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					                            Medary acres Greenhouses
                                                                  Spring 2009 newSletter

             1100 8th St. South, Brookings, SD · (605) 692-5816 ·              

                                                A   pril showers bring May flowers…..let’s hope the showers this
                                                    year are not the blizzards of last year! With that nasty weather
                                                hopefully behind us welcome to Spring at Medary Acres Greenhouses.
                                                We’ve been busy since February 1st, seeding and planting. When
                                                you enter our greenhouses you will literally be bombarded by the
                                                colors of spring and the lovely smell of plants & flowers.
                                                We grow our product right here-in greenhouses that now occupy
                                                space of over 1 acre, aided by our staff who are all avid gardeners.
                                                We can’t wait to see you, get in some visiting and let our plants
                                                “wow” you.
                                                We appreciate your patronage, so be assured that when you shop
                                                Medary Acres Greenhouses, you will be surrounded by quality,
                              Quality           service and value.
                              Service           Happy Planting,                                            Now Open
                               Value            Brian, Lynn, Sam & Sarah Darnall                         thru mid-June.
                                                                                                            (Hours on last
New Items for 2009
· Angelonia (annual) “Cascade Purple”     · Iresine “Aures Lime Green”       · Poppy (perennial) “Ruffed
  “Deep Pink”                               “Aures Marganta”                   Patty”
· Anisodontea (annual) “Barely            · Lantana “Orange Sunrise”         · Ptilotus “Joey”
  Bogenberry” “Slightly Strawberry”         “Ham & Eggs”                     · Scutellaria
· Coprosma Kirku (annual) “Evening        · Lochroma                         · Silene (perennial)
  Glow” “Copper Shine”                    · Leptinella (perennial) “Platts   · Setcreasea (annual)”Purple
· Grasses (annual) “Prince” Pennisetum      Black”                             variegated”
· Goodenia (annual) “Fresca Yellow”       · Magoo trailing                   · Supertunia “Bubblegum”
· Gibasis (annual) “Bridal Veil”          · Nemesia                          · Tuberous Begonia “Fire”
· Heuchera (perennial) “Midnight Rose”    · Nierembergia                     · Verbascum (perennial)
· Ipomea “Bronze” “Desana Lime”           · Oplismenus (annual)                “Violetta”
  “Desana Maple”                          · Oxalis (annual) Triangulars

New 2009 prIcINg
4½” Pots component                 Six Jumbo 6-Packs              4½” Pots potted annuals           10” Hanging Baskets
 plants & perennials           includes flowers & vegetable                                              Best Price anywhere
                                                                        3 for $8.49
  6 for $26.88                           $16.99                                                            2 for $29.88
    great low water plaNts
·   Artemesia (perennial)       ·   Spike                             ·   Lantana (annual)                         ·   Echinacia (perennial)
·   Sedum (perennial)           ·   Euphorbia “Diamond Frost”         ·   Osteospermum                             ·   Festuca Grass (perennial)
·   Succulants (annuals)        ·   Gaura                             ·   Salvia “Sparkler”                        ·   Liatris (perennial)
·   Anagallis (annual)          ·   Gypsophilia “Festival Star”       ·   Scaevola                                 ·   Pasque (perennial)
·   Anisodentea (annual)        ·   Helichrysum “Licorice”            ·   Bacopa (annual)
·   Arctosis (annual)           ·   Helichrysum “Iscicles”            ·   Asclepias – Butterfly Weed (perennial)
·   Bracteantha                 ·   Heliopsis (perennial)             ·   Coreopsus (perennial)

Helpful HINts from medary acres staff
1     Be sure to rotate crops in your vegetable garden
      to help eliminate insect and disease problems.
Because they are closely related & can carry the same
                                                                  4     One of my favorite plants in my flower beds
                                                                        are my Ornamental Perennial Strawberries. Not
                                                                  only are they pretty, they do produce some fruit that
disease, don’t plant potatoes, peppers or tomatoes in             is edible. For those of you that are water conscience,
the same spot as the previous year. The same idea holds           these strawberry plants are an excellent ground cover
for the cole crops of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.          that acts as mulch. So you end up with a natural and
   -Mel G.                                                        pretty ground cover that helps your flower beds retain
                                                                  moisture. If they get too thick, you can thin them by
2     The Perfect Border Bed for a south or west
Back row: Coral Nymph salvia, Evolution blue Salvia.
                                                                  pulling any extra plants you don’t need.
                                                                     -Lynn D.
Middle row: Profusion Rose Zinnias, Yellow & Pink
Liberty Snapdragons.
Front row: Angelonia, lisianthus, Disco Yellow
                                                                  5     Every year, Sam, Sarah and I plant our
                                                                        flower beds specifically to attract butterflies,
                                                                  hummingbirds and butterfly moths. It is our favorite
marigolds, white vinca and Fantasy Pink Morn Petunias.            summer treat to go out in the mornings before the wind
This mixture of flowers will make for a beautiful flower          picks up and enjoy all these beautiful creatures that are
bed and they are all good performers that are easy to             hovering over our flower beds. Our absolutely favorite
grow.                                                             flower to attract these winged creatures is Lantana. We
   -Mary E.                                                       promise that if you grow it once you will grow it each
                                                                  year after that. It is a versatile plant that will do well in
3      It is fun to add interest to
       your flower beds and pots
by planting vegetables with your
                                                                  pots and planters or directly in the ground. Other plants
                                                                  that attract them are: asclepias, bougainvillea, buddleia,
flowers. Some of my favorite                                      clerodendrum, hibiscus, plumbago, pentas and salvia.
vegetables to add are Eggplant,                                      -Lynn, Sam and Sarah D.
Dill, and the herb Sage,
particularly the variegated type.
You can also add Flowering Cabbage and Kale but I
                                                                  6     To give your rose bushes an organic boost of
                                                                        potassium, bury banana peels just under the
                                                                  soil around your roses. As they compost they will give
would suggest that you dust them during the season for            your roses extra potassium that roses love. Also, when
insects. The Cabbage and Kale get very large so leave             trimming roses, use a spring-loaded clothes pin to hold
plenty of room for them and as an added bonus they                the stem and cut away!
keep their color long into the fall and winter.                       -Becky R.
   -Linda O.

                                                                  delIgHt your seNses wItH savory Herbs!
                                                                  Ever wonder where our herbs are? We keep our tasty
                                                                  herbs tucked into the rose house on the west side of the
                                                                  greenhouse. We grow 45 different herbs such as anise,
                                                                  lemon basil, chamomile, caraway, chives, cilantro, dill,
                                                                  garlic chives, horehound, hyssop, lemon balm, oregano,
                                                                  parsley, peppermint, spearmint and thyme. Remember,
                                                                  when using fresh herbs in a recipe that calls for dried
                                                                  herbs, you need to double the amount of fresh herbs.
Medary Acres Greenhouses is a family-owned and operated business that has
been on 8th Street South in Brookings for 55 years. Many of our customers
remember when our house sat in the middle of the parking lot! Every season, we
have the privilege of welcoming new gardeners to our greenhouses. Whether
the hobby is new to them or they are new to town, the “wow” we hear when
they walk through our doors thrills us every time!
At Medary Acres, we grow most of our product from seed the old-fashioned
way, with gardeners hands, scissors and pruners. Amazingly, we grow hundreds
of varieties of annual & perennials, vegetables & herbs and over 10,000 of our
signature hanging baskets!
Our staff takes pride in what we do here, mainly because they ARE gardeners
and they personally create their own stunning outdoor living spaces. The
following are a few of their gardening tips and ideas.

butterfly gardeNINg                                          step INto our rose House
Why do butterflies visit a garden?                           Stroll to the west side of the greenhouse and you will
                             Butterflies are looking for     find yourself entering the romantic world of roses! Our
                             the nectar (the fluid they      rose house is filled with dreamy new products this year
                             use as food) and a host         including a new series called Easy Elegance. After ten
                             plant where the female          years of breading and perfecting this disease-resistant
                             lays her eggs. Butterflies      rose, the Easy Elegance series has just been introduced
                             are attracted to flowers        as a hardy rose for USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 4
                             that have pink, red, purple,    and 5. The five varieties you will find in our rose house
                             yellow, or orange flowers.      are ‘Fiesta,’ ‘Yellow
                             The type of flowers that they   Submarine,’ ‘Mystic
prefer have clusters of short tubular flowers, or flowers
                                                             Fairy,’ ‘Funny Face,’
with large, flat petals. Butterflies are active from early
                                                             and ‘Firecracker.’
spring through frost, so having a mixture of plants that
will flower throughout this entire season will attract       After you’ve picked
butterflies all season long. Nectar (N) and Larval (L)       out your favorite
food flowers come in many forms including annual,            Easy Elegance roses,
perennials, herbs, vines, and grasses.                       make room on your
Here are some of the more popular varieties:                 shopping cart to add some blooming mini roses like
                                                             the ‘Jolly Cupido’ or ‘Lavender Sunblaze,’ and a few
  Ageratum (N)      Allium (N        Alyssum(N)              budding Hybrid Tea Roses like ‘Love’ or ‘Bronze Star.’
  Asclepias (L,N)   Aster (L,N)      Buddleia (N)
                                                             Decorate your garden with Romantica series roses like
  Coreopsis (N)     Cosmos (N)       Dill (L,N)
                                                             ‘Sweet Promise’ or ‘Abbaye Decluny.’ Reminscent of
  Gomphrena (N)     Heliotrope (N)   Hollyhock (L)
                                                             fairytale flowers, Romantica roses boast a higher petal
  Iberis (N)        Lantana (N)      Lavender (N)
                                                             count and intense fragrance.
  Liatris (N)       Marigold (N)     Mint (N)
  Monarda (N)       Nasturtium (N)   Nicotiana (N)           Roses bloom all summer long so don’t be afraid to grow
  Petunia (N)       Phlox (N)        Rudbeckia (N)           roses as annuals in patio pots and garden containers.
  Salvia (N)        Scabiosa (N)     Snapdragon (L,N)        Roses bestow magical presence upon any garden.
  Statice (N)       Verbena (N)      Zinnia (N)

 Medary acres Greenhouses
       Monday - Friday: 8am-9pm Saturday: 8am-6pm Sunday: 11am-5pm                             ADA Accessible

      1100 8th St. South, Brookings, SD · (605) 692-5816 ·