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									Worksheet           Assess Collaborative Process (individual)

Collaborative process in my context means:

The Collaborative process of the "sport for all" project involve the full
spectrum of actors in field-of sport spreading, including all levels and
various sectors of government, sports organisations, Non
Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the private sector.
knowledge and expertise sharing and cost-effectiveness in the 6 kilo
sport" covers many aspects starting from the early beginning of the
idea itself as it incorporates many different ministries and governorates
that may refuse specializing some parts of its general roads for
practicing sport as walking, running and riding bicycles, and the
implementation of this idea after. The collaboration process will also
persist in the evaluation stage. This process can not be succeed
without the collaboration of all relevant parties so as to maximize the
benefits attained by the public in general and some interested
organization of civil society and to overcome the difficulty rising from
the handicapping routine and bureaucracy.

Assessment questions

                                                                             Current Desired
Identifier                      Assessment Statement                          Rating Rating
                                                                                 (0-10)       (0-10)
   C1        An explicit innovation process exists within my organization.   2            8
             There is an identified contact person for the overall
   C2                                                                        3            9
             innovation process in my organization.
             There is cross-organizational leadership support for this
   C3                                                                        4            9
             contact person.
             My organization’s innovation process is capable of
   C4        supporting the development of innovation from idea              1            8
             creation through commercialization.
             The resources and tools which have been allocated to the
   C5        innovation process within my organization are adequate to       3            7
             ensure efficient operation of the process.
             The innovation process within my organization is a
   C6                                                                        2            9.5
             collaborative venture involving all levels of personnel.
             All of my organization’s stakeholders (investors, customers,
   C7                                                                        2            9.5
             suppliers) are involved in the innovation process.
             The criteria for measuring the success of innovations within
   C8                                                                        4            9
             my organization have been clearly defined.
             My organization’s business strategies are aligned to
   C9                                                                        4            9
             maximize results of a successful innovation process.
    C                                Average score                                2.8         8.7
My ideas for innovating / improving the collaborative process:

The collaboration process is this project is a multifunctional one that
includes different categories dealing with the project and not
confining on the governmental agencies only. The main idea of the
collaboration process in this project is to create an ongoing process of
innovative collaboration through the mutual participation of each
organization in all of the project stages (formulation, implementation
and evaluation, with more focus on one type/method of cooperation
when required.

1   The collaboration between the different ministries and governorates
    will occur through establishing a flexible joint committees that
    consist of the ministries in charge and that can be expanded later to
    include other governorates. Each ministry will have a focal point to
    secure the unity of decisions and simplicity of procedures. This focal
    point or contact person will work according to rules and procedures
    that give him the explicit power to determine the resources
    available, their usage and type of coordination with other

2   Establishment of an entity within each organization responsible for
    receiving proposals, initiatives, new ideas from the employees and
    from the public in general. Then to examine the validity and raise
    them, after, to the focal points within each organization, then to be
    discussed in the joint committee. This innovation entity will link in
    one way or another to the other entities within the same
    organization or outside that share the common vision and purpose.
    (notice he importance of leadership support in this project -this idea
    will relate in a later stage to the marketing positioning and

3   Holding brainstorming sessions, focus groups, and informal meetings
    in the beginning of each stage to handle discuss about the efficient
    matter of collaboration.
 4   To reciprocate valuable information through e- networking between
     the related governmental agencies concerned. This may be available
     also for the other participants such as NGOs to present proposals and
     have the feedback from them. This will ensure the participation of
     most of stakeholders, the matter that led to doing the work in a
     creative and effective way. It will be worthy to have an informal
     email grouping between the participants to share knowledge.

 5   To provide the participant with the suitable place that can work in
     and discuss their initiatives first. This place may be exposing to the
     classical slow music that can improve the quality of thinking.

Notice that all of the ten dimensions of the project which will be discussed
one after another require the collaboration, in sense that there is a cross
inter-linkage between them.
For one of the ideas identified in the previous section, please complete
the form below.

                  Spreading the concept of " sports for all" and its
                  practise among all categories of the society with the
                  participation of different stakeholders involved.
                  This will mainly by increasing the collaboration
                  among the organizations in charge for this task and
                  their stakeholders.
     Author       Youssef Wardany
  Project name     6 kilo sport; flexible joint committee
                  Establishing a joint committee between the relevant
                  ministries involved in the project. This may be a
                  traditional idea. But its uniqueness that the
                  cooperation in that area of sport are not done before
                  except in the international championships which
                  last for short time. Here this joint committee will
                  done a new job and will listen and invite experts
     Project      and civil society organizations to make use of their
   description    experience.
                  The committee will enhance cooperation and
                  collaboration between different ministries and
                  governorates in charge with the full participation of
                  the civil society and interested private sector
                  agencies. It will also, open for the public through its
                  main sub divisions/ committees..

                 Through collaboration among the relevant
                 stakeholders, their will be:
                     By leader support for innovation within each
 Financial value       organization, anew innovative plans will
   created by          appear. That will lead to the reduction in the
     project           costs given to specialized innovative centres
                       responsible for providing know how.
                     Increasing the financial resources given by
                       some of organization stakeholders in return
                      for sponsorship for anew innovative project or
                      through ads in streets.
                     Cost reduction in the money spent in health
                      programmes fighting some diseases like blood
                      pressure and several non-communicable
                      diseases including heart disease that result
                      mainly from lack of practicing sport.
                     Cost reduction in the education programmes
                      and cutting down the increasing spending of
                      many of the Egyptian families. the Physical
                      education typically improves a child’s ability
                      to learn, increases concentration, attendance
                      and overall achievement
                     Reducing the absence of employees in the
                      public institutions.
                     Attracting more private sector funds for the
                      governorates and ministry of youth in charge
                      of spreading sport for all citizens
                     More employment opportunities for Small
                      and minimum enterprises accompanying the
                      project such as t-shirts, shoes, bicycles

                This project aims at increasing, enhancing the
                spread of practicing sport and that will lead to;
                    Acceptance of others and acceptance of
                      failure due to the competitions held.
                    Public awareness and changing the prevailing
Non-financial         value system of people concerning sport.
    value           creditability of public policies especially in
 created by           sport field.
   project          Increasing the loyalty to the home through
                      wearing t-shirts drawn on it the famous well
                      known historical figures and athletes….
                    Increasing the general knowledge though the
                      brochures and t-shirts.
                    More empowerment for eastern women who
                       fewer opportunities than boys for social
                       interaction outside the home and beyond
                       family networks. Through sport, girls and
                       women, especially in rural governorates such
                       as Delta governorate are given the chance to
                       be leaders and improve their confidence and
                     The probability for discovering some athletes
                       in these road competitions
                     Partnership between civil society
                       organizations and the ministries involved.
                     Youth empowerment through using the
                       leisure time of the youth in useful activities
                       and not to let them ripe for ideas of
                       extremism and depression..
                     Spread of Small and minimum enterprises
                 this non-financial values can be measured not in
                 absolute terms, but due to some indicators as
                     Number of forum and brainstorming sessions
                       held within each organization and between
                       the organizations.
                     No. of meetings held among the civil society
                       interested in sport and between them and the
    How non-
                       public in general
 financial value
                     The decreasing in number of violence and
                       crimes between the people practicing sport.
will be measured
                     The decrease in number of young people
                       spend their leisure time in cafes and in
                     Increasing in no. of young and women
                       walking and running in the specified areas.
                     Increasing of articles published in journals
                       and magazines around that topic.
                   Establishment of an innovation process through the
  Sequence of
                   following consecutive steps:
project activities
                        Gathering information and statistics about the
    sport in general and about the similar projects
    in other countries.
   Identification of relevant ministries in charge
    of the sport and the activities related to it, and
    the ministries involved in the project itself.
   Letters from the minister of youth to the
    ministries in charge telling them about the
    project and the need for representatives or
    focal points from each ministry to meet
    together. These ministries may include
    ministries of youth, local development, mass
    communication, health and interior.
   Formulation of an executive joint committee
    from these ministries to determine the
    selected governorates and the sports practices
    in the allocating parts of the main roads in
    them and its security dimension. Here, there
    is a need for hearing experts especially in
    urban development field.
   Formulation of sub committees relating to
    communication, designing urban
    development and security and other related
    Determining of the focal point in each
    ministry that will be responsible for gathering
    information and proposals from the various
    stakeholders and ensuring the availability of
    resources required. They will be responsible
    also for reporting to their colleagues that are
    members in the committee about their
   Publishing articles in the well-known
    journals and magazines that call the
    organization stakeholders to take their part in
    the innovation process, and mentioning the
    effects of their participation and the activities
    that they can share in. beside this work, there
                  may be a need for running field visits for a
                  sample of schools, universities and some
                  public agencies to and listen to the proposals
                  and to market the idea. This will ensure the
                  effective dealing with the stakeholders.
                Gathering of some well-known public figures
                  like ministers in charge, artists, sport athletes
                  to inaugurate the project festival in an
                  informal gathering through walking and
                  ruining in the determined area in one of the
                  major governorates. This will give the people
                  the momentum to participate in this activity
                  and will ensure
                Holding competitions in these areas with
                  symbolic prizes with media attention through
                  the sub committee responsible for
                Marketing this activity to the private sectors
                  to fund some of the activities in return for ads
                  and tax reduction.
                Providing of the technical equipments needed
                  like what is needed for establishing a network
                  between the concerned organizations..
            The evaluation of the project periodically within
            each organization and in the joint committee as a
            whole. This is to see the pros and cons so as to
            review it and see if it is appropriate or not, and to
            raise recommendations for the top ministries in
            charge to tackle any difficult situation that may be
            out of the committee control.

                Project group expertise and enough time for
                 the contacts persons within each organization
required        Fund for equipment, other needed materials.
                Cooperation with ministries involved in
                 marketing the project.
                     IT team responsible for running the e-
                        network among the organizations in charge.
                 From 6-12 months for the trial period that we can
                 assess in it the success of the project in the chosen
Time required    governorates, With availability for expanding the
                 time for generalization in other governorates.

                 I think it is present from the side of the ministry of
                 Youth, which have a central agency responsible for
                 spreading sport for all that can offer the trainers for
Organizational the chosen sports and prizes for encouraging people
   readiness     to participate. However, the readiness of the
                 ministry of local development that determines with
                 the governorates the possibility of implementing the
                 project and supervises it, is not determined yet.
                      The availability of information required.
                      The speed of formulating the joint committee
                       and its sub ones.
                      Degree of cooperation among the ministries
                       and governorates concerned that can be
                       measured in degree of accelerating the
                       measures required for approvals and
                      The number of governorates accepted the
                       participation in this project.
                      The degree to which the idea is marketing
Success criteria
                       among the people especially the non-
                       participants of them. this can be measured
                       from the articles published in the major
                       journals and journals, the T.V programmes
                       that discuss this issue.
                      The approximate number of people using
                       these areas for practicing the sport and their
                       motive beside this.
                      Number of sponsors that agree in
                       participating in this project, by putting their
                       logos in parts of the consecrated general
                 Forming the IT team needed for developing
                  the network.

Start (circle                   Strategic
timeframe)                   (6-12 months)

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