Indiana Hoosier Homestead Reciprocate

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					Hoosier Homestead Sign Kit Order Form
       (detach and mail or order on-line)                                                                  Indiana Hoosier

Qty     Item     Description                     Amount
                                                                A LITTLE ABOUT VINYL                  Homestead Reciprocate
                                                                SOLUTIONS UNLIMITED
        HH01     Standard Vinyl Sign Kit         $150.00
        HH02     Gothic Vinyl Sign Kit           $160.00   Vinyl Solutions Unlimited is a Hoosier       What an honor to receive the
                                                           owned and operated company that uses
        HH03     Floral Vinyl Sign Kit           $175.00                                               prestigious Hoosier Homestead
                                                           vinyl products made right here in
                           Subtotal              _______
                                                                                                      award. Now display your Hoosier
                                                           Indiana. We have been selling and
                           Tax 7%                _______   installing pure vinyl fencing, decking,    homestead sign with the pride and
                           Freight       1@      $40.00
                                                           railing, and columns for over eleven              honor it deserves.
                                                           years. We started making Hoosier
                                         Total   _______
                                                           Homestead signs several years ago after
                                                           several local farmers were honored and
                                                           needed a way to display their signs with
All kits are in white vinyl material. Shipping is
                                                           lasting pride. If you have any questions
$40.00 per sign. If you are ordering more than
                                                           please don’t hesitate to give us a call
one sign kit add $20.00 per kit for shipping to
                                                           Monday thru Friday from 8 am - 5 pm.
your order. Please note all sign kits will be shipped      You can also visit us on the web at:
by UPS and cannot be delivered to a post office  

Send Check and this order form to:

        Vinyl Solutions Unlimited

        4814 W Old State Rd 46

        Greensburg, IN 47240
                                                                 VINYL SOLUTIONS UNLIMITED
        Or Fax to: 812-663-4283                                  A DIVISION OF OBERMEYER &
                                                                         YOUNG, INC.
Credit Card Information:

____________________________________                                  4814 W Old State Rd 46
                                                                       Greensburg, IN 47240
Expiration: _______________
                                                                       Phone: 812-663-2754
CVS Code: (found on the back) ____________                            Toll Free: 800-276-1676
                                                                         Fax: 812-663-4283
Name on the Card: ___________________________                       Email:
Hoosier Homestead
vinyl Sign Kits                                                                          If you have more than one sign.
                                           PRICE LIST
                                                                                         For example a 100 year and a
Now that you have your sign, display it    HH01 Standard white sign            $150.00   150 year, we can make one sign
                                           with flat caps                                to hold both.
in the honor in which it was given.
                                                                                         If you have any questions, don’t
Vinyl Solutions Unlimited, a division of                                                 hesitate to give us a call.
                                           HH02 Gothic style caps              $160.00
Obermeyer and Young, Inc. has              Gothic style caps are a
designed a pure vinyl sign kit made just   pointed cap.                                  Again, Congratulations!
for your Hoosier Homestead sign.           HH03 Floral design at the           $175.00   Annette
                                           top (pictured on the front)
Your Homestead sign will fit into slots                                                  Annette Geis
that have been routed into the posts.                                                    Sales Manager
Both sides of the sign can be seen                                                       Email:
                                           Just send us the completed order
                                           form. Make checks payable to
Standard HH01 Kit contains:
                                           Vinyl Solutions Unlimited.
        2 - 8’ 4” x 4” white vinyl posts
                                           We will ship your sign kit via UPS in
        2 - 2-1/8” x 2-5/8” rails          less than 7 working days.

        2 - flat caps
                                                   VINYL SOLUTIONS UNLIMITED
        2 - top plates                       A DIVISION OF OBERMEYER & YOUNG, INC.

        4 - screws                               4814 W Old State Rd 46
                                                  Greensburg, IN 47240
Instructions are enclosed.                         Phone: 812-663-2754
                                                  Toll Free: 800-276-1676
                                                    Fax: 812-663-4283