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PO Box 5433 Palmerston North wwwicebreakeraquaticsconz JULY


									                                          PO Box 5433
                                        Palmerston North

                                           JULY 2007

Manawatu Winter Champs
14-15 July 2007
                                                       Fonterra Taste Testing
Freyberg Pool
                                                       By all accounts, everyone enjoyed the
Isn’t it ironic that after 2 weeks of bleak            cheesecakes and the generous portions! The
holiday weather, it finally comes right on the         focus groups took a bit more participation by way
last weekend – and you’re stuck inside a               of discussion, but an interesting exercise I believe.
                                                       Thank you everyone who volunteered to do this.
What a great championship weekend though!
Ice swimmers performed outstandingly and
the coaches, swimmers and parents can be               Chocolates
very proud of their achievements.
                                                       Every     family   (including   non-competitive
There were heaps of PBs, and many                      swimmers) will be asked to sell 2 boxes of
                                                       chocolates as a fundraiser. You can expect to
swimmers gained qualifying times for national
                                                       receive these chocolates in the next couple of
competitions. Well done everyone.                      weeks.

A full report will be included in next month’s

                                                                     CLUB CHAMPS
                                                       This will be take the form of 3 club nights (or
                                                       Sunday mornings), 2 before Xmas and 1 before
Winter Leagues 4 and 5
Dannevirke and Levin                                   the end of April. Criteria will be finalised shortly
                                                       but will be along the following lines:
No reports were available as at time of
                                                          Age groups 9 and under to 16 and over
preparing this newsletter. However, from
                                                          Age group as at the first club night. If you
observation while timekeeping, there looked                have a birthday after first club night, you still
to be some impressive swims. A little more                 swim in previous age group.
travel is involved for these 2 winter leagues,            To include all 50 and 100 events, 100 IM (for
but it is worthwhile. A number of Ice                      12 and under) and 200IM (for 13 and over)
swimmers were completing their compulsory                 Must swim at least 2 events
400 Free and 200 IM swims. For those who                  If only 2 events swum, average points
stayed till the end in Levin, you would have               calculated to give a total points over 3 meets
enjoyed a truly superb and substantial
afternoon tea.                                         We will advise the dates as soon as the coaches
                                                       have looked at where this will fit into the
Jenny                                                  programme.
                                                    CLUB CARNIVAL
Jenny and John Seymour, Club Delegates,             14th October
attended this meeting on 20 June. A report is
included in this month’s committee meeting
minutes, which are on the notice-board.
                                                    The committee is starting to make
                                                    arrangements for our annual club carnival. If
                                                    you can assist in any way with sponsorship or
TIMEKEEPERS                                         spot prizes, please see one of the committee.

A recruitment drive is now on. A number of          Further information will be included in the
our timekeepers have withdrawn this year for        next newsletter.
various reasons, and on a club membership
basis, we are very light compared to other
clubs. It is noticeable there is a core group
who regularly do timekeeping duties – we            SPECIAL OLYMPICS SWIM MEET
need to share this duty. The club expects at
least one timekeeper per family. You can            8 people from the region volunteered to help
expect to be rostered on about 2 or 3 times a       out at this annual swim meet. Seven of those
year, a small ask when you think about how          were from Ice!! Thank you to the following
many times you attend competitions                  who willingly did community service at this
throughout the year.                                very worthwhile event:

A thought: those who regularly time-keep            Brett Dooley
would also like to sit back at the competitions     Lynn Garrick
and watch their children from the sideline but      Charlie Greenem
currently have a duty and responsibility to         Alan Montgomery
fulfil the club’s timekeeping duties as             Bruce Walker
allocated by Swimming Manawatu. We are              Jenny O’Donnell
all members of the club and parental                Nellie O’Donnell
involvement is essential to ensure the club
functions efficiently.

Please see Peter Whitburn if you want to                   KEEPING IN TOUCH
become a timekeeper.
                                                    Any changes in training times and other info are,
PNASC Carnival, 12 August                           in the first instance, emailed. This is the club’s
                                                    preferred method of communication. However, if
It is acknowledged that East Coast Juniors          you are not on email and need prompt advice of
and Seniors precede this carnival, but the          such notices, please advise Jenny (Club Secretary)
Palmerston North club do fully support us at        of your cell phone number and I can text you the
our own carnival in October. It would be            message.
much appreciated if we could reciprocate the
                                                    Jenny’s contact details are:
support of fellow clubs by swimmers entering
a couple of events. It’s a great little carnival,   Home Phone: 329 3748
and everyone receives a spot prize.                 Work Phone: 358 4036
                                                    Cell: 027 6977600

CONCESSION CARD PAYMENTS                             Polo-shirts

It has now been clarified that as we are below the   An order form is on the notice-board. Prices
threshold for GST, the club can again accept         start at $32. We need an order of 10 to
cheque payments for pool entry made out to Ice       ensure we can obtain the discounted price.
Breaker Aquatics. Sorry for any confusion and        So if anyone is interested, please place an
inconvenience. So … business as usual.               order with Paulette Moana.

Tuesdays and Thursdays (our busiest nights)
                                                     Remember these good quality club towels are
have parents rostered on to do the cards. The        for sale at $16 each. See Jenny if you wish
remaining training sessions are not rostered.        to purchase these.
There was an incidence last month when the
cards were not marked off and this was not
noticed until the next session. Could all the
regular parents who are at the Wednesday, Friday
and Sunday sessions just check that someone
has marked off the cards – don’t just assume they
have been done. Thanks.

                                                     FOR SALE

                                                     1 x tracksuit top and pants (Medium) in
                                                     excellent condition - $35
                                                     1 x tracksuit top (Medium) and pants (Small)
7- 8 SEPTEMBER                                       in good condition - $20

In consultation with the coaches, it has been        If you are interested, see Jenny who has the
decided the club will not have a club camp at        details.
this meet. However, swimmers can still enter
and make their own arrangements re

                                                     AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST

                                                     I omitted Alan Montgomery’s name from our
                                                     committee list in last month’s newsletter.
      COBB & CO VOUCHERS                             Apologies Alan.
Thank you to Cobb and Co for generously
sponsoring our Swimmer of the Meet Awards.
                                                U PCO M ING CARN IVA LS
                                Check the notice board for all swimming carnivals as not all are listed in this newsletter.

                                                Email your entries to:

Meet                        Date                 Times                                 Location                    Closing Date
East Coast Juniors          28-29 July           See flyer on notice-board             Napier                      15 July
East Coast Seniors          4-5 August           See flyer on notice-board             Napier                      20 July
PNASC Winter Carnival       12 August            See flyer on notice-board             Freyberg Pool, Palm North   27 July
West Coast Champs           7-8 September        Flyer out shortly                     Wanganui                    To be confirmed

                                                       Special thanks to our Sponsors:
                                                                    Inspire Net
                                                                   Unison Trust
                                                        Eastern & Central Community Trust
                                                                   Pub Charity
                                                                   Cobb and Co

                        Check the website for carnivals and flyer details
Remember that Diane Hague our Race Secretary accepts entries for carnivals via

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