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									                               Voted “Baltimore’s Best Corporate Florist”

The       Flowers by Chris

1019 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
tel: 410-727-3434
fax: 410-727-0110
Lobby Centerpieces (Cover Photo)
Flowers by Chris, Inc. works with
many local hotels, businesses and
restaurants on a “per order” basis or
a “standing order” basis. Standing
orders are automatically delivered
weekly or otherwise and discounted
compared to a “per order” basis, which
saves our clients money over a period
of time. Standing orders can simply be
bunches of cut flowers, large or small
centerpieces or employee appreciation
items. Call for more details. (Front

                                         The Details
Cover Picture, $499.95 as shown,
on a standing order basis)

                                         How To Order By Phone Or Web

Contents                                 Simply call 410-727-3434 inside our local area or fax your order to 410-727-0110. If you prefer
                                         ordering on the Web, you can do so at We accept American Express, Visa,
                                         Mastercard and Discover (Please have your credit card ready when you call).
                                         Hours Of Operation
Corporate                     1-3        Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
                                         Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
                                         Delivery Area
Wedding                       4-5        We personally cover all of Baltimore County and City, parts of Anne Arundel, Carroll, Howard
                                         and Harford Counties.

Holiday                       6-7        Delivery Fees
                                         • In our local delivery area: . . . . . . . . . $8.95 to 10.95
                                         • Outside our local delivery area: . . . . . $10.95 to $15.95
Valentines Day                8          • Wire Orders: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15.95
                                         • International Orders: . . . . . . . . . . . . $20.95
                                         • Express & Sunday delivery: . . . . . . . . $19.95
Mother’s Day                  9          Out-Of-Town Orders
                                         The specific designs in this catalog are not available for outgoing wire orders. On any outgoing wire
                                         order, we will serve as your representative to the florist who will be delivering your order. We will
Secretary’s Week              10         work to assure the order meets your expectations and we’ll back their delivery with our own 100%
                                         Satisfaction Guarantee. Prices will vary by florist and each out-of-town order will carry a $7.95
                                         service charge as well as a $8.00 delivery fee. Service charges for international orders are $20.95.
Newborn                       11         If the order is placed by 12:00 noon, same day delivery may be available to most USA destinations.
                                         Seasonal and regional conditions affect the supply of flowers. Specific varieties or colors may not
Birthday                      12         always be available or meet our quality standards. In some cases, substitutions may be necessary
                                         to fulfill your floral and container requirements. The dimensions given for arrangements are
                                         approximations and are not exact. However, you may refer to them for general size guidelines.
Graduation                    13
                                         Our Mission
                                         Every order designed and delivered by us is looked upon as a commitment to delivering the freshest
Get Well                      14         possible flowers designed with artistic flair while also providing you with the highest level of
                                         customer service possible. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. If ever our flowers, plants or
                                         services fail to meet your expectations, please let us know immediately. Your enjoyment is our
                                         first concern!
Sympathy                      15
                                         Our Guarantees To You
                                         Freshness Guarantee: We back all of the selections in this catalog with our 100% satisfaction
Plants                        16         guarantee. If the arrangement does not meet your expectation, please call and let us know. (Roses,
                                         Spring and seasonal flowers, which have a natural short vase life, are excluded.)
                                         Delivery Guarantee: If the recipient is available and we deliver later than promised, we will waive
Social Affairs                17-19      our regular delivery fee. All that we ask is that you provide us with the correct address and
                                         phone number.

Testimonials                  20         Flowers By Chris catalog photos courtesy of Flair Photography.
   Corporate Collection

                    French Country Basket
                    A European style of character
                            flowers with an airy,
                                   warm feeling.
                                $39.95 and up,
                                  ($89.95 as shown)

Fall Serenity Arrangement
A stunning presentation of fall
color roses in a gold terra
cotta bowl.
$69.95 and up,
($89.95 as shown)


                                                                     Spa Basket
                                             A splendid assortment of bed and bath
                                          amenities to pamper the hardest working
                                      associate on your staff or to indulge yourself.
                                                    $49.95 and up, ($69.95 as shown)

                                              Corporate Collection

                                                   Veggies Tonight
                                For those healthy minded associates or
                                   clients, the Veggie Basket contains a
                                 variety of fresh vegetables. Just rinse,
                                      steam and serve fresh veggies to a
                                  small family for almost all week long.
                                         $49.95 and up, ($69.95 as shown)

                         Simply Fruity
                         An assortment of Fresh Fruits
                         arranged in a wired basket that
                         can be later utilized in the kitchen.
                         $39.95 and up, ($59.95 as shown)

                                                                               Sweet Delights
                                         A decadent collection of popular candy bars and snacks
                                            in a terra cotta container to delight the sweet tooth
                                                         enthusiast. If you need a lift, here it is!
                                                                 $39.95 and up, ($49.95 as shown)

Corporate Collection
                 Bamboo Vase Arrangement
                 A distinctive wedged vase lined with horse tail bamboo,
                 roses and dendrobium orchids in your choice of colors
                 or with assorted fresh cut flowers and bamboo.
                 $59.95 and up, ($69.95 as shown)

                                              The Terra Cotta Rose Arrangement
                                                      A 4” Terra Cotta container with over a

                                                     dozen roses in any color of your choice
                                                        that can be accented lightly with a
                                                                 complimentary filler flower.
                                                            $39.95 and up, ($49.95 as shown)

                                 Tropical High Style
                                 An unusual yet artistically designed High Style
                                 arrangement that will surely stand out against
                                 any other flower arrangement.
                                 $39.95 and up, ($149.95 as shown)

                                                     Wedding Collection
                                                                             Handheld Bouquet
                                                                           A hand tied, wired bouquet
                                                                         of Stephanotis blooms simply
                                                                           and elegantly designed and
                                                                           adorned with satin ribbons,
                                                                                   pearls and/or tulle.
                                                                                   $259.95 as shown

                         A Table Centerpiece
                         A six inch Bubble Bowl with over a
                         dozen roses, in any color, will impress
                         your guests for any table top setting.
                         Other sizes are available.
                         $39.95 and up, ($69.95 as shown)

                                                                   Mini Calla Lily
                                                                   Clutch Bouquet
                                                                   A sophisticated mini calla lily

                                                                   bouquet available, in white,
                                                                   mauve, burgundy and yellow,
                                                                   dressed with wire organza ribbons
                                                                   and bows with revealing stems.
                                                                   $159.95 as shown

                                                                                                            Handheld Open Rose Bouquet
                                                                                                             A traditional bouquet of lavender roses,
                                                                                                                   hand tied and dressed with wired
                                                                                                                           organza ribbons and bows
                                                                                                                        with accents of pink heather.
                               Traditional Handheld                                                                              $179.95 as shown
                               Rose Bouquet
                               An impressive and traditional
                               bouquet of hand tied rose
                               buds, in any color, with tulle
                               and pearlized handle accents.                                     Handtied Rose Bouquet
                               $199.95 as shown                                                  A softer color combination of creamy
                                                                                                 white roses and osiana roses (pale
                                                                                                 peach) with a peach satin wrapped
                                                                                                 handle and white satin bow.
                                                                                                 $199.95 as shown

   Wedding Collection
            The Wedding Ceremony
Featuring the traditional Aisle Runner, Brass
 Aisle Candelabras, Ceremony Arrangements,
      Chuppah with Table and Pew Bows. All
 wedding consultations are free and with no
 obligation. Many Chuppahs to choose from.
 $1,500.00 (approximately) as shown, and up

Buffet Centerpiece
To dress up the buffet tables or
pre-function rooms, a Buffet
Centerpiece is always welcomed.
$129.95 and up, ($179.95 as shown)


                                                               Cake Decorations
                                 Take an ordinary cake and make it extraordinary with
                             flowers in clusters, groupings or diagonal lines or simply
                                  dress up the cake table with rose petals and greens.
                                     $39.95 per tier (level) and up, ($159.80 as shown)

                                           Holiday Collection

                         Small Holiday Tree
                         Artificial and Live Cut or Live Balled Holiday Trees
                         are available from 3 feet tall to 30 feet tall
                         decorated in any colors or themes you require.
                         Free design consultation is available upon
                         request. Call for sizes available and pricing.
                         $299.95 as shown

                                                                                                      Holiday Wreath
                                                                                        Artificial or Live, a Holiday Wreath
                                                                                         delights all who come near it and
                                                                                        lifts their spirits for the upcoming
                                                                                             holiday season. Standard sizes
                                                                                                  available from 18” to 96”.
                                                                                          $29.95 and up, ($129.95 as shown)

                           Place your Holiday
                          Decoration Order by
                          July 31st and receive
                           a 10% discount!

                                                                Wooden Sleigh
                                      A Flowers by Chris tradition and very popular
                                       every holiday season. Other sizes and colors
                                           of sleighs are usually available, as well.
                                                   $59.95 and up, ($99.95 as shown)

   Holiday Collection
                                                                      Holiday Wall Swag
                                                                        Swags can be installed
                                                                          in nearly any setting
                                                                      with or without a sconce
                                                                           to attach them too.
                                                                         Decoration colors and
                                                                       themes are limited only
                                                                          by your imagination.
                                                                               $39.95 and up,
                                                                                ($49.95 as shown)

                                                                                        Place your Holiday
                                                                                       Decoration Order by
                                                                                       July 31st and receive
                                                                                        a 10% discount!

Live Cut Holiday Tree
A twelve foot, live fresh cut Holiday tree decorated
to suit your decor and lit with tiny white bee lights
with a ring of poinsettias around the base is the
showcase for this exclusive country club nearly
every year. Call for sizes available and pricing.
$3,995.95 as shown

                                Other Holiday Decorations
                          Pictured here is a large mirror decorated
                       with fresh cut Holiday greens, cedar roping,
                         white birch branches, pine cones, clusters
                         of dried baby’s breath, bows and ribbons.
                                 $179.95 and up, ($479.95 as shown)

                                                   Valentines Collection

                                                                                  Chocolates, Accessories & Balloons (not shown)
                                                                                  All year round at Flowers by Chris, other gift items are
                                                                                  always in stock to satisfy any customer’s needs to convey
                                                                                  that special message of love, affection and thoughtfulness.
                                                                                  Starting at $19.95 for a half pound and $27.95 for a
                                                                                  pound box of chocolates.

                         Dozen Red Roses Vased
                         The most popular arrangement for Valentine’s Day
                         sentiments sent around the world, Red Roses.
                         Assorted vases, many interesting rose colors are
                         always on hand for this special occasion.
                         $94.95 to $149.95, ($94.95 as shown)

                                                                                                                      The Spa Collection
                                                                                                                      Another fine assortment of
                                                                                                                      bed and bath products to
                                                                                                                      take the stress and worries
                                                                                                                      out of your busy day and to
                                                                                                                      help your loved one relax
                                                                                                                      after all is done.
                                                                                                                      $49.95 and up,
                                                                                                                      ($69.95 as shown)

                                                                            Bubbles of Love
                                                                            A four, six or eight inch glass bubble bowl filled with any
                                                                            color of roses for a wonderful, romantic evening with that
                                                                            special person in your life. Available all year round.
                                                                            $39.95 and up, ($89.95 as shown)

   Mother’s Day Collection
                                           Blooms From The Heart
               Available in several sizes, amaze your Mom with a beautiful
                 cluster of fragrant roses in any color or mixed colors with
                   or without greens/fillers and lined with mylar foil, curly
                willow branches, clear marbles or coordinating citrus fruit.
                                            $39.95 and up, ($69.95 as shown)

High Style Arrangement
An artistic and dramatically stylized
arrangement with traditional flowers.
A very unique conversation piece.

$39.95 and up, ($49.95 as shown)
                                                                                                             Plant Basket
                                                                                                             Individually customized
                                                                                                             exclusively for your Mom’s
                                                                                                             pleasure, this basket is
                                                                                                             stuffed with live, green
                                                                                                             and/or blooming plants
                                                                                                             and dressed up with a
                                                                                                             bow or the addition of
                                                                                                             fresh cut flowers.
                                                                                                             $39.95 and up,
                                                                                                             ($49.95 as shown)

                                                                 Pink Perfection Arrangement
                                                                 A heartfelt fresh cut arrangement of
                                                                 assorted Holland flowers in monochromatic
                                                                 shades of pink and/or lavender. You’ll be
                                                                 your Mom’s favorite.
                                                                 $34.95 and up, ($59.95 as shown)

                                          Secretary’s Week Collection
                                                                  Victorian Ceramic Shoe                                 Double Your Thanks
                                                                  An FBC original, the Ceramic                        Includes two roses (any color),
                                                                  shoe comes in many styles                        greens and baby’s breath, or wax
                                                                  and colors and can be filled                          flower, or solidaster in a nine
                                                                  with roses and heather,                           inch clear or cut glass bud vase.
                                                                  orchids or an assorted spring                                      $21.95 as shown
                                                                  mix of fresh cut flowers.
                                                                  $29.95 and up,
                                                                  ($49.95 as shown)

                                            The Pamperer
                             A delicate assortment of personal
                                 products. Each basket can be
                         individually customized with upscale
                          items to show you really care about
                             the well being of your associates.
                                    $49.95 as shown, and up

                                                                                            Dutch Treats
                                                                                            A great assortment of fresh Holland
                                                                                            flowers imported daily and arranged in
                                                                                            a nine inch clear or cut glass budvase.
                                                                                            $26.95 as shown, and up

                                                                    Sunflower Topiary Arrangement
                                                                    A very unique and creative arrangement featuring full size or mini sunflowers
                                                                    (or another type of main flower), greens, fruits or other base flowers in a
                                                                    decorative urn or container laced with wired organza ribbons and bows.
                                                                    $59.95 and up, ($89.95 as shown)

   Newborn Collection
               The Stork Has Arrived!
               Another FBC original The Stork
            is a very popular arrangement for
                 Newborns, standing almost 24
              inches tall and brightly painted,
               the Stork can be designed with
                    a variety of products: fresh
               flowers, candies, amenities and
                always comes with a chocolate
                    cigar, gender color flowers,
                             ribbons and bows.
                     $74.95 as shown, and up

Wicker Carriage
A white wicker baby carriage with a lovely
assortment of fresh cut flowers, greens and
fillers will bring a smile to the new parents.
$49.95 as shown, and up


                       It’s A Boy/Girl Terra Cotta
               A Pink or Blue terra cotta container with
              the words “It’s A Boy/Girl” written on the
               container and designed in gender colors.
                                         $39.95 and up
           (Add a plush animal toy or balloons from $3.95 and up)

                                                     Birthday Collection

                         High Style Celebration
                         A dramatic High Style arrangement atop a six inch glass
                         Bubble Bowl which can accommodate a fighting Beta
                         Fish (not shown) or Gold Fish (not shown) for a unique
                         birthday celebration or showy party centerpieces.
                         $74.95 as shown, and up (To include fish in the bubble bowl,
                         add $5.95 for each Beta or two Gold Fish, food not included)

                                                                                                              The Birthday Flower Cake
                                                                                                No sugar or preservatives in this cake! Light the
                                                                                                 candles, gather around and celebrate a birthday
                                                                                              with a cake made of all flowers, comes in hot pink
                                                                                                  and white or specify the colors of your choice.
                                                                                                                               $39.95 as shown

                                                              Bed and Bath Collection
                                    After the celebrations have concluded, it is your time
                                      to relax with a nice array of personal care products
                                            individually selected for your total enjoyment.
                                                           $49.95 and up, ($59.95 as shown)

   Graduation Collection
                                          Mini Calla Lily Boutonniere
                                          An elegant boutonniere available in
                                          white, yellow, lavender and burgundy.
                                          $15.95 as shown, two calla lilies
                                          $29.95 (not shown)

                                                                                       Cattelya Orchid Corsage
                                                                                               A sophisticated corsage
               White Rose                                                                    available in several colors.
              Boutonniere                                                                    $24.95 as shown, and up
   The traditional boutonniere
            flower available in
           hundreds of colors.
            $10.95 as shown,
    $15.95 for a double rose
       boutonniere (not shown)

                                                            Orchid Corsage

                                                     A Phalenopsis Orchid makes
                                                     a striking presentation as a
                                                         corsage and is available
                                                                in several colors.
                                                                  $22.95 and up

                                                                                     Traditional Corsage
                                                                                     A corsage consisting of five
Triple Stephanotis Boutonniere                                                       roses (any color) baby’s breath
Three Stephanotis blooms and variegated                                              or another filler and a bow.
ivy make a classic boutonniere.                                                      All corsages can be made for
$12.95 as shown, add a rose for                                                      the wrist or as a pin-on or
$18.95 (not shown), or make them                                                     both at no extra charge.
into a corsage for $22.95 (not shown)                                                $24.95 and up

                                                Get Well Collection
                                                                                         Simply Fruity
                                                                A healthy assortment of fresh fruits
                                                         purchased daily in a reusable wired basket,
                                                          will definitely help the patient to recover
                                                                faster and get back to work or play.
                                                                    $39.95 and up, ($59.95 as shown)

                         Mylar Balloons
                         Lift their spirits with high floating Mylar
                         Balloons sure to pull the gloom out of
                         any recovering friend or associate.
                         $3.95 each, or do a Balloon Bouquet
                         (not shown) of a dozen assorted mylar/
                         latex balloons for $34.95

                                                              A Fruity Tower
                                             A tower of lemons and limes (other
                                            fruits/veggies available) bring cheer
                                            to the recovering patient and stands
                                             out among other flowers decorating
                                              their room, several sizes available.
                                                                 $49.95 and up,
                                                      ($89.95 for 24 inches, as shown)

   Sympathy Collection
Standing Easel Arrangement                                                      Fireside Basket
A sympathy arrangement that makes a grand                         Conveying an expression of warmth
statement. Available in several sizes (24” to 48”)                and admiration, the Fireside Basket
and with a wide variety of flowers.                            can be designed in a fan shaped style
$129.95 and up, ($199.95 as shown, 42 inches)                 like the Mache or in a natural form (as
                                                               shown) as if flowers were picked from
                                                                   the garden and laid in the basket.
                                                                           $89.95 as shown, and up


          Probably the most popular expression of sincere
         condolences next to European Plant Gardens and
         Table Size Arrangements, the Mache usually rests
            near the coffin and is fan shaped. Price varies
                 depending of types of flowers requested.
                          $44.95 and up, ($59.95 as shown)

                                                   Plant Collection
                                                                                                     Orchid Plants
                                                  Like Green Plants, many interior blooming plants are available
                                                   all year round: Orchids, Mums, Azaleas, Gloxinias, Kalanchoes,
                                                Cyclamens, Begonias and Bromeliads, to name a few. Most come
                                                  in three sizes, 4” at $9.95, 6” at $19.95 and 10” at $29.95.
                                                Featured here is a exotic Phaleanopsis Orchid with large blooms,
                                                        4” size is $54.95, 6” size is $74.95 in a terra cotta pot.

                         Green Floor Plants
                         Many varieties of Floor Plants
                         are available for a new office, home,
                         apartment or as client appreciation gifts.
                         Most are low light, easy care and range from
                         2-3 feet tall to 6-7 feet tall. An Aglaonema is
                         featured here at $59.95. (excluding the container)

                                                                      Blooming Plants
                                               Blooming plants will surely brighten up
                                            anyone’s day. FBC carries a large variety of
                                      blooming seasonal plants from 3” to 10” or they
                                    can be incorporated in a European Plant Basket or
                                   Terra Cotta Garden. Ask for availability and pricing.
                                     (shown here is a large bougainvillea exterior blooming plant)

Social Affairs Collection
           A Picture Says
        A Thousand Words
       With the right mix of floral
  arrangements, plant rentals and
       props, a plain room can be
      transformed into an elegant
    evening affair or a fun, casual
     and festive party scene. FBC’s
  party coordinators will come to
    you with suggestions to make
     your function a total success.
   Weddings, corporate functions,
       theme parties, Bat and Bar
  Mitzvahs and special events are
      no problem! Call for pricing.

                                              All prices throughout

                                               the entire catalog
                                                  exclude rental
                                              pedestals and props.

                                      Up, Up and Away!
                                      This theme party was specially
                                      designed for a Hot Air Ballooners’
                                      Association meeting at a local hotel
                                      in Baltimore. We gave them the lift
                                      they needed to get the meeting off
                                      to a good start!

                                             Social Affairs Collection
                                                                 The Baltimore Museum of Art
                                                                 One of our larger corporate clients hosted this
                                                                 casual Spring function for their employees at
                                                                 the BMA. The Elevated Buffet Arrangement
                                                                 was a bright spring mix on our rental pedestal.
                                                                 $129.95 and up, ($279.95 as shown)

                          Elevated Centerpiece
                         FBC creates many unusual or
                           contemporary centerpieces
                         to suit our customer’s needs
                         and color schemes. Featured
                                 here is a very stylized
                            arrangement on our rental
                           silver candlestick pedestal.
                                                                                         The Walters Art Gallery
                                     $129.95 and up,
                                                                               A formal Holiday party took place at the
                                      ($189.95 as shown)
                                                                               Walters featuring a red and white Buffet
                                                                             Arrangement in their pre-function area for
                                                                          the cocktail hour, before the guests ventured
                                                                           into the dinning area where smaller versions
                                                                           of the Buffet Arrangement were transformed
                                                                                       into Elevated Table Centerpieces.
                                                                                     $129.95 and up, ($329.95 as shown)

   Social Affairs Collection
                     Table Centerpieces
             Dozens of containers and floral
          design styles are readily available
      for table centerpieces. Featured here
         is an eight inch Bubble Bowl with
       over a dozen roses, greens and wax
     flowers, lit with three votive candles.
        $89.95 and up, (Votive rentals, $4.95
      each. Linens are also available upon request)

                                                      Topiary Table Centerpieces
                                                      If you are looking for something unique, this is
                                                      the ticket, a Topiary Table Centerpiece. Not only
                                                      can they be used for tables, but smaller versions
                                                      can be sent to clients, friends and family.
                                                      $69.95 and up, ($119.95 as shown)


Elevated Table Centerpieces Accessories
FBC offers several elevation pedestals and props:
silver candlesticks, silver candelabras, brassware,
glassware, plastic marbleized stands, decorative
glass and plastic columns and ceramic vases.
$9.95 and up, (per unit)


                                                                               “Everything we have asked for from fresh
                                                                               floral arrangements to plant installations
                         “One of the consistent comments we hear from our      have demonstrated your unsurpassed
                         customers is how beautiful the flowers in the lobby   professionalism and style.
                         are. The floral centerpiece has truly become the      I appreciate the warm and always friendly
                         focal point of the hotel. Our guests always remark    relationship we share.”
                         about the vibrant colors and freshness of the
                                                                               - Edward V. Giannasca II
                         arrangements. Additionally, we are fortunate to        President & Chief Executive Officer, L. I. Square Corporation
                         have Ron as your ambassador as he “works his
                         magic” each week while talking to our guests and
                         providing them with some tips.
                         Chris, we appreciate the creativity and enthusiasm
                         you have demonstrated while helping us improve
                         the ambiance of the hotel. I am looking forward to
                         having you decorate our facility for the holidays.”
                                                                               “ I have worked all across the state for
                         - William T. Walsh                                    nearly 20 years and they (Flowers by
                          General Manager, Marriott Waterfront Hotel
                                                                               Chris) are the best commercial florist
                                                                               that I have ever done business with.”
                                                                               - Paul Spellman
                                                                                Former General Manager, Baltimore Country Club

                              “We at Arbitron appreciate the individual
                              attention to detail and quality that is
                              the hallmark of every Flowers By Chris
                              arrangement. They do an excellent job of
                              translating our business requirements
                                                                               “We came to you for our son’s wedding
                              into just the right floral touch – whether
                                                                               without hesitation and without looking
                              it is a welcoming bouquet for our front
                                                                               elsewhere because your company was
                              lobby or a special arrangement for an
                                                                               so highly recommended by everyone
                              employee’s retirement party.”
                                                                               we knew. We fully expected your
                              - ARBITRON                                       flowers to be beautiful and were not
                                Columbia, Maryland                             surprised that they were one of the
                                                                               highlights of the ceremony.”
                                                                               - Wedding Customer
                                                                                Baltimore, Maryland

Flowers by Chris Hours Of Operation                           Maryland
                                                              Ave. EXIT
Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

                                                                               Maryland Ave.

                                                                                                          Charles St.
tel: 410-727-3434
fax: 410-727-0110
web:                                                                                             Chase St.

(We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover)

                                                                                  l St.
                                                                                                                         Eager St.

Partial Client List                                            N
                                                                                               Flowers by Chris, Inc.
                                                                                               1019 Cathedral St. • Baltimore, Md 21201

AAI Corporation
Aegon USA
Allfirst Bank
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
City Hall - Mayor’s Office
Doner Direct
Ernst & Young
Greater Baltimore Medical Center
Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman, Hoffberger & Hollander, LLC
Johns Hopkins Hospital and University
La Farge
Legg Mason, Inc.
Lockheed Martin
Loyola College of Maryland
Marriott’s Hunt Valley Inn
McCormick & Company, Inc.
Mercantile Safe Deposit & Trust Company
O’conor Piper & Flynn
Piper Marbury Rudnick & Wolfe LLP
PHH Vehicle Management Services
Provident Bank of Maryland
Ritz Carlton
Semmes, Bowen & Semmes
Sinai Hospital
Sodexho USA
The Baltimore Sun
The Governor’s Office
The St. Paul Company
T. Rowe Price & Associates, Inc.
University of Maryland Medical System and Schools
Villa Julie College
W.R. Grace & Company
1019 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Tel: 410-727-3434                  Shop Online:

                        Whatever your message, say it with   Flowers by Chris

                        Voted “Baltimore’s Best Corporate Florist”

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