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					“Can you keep a SECRET? Because I don’t think I should
be doing this…

 “If You Want To Learn How To
Make A Six Figure Income On The
 Internet Right Here In The UK
 Beyond You’ll Find The Report
       Below Invaluable”

 Urgent from: {Your name}
 (Time / Day / Date).

 Dear Reader,

   I want to introduce you to David Anderson. I’m sure many of you will already
 know him because David is one of the UK’s top marketeers and a serious
 entrepreneur. Recently, in a special one time deal I managed to secure the rights to
 David’s Best Kept Internet Secrets that have made him a Millionaire.

 From: David Anderson.

 Dear Reader,

   If you’ve ever hungered to know the “brain dead” simple, fast and inexpensive ways to
 create a wildly profitable website… without spending a single penny on Internet
 marketing tools… this report will without doubt be the most electrifying you’ve ever

  Here is why:

   If you have a website (or you’re flirting with the idea of having a website) you’re about
 to receive an Internet money making education, the likes of which is rather astonishing.

  In fact, let me make you a small promise:

  Read the 15 power-packed pages in this report in their entirety… and…

                                               1           (Please continue reading over page…)
                    It Will Be IMPOSSIBLE For You Ever
                     To Look At Making Money From The
                           Internet The Same Again!

 Okay, enough foreplay. On with the show:

  Listen, whether you’re an “online virgin” or an “online veteran”, you probably already
know… (maybe through painful experience)… that having a website does not equal
having an online “business”.

  Let’s face it: Anyone can throw up a website… or plunk down a few hundred quid to
get some web geek to create a fancy looking website.

 What is not so commonly known is this:

                    95% Of Commercial Websites Are Not
                     Making Any Money Except For The
                             Hosting Service!

 It’s true!

  You see, the nasty (and often expensive) truth is: It doesn’t matter how stunningly
gorgeous your website looks… or… that a gazillion pairs of eyeballs turn up at your site
everyday… if…

                     You Are Clueless To The Secrets Of
                    Converting Those Passive Visitors Into
                    Hungry “Got-To-Have-It-Now” Paying

 What are those secrets?

 Well, hold onto your seat, because the “financial joyride” is about to begin:

  I am now going to reveal -- in graphic detail -- TWO of the most powerful (yet little
known) website money making secrets I have ever learned in my entire (?+ year)
business career.

  The information you are about to read has already made many major companies (like
Agora Publishing), online entrepreneurs, single parents who were on benefits… and
believe it or not… even 11-year old kids… very rich. And once, you too, lay eyes upon
these secrets, it’ll be like a dam burst in your mind… and… you’ll suddenly experience
the difference between “just getting by” and…

                     Finally Making A Fortune From The
                      Internet - Allowing You To Live In
                    Freedom And Luxury For The Rest Of
                                  Your Days!

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  Actually, the secrets I’m about to share with you will… as far as mopping up money on
the Internet is concerned… make you dangerous beyond belief… virtually overnight!

 You’ll have the keys to instant market DOMINATION… that will allow you to
quietly and guiltlessly…

        Create a “buying frenzy” at your website…

        Swamp your site with paying orders…

        Kick even your BIGGEST and nastiest online competitor into touch…

        And, virtually, overnight, become the most DOMINANT “player” in your target
         market… dragging in profits, hot and heavy!

 Okay, let’s get to it:

 What is the first BIG secret to making obscene website profits?

  Actually, believe it or not, the first BIG secret to having a hugely profitable website is

                      Sell Stuff That People Are Already
                    Eagerly Spending Their Money Buying!
  Believe it or not, those even deceptively simple words will eliminate 85% of the “so-
called” reasons a website is not making any money.

  Look, for your money making purposes I’d like you to think of the Internet… as a giant
virtual Yellow Pages that is also chocked full of other stuff that is of mere “curiosity

  For example, if you were to research the most commonly searched for word phrases on
the Internet, you would probably come up with: The Da Vinci Code, Britney Spears,
American Idol, Janet Jackson, James Bond, and so on, and so forth, etc., etc.

  Now, although these kinds of “word phrases” represent those most often searched for
on the Internet… it is important to remember that… mostly they represent what is
currently “hot news,” or they merely satisfy people’s “gossip glands”.

 What they do NOT represent is…

                          What People Are Eagerly Spending
                                Money On To Buy!

  Let’s talk more about this idea of the Yellow Pages for a moment… and how it can help
you make MONSTER website profits.

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  Whenever somebody opens up the Yellow Pages and “let’s their fingers go a walking,”
you can be sure of two things:

 #1:     They are looking for a solution that will help them solve a pressing problem in
         their life…and…

 #2:     They are ready and “primed” to buy something.

  Question: Have you ever picked up the Yellow Pages to look for a Chiropractor? If so,
I bet it was when you had back or neck pain. Have you ever searched through the Yellow
Pages for a car mechanic? If so, I bet it was when your car needed a repair or service.
Have you ever gone to the Yellow Pages trying to locate a furniture store? If so, I bet you
were in the mood to buy furniture.


  The point is: When somebody types “back pain” into a search engine… it’s a pretty
good bet that that person is…

                      Looking For A Solution To Help Stop
                               Their Back Pain!
  Same when somebody types “car mechanic” into a search engine. It’s highly probable
that they are trying to locate or do more research on a car mechanic that will (hopefully!)
help them solve a pressing problem in their life. Namely: Fix or service their car.

 So, put another way, the first BIG secret to making HUGE website profits…

                    Sell Solutions (Or Benefits) That People
                      Are Willing And Eager To Pay For!
 And, remember this:

  The more desperate a person is… the more money they’ll be willing to pay to solve
their problem.

  Take a person who has been falsely accused of a crime in a foreign land for which… if
found guilty… will face the death penalty. Show that person a diamond encrusted ring.
Show him a Ferrari Testorosa. Place before him a harem of the world’s most beautiful
and alluring women.

  Do you think any of those things will hold but a fleeting interest to him? No way. He
is consumed with…

                       How He Can Prove His Innocence!
  How much will he spend to prove his innocence? £100? £10,000? A few hundred
thousand he has stashed away for a “rainy day”?

                                              4            (Please continue reading over page…)
 Not even close.

 The real answer is…

                      Every Last Penny He’s Got… Plus…
                    Every Last Penny He Can Get His Hands

 So, let’s recap:

  Start thinking about your product or service as a solution to your prospects problems…
or a benefit that people will willingly and eagerly pay money for.

 Okay, let’s move on.

 Here’s the second BIG secret to making huge website profits:

  Unlike the Yellow Pages, when somebody boots up their computer and goes online they
are (for the most part) looking for information.

  They are not eagerly fondling their bankcard, itching to punch in their account number
to buy whatever you’re selling.

 No. They are not yet in the “buying mode”.

  So, to move a website visitor from passive information seeker to rabid, “got-to-have-it-
now” paying customer, you need first prove that you are…

                    A Trustworthy Authority On What You
                             Are Talking About!

   People are distrustful (and rightfully so) when they land on your web page. Let’s face
it, surfing the Internet is like entering a Calcutta marketplace. Your senses are assaulted
by all kinds of traders, hucksters, scammers, and con artists pitching their wares.

  Nobody wants to be fleeced out of their hard-earned money. And when online, because
of the “faceless medium”… and so many horror stories… people’s B.S. meter
automatically jacks up to “red alert”.

 You have to overcome that.

  And one of the best ways you fly under the “scepticism radar”… and… convey to each
visitor to your site that you are indeed a trustworthy authority on the subject matter your
website happens to be about… is… to post on your website…

                                  A “Free Report”!

  Your free report (a “disguised” sales message) should give away really valuable
information that teaches a prospect something he / she really needs to know to solve

                                              5            (Please continue reading over page…)
whatever problem they are looking to solve, or benefit they are hoping to gain. In other

                        Have Something Unique And
                    Newsworthy To Say That Positions You
                      As An Expert In The Mind Of The

  Then, once you have built credibility and developed trust with the “for real” content of
your website free report… you should then elegantly transition into a sales “pitch” for
your product or service.

  For example, maybe you are promoting a natural herb from your website that has been
proven to lower cholesterol. And whilst you may give away a lot of really useful info
about how and why the herb is so effective at lowering cholesterol… you could
deliberately leave it ambiguous as to which exact brand / dosage of herb works best and
let the reader know that… as far as getting hold of the exact dosage of this herb cheaply
is concerned… you are …

                               The Obvious Solution!

  In other words “teach” the visitor to your site exactly what they need to do to solve the
problem they are experiencing – but – “sell” them how to do it.

  Once you’ve positioned yourself as the obvious solution it is very hard for a prospect to
buy from anywhere else.

  You don’t want your website to be nothing but a blatant sales pitch. That’ll turn people
off quick.

  Instead, “creep up” on the sale. Be like a benevolent “predator”. Let the visitor to your
site get comfortable with who you are… the information you have to share… and then…
when you offer your product or service for sale…

                   The Visitor To Your Site Will Feel Good
                   About Making A Smart Buying Decision!

 They haven’t been sold; they’ve chosen to buy.

 A subtle but very powerful - (and profitable) - difference.

  Actually, there’s a “hidden benefit” to giving away unique, newsworthy information on
your website.

 Let me explain:

  If your website contains “for real” useful and helpful information… and it
communicates that info in simple, easy-to-understand English… in a way that no other
website does; guess what?

                                              6            (Please continue reading over page…)
  It is possible (and very probable) that the people who visit your website will be so
“impacted” by the info you have posted online that they’ll feel compelled…

                          To Tell Other People About It!

 Which means your site will be getting word-of-mouth publicity.

  Not only is this word-of-mouth publicity free… but also… once just a few people read
your site…

                     That Word-Of-Mouth Promotion Can
                         Start Breeding Like Rabbits!

  Actually, there is also another “hidden” benefit (to you) for posting unique,
newsworthy content… (that segues into a sales pitch)… on your website.

  Once a few people have become “turned on” to your site… and start telling other
people about it… and those “referrals” do likewise… all of a sudden… it’s very probably
– (because your site is attracting so many visitors and is “linked” to so many other
websites, eZines etc.,) – that…

                    Your Website Will Appear At (Or Near)
                    The Top Of The Search Engines… Even
                    Though You’ve Never Spent Any Money
                     Or, Actively Done Any Search Engine


 Are there more secrets you need to know about making HUGE website profits?

 You bet!

  So far, I’ve only just “scratched the surface” of what I know about how to dramatically
increase the profitability of a website. And, if you read the remaining pages of this
report, you too will learn about my other “insider” web profit secrets… secrets hardly
anyone else can tell you about!

  And… (if you choose to apply them)… you’ll immediately attract more “in heat”
prospects to your website… convert more visitors’ to cash paying customers… and…
quite possibly…

                   Make So Much More Money From Your
                   Website… You’ll Have Trouble Figuring
                    Our How To Spend All Your Money!

 But, come on, why should you believe me?

                                              7            (Please continue reading over page…)
 Well, as you know, my name is David Anderson, and…

  I honestly believe I know more about how to increase the profitability of a website that
just about anyone else alive.

  That is certainly a contentious statement. And whether or not it is the truth, is highly
debatable. However, what is not debatable is the number of grateful letters and e-mails I
receive from the people I’ve helped “breakthrough” to massive website profits.

  Because of my advice and guidance, many of them are now making money online for
the very first time… often after years of struggle and nothing to show for it – (you might
like to check out a few of the sincere, real-life testimonials… as well as my bio… at the
end of this report). But that’s not important right now.

  What is important is this: I put up my first website back in 199?… and … not only did
I not make any money…

                           I Also Lost A Lot Of Money!

  But, like I say, that was my first ever website. Who can blame me? After all, I didn’t
know anything about how to make money from a website. I was only following what all
the so-called Internet “experts” were telling me to do.

  Anyway, I guess my “luck” changed for me pretty soon. How? Well… even though
people close to me thought I was stupid and a “dreamer” for trying to make money
online… I put up another website… and that one was just a tad more successful.
Actually, it was more than just a tad more successful. It was a virtual money making

 I ended up selling…

                      Just Shy Of £??? Worth Of Product!
  And that was back in 199?. Do you understand what that means? That was like the
“dark ages” in “Internet years”.

 Of course it wasn’t “luck” at all. And, as you can imagine, I’ve learned quite a few
more secrets to making HUGE website profits along the way.

   Web profit secrets that will not only solve all your money problems… but… with a
little application and common sense on your part… can… very easily…

                        Set You Up Financially For Life!

 You know, where you don’t have to turn up for “work” everyday in a dead-end job.
Where you get to choose how you’re going to spend your day. Where you decide
when… and where… you’d like to get away to on holiday.

                                              8           (Please continue reading over page…)
  But, perhaps best of all, whenever anybody tries to coerce or force you into doing
something you don’t want to do… you’ll know “in-your-heart-of-hearts” that you now
have enough money and the financial security… to turn around and say:

                               “No, I Don’t Think So!”
 That’s when you know you’re finally F-R-E-E!

  However, the bad news is, you’d have to spend years of your life and tens of thousands
of pounds testing, and retesting, to discover the little known website profit secrets I
myself have discovered.

 That’s a downer isn’t it?

 But, don’t go getting suicidal on me, because the good news is this:

   I have decided to reveal all my website profit secrets on a new DVD I have just created,

                      Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires.

 How powerful are the secrets revealed on that DVD?

 Check this out:

  Just recently I applied a mere handful of the profit-boosting secrets to a website…
and… generated an additional £? in sales…

                        In Just One Day / Week / Month!
  There was nothing difficult to what I did to that website either. Truly, if you can brush
your teeth, you could have done exactly what I did – (if you knew my secrets, of course!).

  And don’t get the idea that you have to spend a lot of money applying the web profit
secrets you’ll be let in on when you watch my DVD, Secrets Of The Internet
Millionaires, either!

 You don’t.

 In fact, the majority of the profit-boosting secrets you’ll learn can be applied to your
website(s) in a matter of a few minutes (sometimes in less than 20 seconds!)… yet…

                       Those Simple – Often “Invisible”
                      Changes Will Make You Money The
                         Same Day You Apply Them!

 It doesn’t get any better than that!

 However, in truth, not everyone is ready for the information I have to share.

                                              9            (Please continue reading over page…)
  Sure, anyone can use the information contained on my DVD, Secrets Of The Internet
Millionaires, to multiply their website profits. But… frankly… it’s been my experience
that some people are happy enough to keep “spinning their wheels”… or… trudge along
in the slow lane when it comes to promoting and making sales from their website(s).

 I hope that’s not you.

  Though I guess that’s something only you can know. So to help you decide if you are
ready for the information I have to share on my DVD, Secrets Of The Internet
Millionaires – (and start making a lot more money from your website)… here are just a
few of the web profit secrets you will discover:

        How to use the “vapourising deal” technique to make people afraid NOT to
         buy from you – this sneaky (yet totally ethical technique) sucks money out
         of virtually any market!

        How to mentally “pull your prospect into the future”… creating cognitive
         dissonance… and have the prospect licking their lips in delight as they mentally
         take “ownership” of your product or service… before you even try to sell them!
         Hardly any marketer on the planet knows this “stealth” persuasion technique…
         but… I’ve got it down to a science… and when used properly… selling online
         (or anywhere else) becomes as easy as plucking a petal from a flower!

        How to eliminate the “frustration factor” from your website! 99.9% of
         websites are choking their selling power to death because of these stupid
         mistakes I will tell you how to avoid!

        The two magic words that have people crawling out of the woodwork… lining
         up… and practically begging you to let them buy your product or service! And
         NO! Those two magic words are not even close to what you think they are!

        The P.A.S. online sales formula that cannot be made not to work – it’s just
         too damn effective for its own good!

        The deadliest (and most costly) sin of Internet marketing… and how to avoid it!
         (And avoid it you must – IF – you still want an Internet business come this time
         next year!).

        How to use the crafty “rubbing of shoulders” technique to rocket your sales
         through the roof!

        How to use your product to “give birth” to a new product – and DOUBLE,
         TRIPLE, EVEN QUADRUPLE your sales practically overnight!

        How to make sure you don’t “fall at the last hurdle” when selling online!
         Amazingly, most sales are lost on the Internet AFTER a visitor to your site
         has decided to buy. Want to know why? I reveal all in my DVD!

                                            10           (Please continue reading over page…)
        Why arrogance can nosedive your online business into the ground! But also,
         when used just right… arrogance will sell more of your product or service than
         just about any other online “voice” you can communicate in! I’ll tell you how to
         “walk the fine line” and get it just right!

        Two secret words that will make your “one man band” business sound like
         you’re running a multi-national conglomeration! (NOTE: This has nothing
         to do with lying!).

        How to ensure your website “talks the talk” your tough sell customers need to
         hear before they will buy from you!

        How to make build massive trust and credibility on your website so a
         visitor knows within just a few seconds that you’re the “only game in town”
         when it come to the product or service you’re selling!

        The most important sentence you will ever write on your website! Without it,
         you may as well “fold tent” and forget about ever making any money online!

        How to give the “fence sitters” a gentle nudge and grab the sale from the
         jaws of rejection!

        The “invisible” but hyper-effective money making secret behind EVERY
         fabulously wealthy Internet marketer! If you do not possess – or start to
         develop – this secret yourself, you’ll never make it as an Internet marketer!

        How to use the Hare-Krishna recruitment secret to flood your online
         business with orders!

        THE most important thing you MUST do on your website if making money is
         in any way important to you!

        A cunning, almost “forgotten” technique that can increase your online
         orders by 250% to 400%!

        A truly “no-brainer” (yet usually overlooked) way to bump the amount of your
         average order by 100% or more… automatically!

        How to structure a believable, sales-promoting guarantee that removes the
         risk from your customer and yet does not put you in a bind! (Even some
         very experienced Internet marketers don’t know how to do this without
         hurting sales or getting hit with tons of refunds!).

        Why you are already sitting on the best product you could ever offer the
         “starving crowd” on the Internet – and how to use it to make money every
         which way from Sunday!

  And… and… and… a whole lot more. As well as a few website profit making

                                             11           (Please continue reading over page…)
                            Nobody Else Knows About!

  Anyway, I hope you and I are very similar people. People who are forever seeking
ways to maximise and leverage the profit potential of our website(s). If so, and if you act
right now, I would like to send you my DVD: Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires.

 And get this:

 I am so certain that you’ll be swamping your bank account with an endless torrent of
money… when you apply just a few of the secrets you’re going to get from Secrets Of
The Internet Millionaires – I will put my money where my mouth is and offer you the
world’s most “fail-safe guarantee”.

 Here it is:

                                  Pay Nothing Now!
  Listen: I’ll send you the DVD, outlining the time-tested, proven Internet money making
secrets to your doorstep to own and apply for a full 30 days (an entire month)… for free.

  If after that, you aren’t 100% convinced you can generate more business on the Internet
than you can handle with the information contained on the DVD, just send it back…

                      You’re Not Out Of Pocket A Single
                    Penny… And… You Owe Nothing Else!

  Not only that, if the DVD doesn’t live up to the promises I’ve made in this letter – and
you send it back at any time in your lifetime (even 20-years… or more… from today)…

                     I Will Personally Send You A Cheque
                                  For £20.00!
 Just my way of saying “thanks” for giving me an opportunity to help you.

 Will some people rip me off with this beyond-generous offer?

  Sure they will. But if I have to deal with a few scumbags to get the Secrets Of The
Internet Millionaires DVD into YOUR hands – so be it. I can’t worry about the freebie
seeker, losers.

 Truth is, I’d much rather let my DVD “sell itself” to you – one of the winners!

  But, I don’t think you’ll ever want to “part company” from the money making secrets
contained on the Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires DVD. Why? Because chances

                                             12           (Please continue reading over page…)
                   You’re Going To More Than Make Your
                    Money Back The Very First Time You
                           Apply Just One Secret!

 Then, you’ll be “sold”.

  Now, I bet you’re wondering how much the Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires is
going to cost if you decide to keep it, aren’t you?

  Well, considering the money making secrets contained on the DVD have –
conservatively – made me £????? (and probably a lot more!) I think you are going to be
rather astonished at the price I am charging.

  When I decided to produce this DVD I decided I was going to sell it for £197.00. I
figured that would be an unbelievable bargain for the amount of money anyone could
make by applying just one or two of the secrets I divulge on the DVD.

 But, I’ve got to confess…

                                     I Messed Up!

  See, because this is the first DVD that I have ever created featuring me – I wanted it to
be the very highest quality DVD that I could possibly produce.

  Well, maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist for my own good, but… I think the
lighting on the DVD is not of the highest quality – at least not up to my high standards.

  And so, I just don’t feel right about charging you £197.00 for a DVD that is a little
inferior in the “lighting department”.

  In any case, although it pains me no end (and my wife is on my case because she thinks
I’m mad to do it), I have decided not to charge you £197.00. Instead – due to slightly
“inferior lighting” quality – I will give you a £100 discount. Which means you can now
get the Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires DVD for just £97.00.

  Oh damn! I hate this. Why do I have to be such a perfectionist? Why can’t I just listen
to my wife and charge you the full £197.00? (She doesn’t even know I’m sending the
DVD out to you on a free 30-day “test drive”)!

  Really, I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can barely bring myself to write it… but…
forget that £100 discount. I must be coming down with something because, believe it or
not, I’m going to give you…

                                 A £130.00 Discount!

  That means you can have the Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires DVD for the mere
sum of:

                                              13           (Please continue reading over page…)

  That really is the end of it. I can’t possibly let you have it for anything less. And God
help me when my wife finds out that I’m offering you here – she’ll kill me if she finds

  Now, because I’m letting you have the DVD, Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires for
such a low price – and I’m going to get it in the neck at home – I’m hoping you’ll
reciprocate by doing me a small favour.

  Here’s what I have in mind: Because my Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires has just
been produced… and therefore… nobody else has ever laid eyes on it before… I
naturally do not have any testimonials from owners of the DVD.

   So, I’ll ONLY send out the DVD to you free of charge – and then if you decide to keep
it – charge you a mere £67.00 (including postage & packing) if you promise me this:

  You’ll write or e-mail me your “success story” (the money you’ve made etc.,) after
you’ve applied the money making secrets you’ll get on the DVD to your website(s) –
along with your written permission allowing me to use it in future promotions.

 Is that fair?

 I think you’ll agree that it is. It’s a “win-win” deal.

 But you must hurry.

 As soon as I’ve got enough testimonials on my files – or my wife gets wind of what I’m
up to behind her back here -- the price will shoot up to (at least) £97.00 and maybe even
up to £197.00, and it will be full payment UPFRONT!

 That’s the deal.

 Best jump on it whilst it’s there for the taking!

  There’s nothing to think about anyway. Remember I will send you the DVD, Secrets
Of The Internet Millionaires, without cost or obligation, to “test drive” for 30 days (an
entire month). You won’t be charged the £67.00 unless you decide to keep the DVD after

                        Here’s How To Request The DVD,
                       Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires:
  All you have to do now is open the enclosed sealed envelope with the following words
on it: “Please Do Not Open Until You Have Read The Accompanying Letter. Thank
You!,” and fill in and return the yellow “Priority Request Form” you’ll find in that

  Then return the completed “Priority Request Form” immediately in the FREEPOST
envelope provided (also in the accompanying sealed envelope). That’s all there is to it –

                                              14           (Please continue reading over page…)
as soon as your “Priority Request Form” is received – your copy of Secrets Of The
Internet Millionaires DVD will be rushed out to you immediately.

 Thank you for your courtesy of reading this message.


 David Anderson,

   P.S. #1: One last thing: I also have a small quantity (237 copies) of a “killer” report

                     “How To Create A Dirt-Cheap – (Yet
                     Hyper-Responsive) - `Remote Control’
                    Marketing System That Will Triple Your
                       Net-Profits, In 90-Days Or Less!”

  This report is written by a very savvy marketing friend of mine - (I’ll simply call him
“Mr. X” here). And, although the report is worth £67.00, he has given me his express
permission to offer his report to the first people to return their “Priority Request Form”…

                                   FREE Of Charge!

  Like I only have 237 copies of those reports in stock - and - I will be giving them away
on a first-come-first-served basis -- (and I’ve sent this letter out to thousands of people!)

  Also, if you’re quick enough to snag one of those reports, you can keep it, as my gift to
you, even if you decide to return the Secrets Of The Internet Millionaires DVD.

  P.S. #2: I’m really counting on you coming through for me on this offer I’m making to
you. It’s no joke when I say I could be in the “dog house” if all this goes pear shaped and
then the wife finds out. You won’t let me down will you?

 P.S. #3: By the way, the cost of the DVD is tax deductible against your business.

 Look forward to hearing from you real soon!

                                               15           (Please continue reading over page…)