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									                                                Vanessa Candles

     FRAGRANCE                                     DESCRIPTION                                                               COLOR

Almond Extract            Almond/amaretto,just like baking extract.                                                  Ivory
Amber Musk                An enticing, sensual fragrance to create a romantic, captivating &                         Pale Butterscotch
                           beguiling atmosphere.
Amber Romance             Sensual, seductive, alluring blend of smoky black cherry, sandalwood &                     Butterscotch
Amish Harvest             Sweet bakery notes with dried fruit & spice undernotes                                     Cinnamon Red, Ivory, Brown
Apple Jack                Strong,snappy apple with lots of spicy cinnamon.                                           Cinnamon Red
Apples & Berries          Blend of tart,juicy apples & sweet strawberries, raspberries & blackberries.               Red
Autumn Lodge              A nostalgic blend of county woods & spices, a warm cozy fireplace &                        Mahogany / Bayberry Green
                          Grandpa's pipe.(Yankee type fragrance)
Autumn Spice Cake         Yummy fragrance of spice cake baking with a touch of fruit.                                Butterscotch
Baby Powder               Just like the wonderful scent of baby powder.                                              Blue or Pink
Barely There              Fruity blend of bananas and berries
Basil Lime                A refreshing blast of lime with a unique herbal fusion. Surprisingly wonderful scent       Lime Green
Bay Rum                   Fresh & spicy with a touch of fruity citrus, masculine scent.                              Navy Blue
Bayberry                  Fresh, green and classic.                                                                  Bayberry
Berry Wine                Heavenly merlot scent sweetened w/ raspberry, blueberry & a hint of
Black Cherry              Tart,rich, dark cherry scent. Like cherries jubilee.                                       Black Cherry
Black Plum                Sweet juicy plum.                                                                          Dark Purple
Black Raspberry Vanilla   Wonderful blend of sun ripened blackraspberries & creamy smooth vanilla.                   Plum
Blackberry Sage           Contemporary fragrance combination of sweet, dark berries & sharp                          Purple
                          herbal sage. Very nice.
Blueberry                 Sweet scent of blueberry.                                                                  Blue or Pink
Cabernet                  A true red wine, oak barrel aged, fruity & full bodied.                                    Cranberry / Dark Purple
Cappuccino Brule'         Coffee aroma with lots of cream and vanilla.                                               Light Brown
Cedar & Spice             Invigorating blend or aromatic cedar, cinnamon & other spices. Men love this one!          Dark Rust
Cedar Wood                The potent, aromatic scent of cedar wood.                                                  Rust
Cherry Amaretto           Rich and sweet just like the liquor with a touch of cherry                                 Light Red
China Rain                Very strong, clean & slightly perfumey scent w/ oriental undertones.                       Light Blue
Cinnabun                  Like hot cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven. Yummy!                                      Light Brown
Cinnamon Apple            A harvest blend of crisp, red apples and cinnamon sticks!                                  Red
Cinnamon Spice            Warm & spicy w/ comfort notes of pumpkin & gingerbread.                                    Cinnamon Red
Citrus Explosion          Refresh & rejuvenate with a burst of brilliant, juicy citrus                               Lime Green / Salmon Pink
Clove                     The wonderful scent of clove.                                                              Light Brown

                                                                          Vanessa Candles, Clancy, MT 406.933.5939
Coconut                        Treasure fallen from the Palm tree, makes you think of laying on the beach                 White
                               getting a tan.
Copa Cabana                                                                                                               Yellow
Cowboy Blues                   Notice that cowboy walking by? Manly scent with notes of sweet tobacco & rugged leather!   Blue
Cranberry                      A sweet, red berry scent with that cranberry "tang".                                       Cranberry
Cranberry Relish               The tang of cranberry with soft floral tones.                                              Cranberry
Creme Brule'                   Rich & creamy vanilla custard topped with caramelized sugar.                               Light Butterscotch
Cucumber Apple                 Cool, refreshing cucumber blending with tart green apple.                                  Bright Green
Cucumber Melon                 Cool, refreshing cucumber blended with sweet,juicy honeydew melon.                         Bright Green
Dark Chocolate                 Rich, dark chocolate, for the chocolate lover!                                             Dark Brown
Desert Sage                    High desert sage, spring bloom.                                                            Brown / Sage Green
Dk Chocolate Cherries          Just the right blend of rich cherries covered in luscious chocolate, another chocolate     Reddish Brown
                               lovers delight!
Dogwood                        Delightful floral, a clean scent.                                                          White
English Ivy                    Fresh type scent, fresh greens & floral tones.                                             Avocado
Eucalyptus Leaf                Fresh wonderful fragrance of Eucalyptus leaf.                                              Sage Green
Eucalyptus                     Classic accord with an undertone of fir, camphor & eucalyptus.                             Sage Green
Evergreen                      Invigorating & outdoorsy, the fresh scent of a pine forest.                                Forest Green
Flower Shop                    Just like walking into a floral shop, intense floral scent.                                Pink
Frankincense & Myrrh            The richness of Frankincense and sweet, mellow note of Myrrh. Not too perfumey
                               The richness of Frankincense & thethe swee, mellow note of Myrrh perfectly                 Ivory
                                or harsh.
French Vanilla                 Rich,luscious, sweet vanilla.                                                              Ivory
Fresh Linen                    Fresh,clean crisp scent                                                                    White
Fresh Strawberries             Smells like a bowl of fresh juicy strawberries.                                            Red
Fresh Waterfall Mist           Fresh floral bouquet with a touch of ozone.                                                Aqua or Aqua Marine
Gardenia                       Elegant floral fragrance of the island flower, not too strong.                             White
Georgia Peach                  True southern peach.                                                                       Peach
Ginger Lime                    The zest of ginger with the fresh scent of lime.                                           Bright Green
Gingersnap                     Crisp, sweet gingersnap cookies… spiced just right.                                        Light Brown
Granny's Kitchen               Spicy fragrance with lots of apple & spices, almost like cider. Homey scent                Gold
                               that reminds you of Grandma's kitchen.
Green Apple                    Tart & juicy like a pippin apple.                                                          Lime Green
Harvest Spice (type)           Spicy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and apple.                                          Butterscotch
Hazelnut                       Sweet, rich Italian nutty scent.                                                           Light/Medium Brown
Hazelnut Cappuccino            Rich, creamy blend of dark roasted coffee, hazlenuts and vanilla
Heather                          Fresh, clean floral scent, just like walking into a floral shop.
                               Fresh clean floral scent, just like walking into a floral shop.                  L         Light Pink
Herbal Fresh                   Clean, refreshing, and green, just like an herb garden.                                    Forest Green
Highland Dreams                A floral blend of Heather with the earthy tones of patchouli.
Home for the Holidays (type)   The tang of cranberry w/ soft floral tones mixed w/ notes of spruce, bayberry              Cranberry
                               & spicy undertones of wood smoke.
Home Sweet Home (type)         Spicy fragrance with lots of cinnamon with a touch of floral undertones.                   Burgandy

                                                                              Vanessa Candles, Clancy, MT 406.933.5939
Honey Almond                 Strong honey fragrance with a touch of almond.                                               Ivory
Honeysuckle                  Bright sweet strong floral fragrance.                                                        Yellow
Hot Apple Pie                Fresh from the oven scent with apples & spices.                                              Butterscotch
Huckleberry                  Delicious blend of sweet & tart in one berry
Jasmine/Vanilla              The sweet intense fragrance of blooming jasmine with a light blend of vanilla.               White or Yellow
Jazzberry                    A berry blend with a kick, wonderful fruit fragrance.                                        Violet
Juniper Breeze               Fresh & invigorating. Not perfumey floral, very pleasant.                                    Forest Green
Kitchen Spice (type)         Spicy scent with notes of cinnamon stick, clove buds.                                        White
Lavender                     True lavender, a little on the floral side.                                                  Lavender
Leather                      The smell of walking into a leather store.                                                   Brown
Lilac                        The truest fresh lilac scent, just like walking by a lilac bush!                             Light Purple or White
Linen & Lace                 Clean, romantic & sensual fragrance; soft, passionate & elegant, yet strong                  Ivory / White
Love Spell (type)            Light fruit, citrus & floral.                                                                White / Ivory
Lumberjack                   Woodsy, warm & macho. Notes of spruce,bayberry, warm, spicy                                  Rust, forest green, brown
                             undertones of wood smoke. Reminds you of a cabin in the woods.
Mango Mandarin Sage          Wonderful blend of tropical fruits. Sweet juicy mango & mandarin orange.                     Orange
Marzipan                     Rich almond scent, yummy!                                                                    Ivory
Midnight Jasmine             Fragrance of jasmine in bloom, very pretty and intense.                                      Yellow
Midsummber Night (type)      Masculine scent. Similar to Drakkar, very clean & uplifting.                                 Navy Blue
Monkey Farts                 Fresh bananas, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple, bubblegum & undertones                         White or Ivory
                             of vanilla.
Mountain Lake (type)         Fresh, clean mountain air. Very fresh, clean smell. (Yankee "type").                         Blue
Mulberry                     An intense, deep, rich berry scent.                                                          Burgandy
Mulled Cider                 Smell the orange rind & mulling spices in this apple cider delight.                          Rust
Nag Champa                   Exotic blend of florals, spices & resins from India.                                         Dark Yellow or Purple
Naked on the Beach
Oatmeal,Milk & Honey         Creamy, rich, & sweet. A perfect blend of country comfort scents.                            Ivory
Ocean                        Just like a day at the beach, the smell of surf & even the smell of "salt air"!              Light Blue \ Teal
Ocean Mist                   Fresh type scent with salty ocean overtones, clean refreshing scent.                         Aqua Marine
Orange Blossom               The sweet, floral fragrance of a Florida orange grove in bloom.                              Ivory or Pastel Orange
Patchouli                    Earthy fragrance from the 60's & 70's.                                                       Dark Brown
Patchouli/Raspberry          Earthy fragrance with blend of Sweet Raspberry, very nice.                                   Brown
Peach, Magnolia, Raspberry   Fruity blend of juicy peaches, ripe raspberries & sweet magnolia blossoms.                   White
Pear                         Luscious ripe, juicy fruit                                                                   Gold, Yellow / Brown
Pear Berry (type)            Blend of sweet pear w/ a zingy berry kick.                                                   Light Peach
Pina Colada                  Delicious pineapple-coconut blend, just like the tropical drink.                             Light Yellow / White
Pinot Grigrio                Refreshing white wine, light & fruity, crisp & sunny w/ delicate hint of apples.             Very pale pink / white
Plumeria                     A sweet tropical floral.                                                                     Cerise /Salmon Pink
Pomegranate                  Fresh, juicy, sweet pomegranate, an uplifting fruit fragrance.                               Red
Pumpkin Pie Spice            Spicy scent for pumpkin pies.                                                                Autumn Orange
Rain                         A rain drenched lily, diffused with soft florals and musk.                                   Aqua Marine

                                                                               Vanessa Candles, Clancy, MT 406.933.5939
Raspberry Fig                    Tangy raspberry patch notes complimented with dusky undertones of fig.                      Red
Red Hots                         Just like the red hot candies, very spicy, for cinnamon lovers.                             Cinnamon Red
Rejuvenation                     Invigorating fragrance with lavender and eucalyptus. An aromatherapy                        White
                                 type scent.
Relaxing                                                                                                                     White
Rose Garden                      For the rose lover, beautiful rose fragrance.                                               Red/ Yellow/ or Pink
Rosemary Mint                    An invigorating & refreshing herbal blend. An aromatherapy type scent.                      Sage Green
Sage & Citrus                    Rich herbal and citrus blend.                                                               Sage Green
Sandalwood                       Precious woods with sweet amber and dry musk background.                                    Light Brown
Savannah                         Rich mellow floral, opulent & mysterious... a perfectly balanced waltz of                   Ivory
                                 gardenia, jasmine & the faintest whisper of Magnolia.
Sea Mist & Lavender              Light, soothing lavender blended with the clean scent of a sea mist                         Lavender or Lavender & Aqua
Sinful Pleasures                 An intoxicating blend of fruity & berry topnotes accenting a floral heart of                Cerise, Purple or Burgandy
                                 muguet rose,freesia & jasmine against a soft powdery background with
                                 sweet woodsy undertones.
Spiced Plum                      Deep, rich fragrance of dark plums & spice.                                                 Purple or Lavender
Springtime                       All those wonderful smells of spring!                                                       Pink
Strawberry                       Luscious scent of ripe strawberries, this is sweeter than fresh strawberries.               Red
Strawberry Blast                 Fresh ripe strawberries at their best, juicy, sweet & irresistible.                         Red
Strawberry/Vanilla               Fresh strawberries with a hint of vanilla.                                                  Red
Sugar Cookie                     Irresistible scent of warm sugar cookies fresh from the oven.                               Ivory
Sun Ripened Raspberry(type)      A sweet, fantasy raspberry, a duplicate of the Bath & Body Works scent.                     Ruby Red / Cranberry
Sweet Raspberry                  A sweet, fantasy raspberry.                                                                 Cranberry
Tahitian Melon & Passion Fruit                                                                                               Light Pink
Tropical Nights (type)           Exotic fruits engage in a tropical dance of dominate notes of fresh
                                 mango & juicy pear.
Tropical Paradise                Sweet smells of florals on a tropical island!                                               Pink
Vanilla Bean                     Rich, dark vanilla with the full fragrance of the bean.                                     Ivory
Very Cherry                      Bright red cherry scent, sweet & zingy. Almost like a maraschino cherry.                    Bright Red
Victorian Violets                Soft violet scent, not too perfumy
White Lily                       Soft lily scent, very nice.                                                                 White
White Oak                        Light scent of rich oak.                                                                    White
White Tea & Ginger (type)        Pleasant blend of white tea mingled with fresh ginger                                       White
Wine & Roses                     Blend of Pinot with the fragrant bouquet of roses.                                          Light Pink
Ylang Ylang/ Lavender            A sweet floral blend of Ylang Ylang with a touch of lavender; very relaxing
Ylang Ylang                      An Indonesian tree with yellow blossoms that gives a narcotic, sweet floral smell similar   White
                                 to Jasmine. Very relaxing fragrance.
Yuzu                             Wonderful, bittersweet, citrus bouquet                                                      Light Pink

                                                                                  Vanessa Candles, Clancy, MT 406.933.5939

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