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   Large 8 oz. Bottle

                                                    RR-RGT01 - Green Tea & Lemongrass   RR-RP01 - Paradise
                                                    RR-RHC01 - Haute Cinnamon           RR-RRC01 - Red Currant
                                                    RR-RHB01 - Hot Buttered Caramel     RR-RSC01 - Soft Clean Linen
                                                    RR-RKL01 - Key Lime Creme           RR-RVI01 - Vanilla Indulgence
                                                    RR-RLL01 - Lavender Luxe            RR-RVT01 - Vanilla Teak
                                                    RR-R01 - Original                   RR-RWL01 - Wisteria Lane

                        Green Tea &                           Paradise                               Vanilla Indulgence
                        Lemongrass                   An exquisite fragrance                          Indulge the senses with this
                                                     of plump ripe red strawberries                  luxurious combination of rich
                  Create balance and harmony         dipped in rich decadent vanilla                 vanilla, sparkling sugar crystals
                  with this therapeutic blend        crème.                                          and a hint of sandalwood.
                  of calming green tea and
                  invigorating lemongrass.

                   Soft Clean Linen                       Hot Buttered                                   Wisteria Lane
                  Relax, renew and refresh                                                           This dramatic fragrance of
                                                     Indulge in this delicious aroma                 forbidden fruit with juicy apples,
                  with this light, clean and airy    of rich hot buttered caramel
                  fragrance. Reminiscent of the                                                      sweet ripe figs and exotic
                                                     poured over vanilla ice cream                   flowers will leave you desperate
                  days when linens were line         and topped with warm crushed
                  dried.                                                                             for more!

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          Soft Clean Linen                        Seaside                                    Lavender Luxe
          Relax, renew and refresh       Imagine sparkling blue                           Introduced by the Roman
          with this light, clean and     waters and an enveloping                         Empire, this luxurious fra-
                                                                                          grance is known for its sooth-
          airy fragrance. Reminiscent    fresh clean ocean breeze.                        ing properties and has been
          of the days when linens        This fragrance is nothing                        used for centuries to pamper
          were line dried.               less than cool, clean and                        and unwind. Classic and
                                         invigorating.                                    timeless!

              Red Currant                Hot ButteredCaramel                                Green Apple& Fig
          Both tart and sweet, you       Cozy up in your favorite                         Crisp juicy green apples
          are sure to love this          chair as you indulge in this                     and sweet ripe figs paired
          exquisite blend of rich        delicious aroma of rich hot                      together for a tart clean
                                         buttered caramel poured                          treat.
          berries and ruby red
                                         over vanilla ice cream and
          grapefruit. Upscale, vivid,    topped with warm crushed
          and bold!                      nuts.

          ButterCream Frosting                High Profile                                  Lampe Avenue’s Original
          A fluffy white vanilla cake                                                     Classic! Roses, lavender,
                                         CAUTION! For the most
          layered generously with                                                         and spice blended with
                                         sophisticated only! Florals,
          irresistible butter cr`me
                                e                                                         vetiver and patchouli
                                         patchouli and vanilla com-                       create this timeless
          frosting! Sinfully RICH!
                                         plimented with a hint of                         favorite.
                                         amber... Insatiable!

                 Decadent                MandarinOrangeCream                                       Paradise
          Experience this creamy         Fresh juicy orange and                           (A New and Improved Version of
          blend of rich milk chocolate                                                    the Former VERANDAH)
                                         creamy Vanilla create this
          whipped to perfection
          with steaming heavy cream.     delicious duet. Refreshing                       An exquisite fragrance of plump
          This decadent gourmet          yet soothing.                                    ripe red strawberries dipped in
          fragrance is very rich and                                                      rich decadent vanilla crème.
          absolutely addicting!

           Island Bungalow                       V.I.P                                                Posh
          Escape to a faraway place      Intense and powerful yet                         Luxury at it’s finest!
          with the essence of            calming and seductive. Let                       Gardenias in full bloom
          luscious tropical fruit        the blend of exotic sandal-                      accented by hints of wild
          blended with a medley          wood and rich vanilla bring                      muguet, white musk and
          of exotic flowers.             out the V.I.P. in                      fresh ginger.
                                         deserve it!

              Beach House                      Fleur de Lis                                 Ruby Red Grapefruit
          Imagine a gentle breeze        Very sophisticated lush floral                   Essential oils of sparkling
          through open windows as        blend with too much to                           ruby red grapefruit,
          you listen to waves crashing   mention. Reminiscent of                          orange, and ginger are
          on the shore. Calming,         Southern mansions that                           accented with notes of red
          refreshing and clean!          border oak lined boulevards.                     raspberry and Hawaiian
                                         Joyful and exhilarating!                         peony.

             Wisteria Lane                   Clear the Air                                      Mint Julep
          Secretive, dramatic and        Use this alone to help purify                    A distinctive southern tradition
          seductive! Lampe Avenue’s      the air and help extend the                      popular since the Antebellum
          fragrance of “forbidden        life of your wick and stone                      South! An aromatic blend of
          fruit”, with juicy apples,     or to dilute and soften our
                                                                                          fresh spearmint, orange slices,
          sweet ripe figs and exotic                                                      sugar, crushed ice, and a hint
                                         other fragrances.                                of bourbon. Invigorating
          flowers, will leave you
          desperate for more!                                                             and inviting!

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                    Citrus Cilantro                          Pineapple Ice                            eme
                                                                                            Key LimeCr`
                 This vibrant blend of fresh             Very Refreshing! This blend        Cool, tart lime zest blended
                 ripe peaches, Mandarin                  of fresh tart pineapple and        with luscious, rich, vanilla
                 oranges, and crisp cilantro             crushed ice will truly make          `me, sure to delight and
                 is sure to brighten the
                                                         your mouth water!                  satisfy.
                 atmosphere. Cheery and

                                                                                            Vanilla Indulgence

                       Creme Brulee                         Floral Delivery
                EXCEPTIONAL! This combination            Spring is in the air! An           Indulge the senses with
                of rich creamy vanilla custard           absolute joyful blend of           this luxurious classic
                topped with caramelized sugar            fresh cut flowers. Hyacinth,       vanilla fragrance.
                glaze will satisfy yet leave you         gardenia and tuberose help
                longing for more.                        complete this bouquet.

                  Green Tea & Lemongrass                  Haute Cinnamon                    Fresh LemonVerbena
                                                                                            Renew and enliven with
                Create balance and harmony with
                this therapeutic blend of calming        The classic and inviting           fresh lemon verbena herb
                Green Tea and invigorating               aroma of warm cinnamon,            on a background of white
                Lemongrass.                              spices and clove.                  flowers. Pleasant and

                         Oscar Night                      Glitz and Glamour                          Cabernet
                COMING SOON TO A ROOM IN YOUR            For those who like to make a
                                                         grand entrance. The rich full      This sophisticated full
                HOME!... Please hold your applause as
                you experience this dramatic fragrance   bodied fragrance has too much      bodied fragrance has
                with far too much to mention. (Ripe      to mention. Jasmine, tuberose,     pronounced berry notes,
                fig, Amber, musk, crystallized vanilla   ylang ylang, sandalwood, and
                sugar, diamonds, blown kisses and                                           hints of succulent
                                                         amber blended with oak moss -
                pageant waves just to name a few!)       just to name a few.Very glitzy     pomegranate and woody
                Sure to bring a Standing Ovation!!

                                                          Don’t Bug Me!                            Honeymoon
                                                         and totally glamorous!             undertones.

                      Sugared Almond
                                                         This secretly formulated           Feel as though you are on a
                Fill your home with this mouth-          aroma will reduce the              hammock, surrounded by sway-
                watering scent of whole sweet                                               ing palm trees and crystal blue
                                                         annoyance caused by mos-           waters as you experience this
                roasted almonds, vanilla, sugar          quitoes and other unfriendly       romantic essence of sweet ripe
                and butter!                              pests. No outdoor party            coconut blended with creamy
                                                                                            vanilla and a hint of white
                                                         should be without it.              flowers. Calming and relaxing.

                       Vanilla Teak                           Clean House
                Gratify the senses with                  Relax! The housework is
                this combination of teak                                                    Create a warm and inviting atmos-
                                                         done and everything is
                                                                                            phere with the aroma of home-
                wood and warm amber                      clean! This fragrance has          made coffee cake. Made with
                with a heavy base note of                the familiar and calming           imported spices, pure bourbon
                smooth vanilla and                                                          vanilla, and laced with cinnamon
                                                         scent of clean fresh laundry.
                                                                                            streusel and walnuts.This fragrance
                sandalwood.                              A favorite among many!

                 Rosemary Melon                                     White                             Legends
                                                                                            brings true comfort and joy!

                                                         This pure white fragrance is       This exquisite fragrance is a
                Fresh rosemary mingles                                                      complex blend with too
                                                         reminiscent of a five-star
                with sweet ripe can-                     hotel with all of the amenities    much to mention. Rich cit-
                taloupe, cucumber, and                                                      rus, patchouli, vanilla and a
                                                         ...fluffy down comforters, crisp
                mangos. Truly Unique!                                                       hint of chocolate...just to
                                                         linens, french triple milled       name a few! Glamorous,
                                                         soap and fresh cut white           grande and legendary!
                                                         flowers. How suite it is!

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How does Lampe                                                                      How does Lampe Avenue
Avenue destroy odor?                              03         Pollutant
                                                                                    destroy bacteria?                                                                         03
1) As ozone molecules encounter particles,
   which are not a part of pure air or pollution.                                   1) The ozone molecules encounter bacteria.

                                                  03         Pollutant
2) The oxygen atoms leave the 03 and bond                                           2) The ozone perforates the cell wall of
   with the pollutant.                                                                 the bacteria.

                                                  02      Pollutant                 3) As more ozone perforates the cell, the bacteria
3) Oxygen atoms are neutralized and break                                              breaks apart and stops functioning.
   down the pollutants into benign substances.
   The remaining two atoms stay bonded as a
   normal oxygen atom.

How Lampe Avenue                              1     Remove cap
                                                    and crown.
                                                                                    2   Fill lampe.
                                                                                                                          3   Soak wick for
                                                                                                                              20 to 30 minutes.
                                                                                                                                                                  4   Light and burn
                                                                                                                                                                      2 to 5 minutes.

Purifies the Air.
Over 100 years ago a process was
developed which would purify the air
and provide wonderful and therapeutic
aromas using a catalyzing stone.

Our lampes change fragrancing fuel             Place on a solid surface away from       Fill your lampe 1/2 to 2/3 full       Insert wick & burner into the            After soaking, remove
                                               any source of heat or flammable          with Lampe Avenue Fragrances          lampe. Be sure the burner is             the cap and light the
ions that are negatively charged ions          materials. Remove the decorative
                                               crown and cap.
                                                                                        only. DO NOT fill more than 3/4
                                                                                        full.Wipe any excess clean.
                                                                                                                              inserted fully into the neck.
                                                                                                                              Replace cap and let the wick
                                                                                                                                                                       burner.Allow the lampe
                                                                                                                                                                       to burn for 2 to 5
                                                                                                                              soak for 20 to 30 minutes.               minutes.
and ozone by way of our catalyzing
stone. Ozone molecules are made up of         5     DO NOT replace crown.
                                                                                    6   Blow out the flame.
                                                                                                                          7   Replace the crown.
                                                                                                                                                                  8   Stop the lampe.

three oxygen atoms that are bonded
together to form a molecule (O3). Ozone
is closely related to O2, or oxygen.

Ozone searches out aromas and other
airborne particles and eliminates them.
Using our Clear the Air or any of our
Fragrancing Fuels, your home will be           CAUTION: NEVER place                     After 2 to 5 minutes of               The lampe is now functioning as          To stop the lampe,
                                               the decorative crown over                burning, blow out the flame.          it should. Replace the decorative        remove the decorative
filled with a wonderful aroma.                 the lampe while burning.                                                       crown. NEVER touch the burner
                                                                                                                              during operation.
                                                                                                                                                                       crown and replace the
                                                                                                                                                                       cap. Replace the decora-
                                                                                                                                                                       tive crown on top of
                                                                                                                                                                       the cap for storage.

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