
 2006       Pompeu Fabra-CREI

Recent Conference Presentations (2006-)

            “Financial Crash, Commodity Prices and Global Imbalances”
 2009       World Bank
 2008       European Central Bank conference on Global financial linkages, transmission of shocks
            and asset prices, Frankfurt (Germany) ; Brooking Panel on Economic Activity, Washing-
            ton DC ;
            “When Bonds Matter : Home Bias in Goods and Assets”
 2008       European Summer Symposium in Macroeconomics (ESSIM), Tarragona (Spain) ; Confe-
            rence on ”The Impact of Global Financial Imbalances”, Siena ;
            “Cross Border Prices, Costs and Mark-ups”
 2008       NBER IFM meeting (Cambridge) ;
            “World Bankers” ;
 2007       AEA meetings (Chicago) ;
            ““An Equilibrium Model of ‘Global Imbalances’””
 2007       “New Approaches in Macroeconomics”, Northwestern and IGIDR, Mumbay ; Reserve
            Bank of Korea Annual Conference, Seoul ;
 2006       NBER EF&G meeting, July (Cambridge) ; Vienna Symposia on Asset Management
            (Vienna) ; CEPRs first annual workshop on Global Interdependence, Gersenzee ; NBER
            IFM meetings, March (Cambridge) ;
            “Capital Flows to Developing Countries : The Allocation Puzzle” ;
 2008       2008 Center for the Evolution of the Global Economy, UC Davis ;
 2007       AEA meetings (Chicago) ; CEPR workshop on Global Interdependence (Dublin)
 2006       NBER IFM meeting (Cambridge) ;
            International Financial Adjustment ;
 2006       Vancouver mini conference on International Financial Markets ;
                                                 Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (as of March 31, 2010)    4

Recent Conference Discussions (2006-)
 2007        “Sovereign Risk and Secondary Markets,” by F. Broner, A. Martin and J. Ventura, AEA
             Annual Meetings, January (Chicago) ;
 2006        “Information Immobility,” by L. Veldkamp and S. van Nieuwerburgh, NBER EF&G
             meeting, February (San Francisco) ;

Institutions Visited (2006-)

 2009        INSEAD, Fontainebleau (France)
             Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
 2008        London Business School
 2007        International Monetary Fund
 2006        INSEAD
             International Monetary Fund (Institute)

Grants and Awards

Grants (2005–)
 2010-12 International Growth Center grant on ”External Volatility and Macro Insurance” (with
           E. Farhi, £71,071)
 2008-11 National Science Foundation grant SES0820468/SES0820241 (with G. Gopinath and
           C. Hsieh, $410k)
 2008-09 Coleman Fung Risk Management Research Center Grant (with M. Obstfeld, $50k)
 2005-08 National Science Foundation grant SES0519217/SES0519242 (with H. Rey, $264k)
 2005-06 UC Berkeley Junior COR Felloswhip ($6k)
 2008                                a
             Winner of the 2007 Bern´cer Prize for best European economist working in Macroe-
             conomics and Finance under the age of 40
             Winner of the 2008 prize for best young French economist (Cercle des Economistes,
             Le Monde)
 2007        Nominated for the 2007 prize for best young French economist (Cercle des Economistes,
             Le Monde)
 2001–04     Princeton University Bicentennial Preceptorship, class of 1936
 1999–00     NBER National Fellow
 1996–97     Faculty Trust Fund Fellow, Stanford Graduate School of Business

 2008        Robert Johnson (Dartmouth)
 2007        Carlos Felipe Lopez Suarez (CIBC, Canada)
 2005        Ethan Kaplan (IIE, Stockholm, Sweden)
 2004        Andrea Tambalotti (NY Federal Reserve)
 2003        Nikola Tarashev (BIS, Switzerland)
 2001        Gita Gopinath (Harvard)
 1998        Klaus Desmets (Carlos III, Spain)
                                               Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (as of March 31, 2010)   5


UC Berkeley
 2008–10       Topics in Economic Research, undergraduate, Spring (Econ196)
 2003–09       International Monetary Economics, undergraduate, Fall (Econ182)
 2003–09       International Economics, Ph.D., Fall (Econ280B)
 2003–09       Seminar in International Economics, Fall (Econ281)
 2003–10       Macro/Growth/International Lunch
Princeton University
 2002–03      International Money and Finance, Ph.D., Fall
 2002–03      International Financial Markets, advanced UG and Masters in Finance, Fall
 2000–01      Intermediate Macro, undergraduate, Fall
 2000–01      International Money and Finance, Ph.D., Fall,
              with Helene Rey
 2000–01      Advanced Macroeconomics, Ph.D., Spring,
              with Roland Benabou
 1998-99      Macroeconomics, Ph.D. (core), Spring, with Ben Bernanke
 1998-99      Advanced Macroeconomics, Ph.D., Spring
London Business School
 2008         Understanding International Macroeconomics, MBA, Summer
 2002/04/06/09Macroeconomics in the Global Economy, MBA, Spring
Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
 1996–98       Global Linkages, MBA, Spring
 1996–98       Macroeconomics, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 1994–96       International Economics, undergraduate

Research Fellow, International Growth Center (London), 2009- ;
Research Fellow, Center for Economic Policy Research (London), International Macroeconomics
   Program ;
Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research, International Finance & Macroecono-
   mics, Economics Fluctuations & Growth, Asset Pricing programs ;
Member of the Scientific Committee of the Fondation Banque de France, July 2004-.
Panel member, Economic Policy, 2004-2005.
Program Committee Member, 2010, Econometric Society, World Congress
Program Committee Member, 2010, European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Budapest
Program Committee Member, 2009, Econometric Society Annual Meetings
Program Committee Member, 2007, European Meeting of the Econometric Society
Program Committee Member, Econometric Society 2005 World Congress
Program Committee Member, Society of Economic Dynamics 2004 Meeting
Co-editor, Princeton Series in International Economics, Princeton, 2002-03
Referee, American Economic Review, Econometrica, Economic Journal, European Economic Review,
   Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of International Economics, Journal of
   International Money and Finance, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Political Economy,
   National Science Foundation, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Dynamics,
   Review of Economics and Statistics, Review of Economic Studies
Radio appearance on KQED Forum Friday 09h00-10h00, December 09, 2003.
   Panel on “The Weakening Dollar.” (transcript available at http ://www.kqed.org)