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									New at Hanna’s!
This month, we will be receiving our spring            Crabapples- rosy pink flowers adorn the             palms for sun-short palms and tall palms! Our
shipment of flowering tropicals and ferns. We          branches of this lovely weeping tree. Weeping       selection includes:
have a huge selection of Kimberly Queen ferns          crabapples grow 12’-15’ tall and offer spring       Windmill Palms- these fast growing palms can
(which can tolerate more sun), Macho ferns and         flowers, fall color, and fruit that persists        reach 20’-40’ tall.
hanging Boston ferns. Tropical flowers are an easy     throughout the winter.                              Saw Palmetto Silver Palm- a smaller palm,
way to get non-stop color all season long. Some        Japanese Maples- Weeping Japanese Maples            growing 3’-6’ tall with
of our favorites include:                              have brilliant spring color and an arching          a multi-trunk and silvery
Hibiscus- large bright                                 habit. A popular variety, Crimson Queen,            fronds. Prefers sandy soil.
flowers in tree form or                                maintains delicate, crimson foliage spring          Sabal Minor Palm-
small bushes- great for                                through fall.                                       grows 3’-6’ tall with
containers!                                            Willows- If you are looking for a larger tree,      bluish green fronds.
Mandevilla- pink or                                    weeping willows are fast growers, reaching          This palm can be planted
white flowers, with a                                  30’-50’ tall. They can be planted in full to        in sun or shade and
climbing habit for your                                part sun and prefer a moist area.                   needs a moist area.
mailbox or arbor!                                                                                          Brazoria Palm- a fast            Sabal Minor
Plumbago- clusters of                                                                                      growing palm reaching 20’ or more.
blue or white flowers for Alice du Pointe Mandevilla     Container Mixers are Back!                        The older fronds turn blue as they mature.
container gardening or in annual beds!                   It is time to replace your winter blooming        Silver European Fan Palm- this palm has silver
Purple Fountain Grass- purple foliage grows 2’-3’        annuals with fresh spring flowers. We have        foliage and grows 10’-20’ tall.
tall with a white flower plume.                          a great selection to choose from and are
Lantana- yellow, pink or orange flower clusters          eager to help you find the perfect mix! For       Roses
with a mounding or trailing habit.                       your convenience, we have put together            We have two greenhouses full of
                                                         a display with different combination ideas        roses that are budded and beginning
Ornamental Weeping Trees                                 as well as all the plants needed for your         to bloom. April is a great time to
Weeping trees add graceful movement to any               window boxes or pots. Our “Container              select a new rose for your garden.
landscape. These ornamental trees soften the             Mixer” display makes spring planting fun,         For healthy roses and prolific
landscape and accent water features such as ponds        easy and fast! Just look for the “Container       blooms, plant rose bushes in full
or fountains. They range in size and most offer          Mixer” sign and get started!                      sun and water them regularly. You
delicate flowers in addition to their distinctive                                                          should spray your roses every three
shape. If you are considering adding a weeping                                                             to four weeks to control fungus,
tree to your yard, Hanna’s has a great selection of:   Cold Hardy Palms                                    such as black spot. We recommend using Ferti-
Cherries- Weeping cherry trees have white or pink      Have you wanted to add the tropical appeal of       lome Systemic Fungicide. If you are looking for
flowers down the entire                                palms to your landscape but have been worried       an easy to love, easy to care for rose, we have a
length of their branches-                              about keeping them alive over-winter? Fear no       new shipment of Knockout Roses, including the
which reach the ground,                                more, Hanna’s has the palm for you. We have                                      new Rainbow variety.
once the tree is mature.                               a selection of new palms that can be grown                                       Knockout roses come
This tree is truly spectacular                         outside year-round in a container or planted                                     in CherryRed, Pink,
in full bloom. Weeping                                 in the ground. These palms need a little winter                                  Rainbow and Blush.
cherries do best when                                                                                                                   The Double Knockout
                                                       protection while they are young. To care for
planted in full sun.                                                                                                                    has cherry red blooms
                                                       them, tie-up the fronds with twine and wrap
Redbuds- Redbud trees                                                                                                                   and a higher petal
                                                       them with insulating material if the temperature
are an adaptable tree that                                                                                                              count than the original.
                                                       drops near the single digits. Fertilize them with
can be grown in full to part                                                                                                            These shrub roses are
                                  Weeping Cherry       palm food once a year and keep them watered
shade. They have an                                                                                                                     relatively maintenance
                                                       regularly until they are established. We have
umbrella type shape and lavender pink flowers.                                                                                          free and bloom all
They grow 6’-10’ tall.                                 palms for all locations; palms for shade and
                                                                                                           Double Knockout Rose season!

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