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                                       Flats and Hanging Baskets

Ageratum     a seasonal favorite producing baby blue fuzzy blooms atop bushy 8”plants. Great for borders,
 or mass planting. Ageratum Hawaii Blue really sings with pink begonias. Adds texture and interest to
window boxes, or containers with trailing type annuals. This heat - tolerant specimen attracts butterflies.

Alyssum    a vigorous, low growing (2-3” high), mounded mass of flowers with a spreading habit.
Use in borders, rock gardens, or as a trailing spray of fragrant white blossoms in patio containers.
Sweet aromatic fragrance makes this favorite a great welcoming choice for walkways and entrances.
              New Clear Crystal White improved snow white bloomer with great fragrance
                        Clear Crystal Mix- durable blooms of pinks, purples, and white

Bacopa     Abunda Giant White boasts trailing green foliage beneath abundant delicate pure
 white flowers. Most popular for its contrast and rich texture in combination plantings. In sun or part
shade, this eye- catcher takes the heat. Requires little care and adds big impact to patio container
gardens and hanging baskets.

Begonia      this classic is an easy, versatile summer show stopper. At 8 to12’” tall this performer
 thrives in sun or shade. Ideal performance achieved in morning sun and afternoon shade. Excellent
 low maintenance plant for landscape, mass plantings, hanging baskets and flower boxes. Heat
tolerant, self-cleaning. This Grower’s choice for those who lack that proverbial “green thumb.” Available
in rose, scarlet, white and mixed colors atop bronze or green foliage.

Calibrachoa (Million Bells) these Cabaret           Callies offer a mounded yet semi-trailing
profusion of vibrant color in purple/blue, cherry rose, white and yellow. Excellent choice for hanging
baskets, patio containers and window boxes. These thrillers are spillers that live up
 to their name bringing smiles and entertainment to any garden setting. These performers
 thrive in bright sun & heat, are self-cleaning, fast growing, excellent as a “stand alone” or as a
companion plant in combination containers. Fertilize regularly. Watch over-watering.

Celosia    feathery, plume-type flowers that grow 12”tall. Easy, sturdy and rapid grower, these
heat resistant compact plants thrive in full sun. Use Ice Cream Mix in ground beds or planters.
Delight your landscape palate with banana, cherry, mango, orange, peach and strawberry mix.

Coleus     is best appreciated for its dynamic leaf color . The Wizard Series grows 12-16” tall.
 Leaf color includes combinations and patterns of ivory, bronze, salmon, pink, scarlet, sunset, magenta,
chartreuse and rose. The rich deep colors of this low maintenance shade annual will pique your interest with
 its fantastic foliage.
Specialty Coleus varieties are also available as 4 ½” pots. They include the New Varieties Henna & Redhead
 as well as last years popular introduction, Electric Lime.
Cosmos    grows an impressive 20-24” tall with daisy-like blooms of lavender, pink , magenta and
white. A bushy plant with fern-like foliage and excellent blooming performance. Both Sonata
White and Sonata Mix work well in perennial beds with foliage that blends nicely while adding
summer long color through perennial blooming transitions. Use in garden beds or large patio
containers for summer long interest.

Dracaena     8-24” green spikes. Excellent choice to lend interest, lift and balance to containers.

Dianthus   very tolerant of heat and cold, growing 8-10” high while spreading. Tolerates Sun to
part sun. Merlot Mix includes lavender, burgundy & white blooms. Raspberry Parfait boasts
 a magenta purple & white large bloom with a distinctive showy velvety texture. Very delicious!

Dusty Miller 8” tall plants with lacey silver-gray leaves. An annual plant, however in mild
winters, Silverdust has been known to winter over. Makes a real statement when mixed with
other colorful annuals. A great border and/or companion plant. Sun to part sun.

Fuchsia trailing habit; these colorful pendulous bloomers display exotic flowers that dangle
 from stems that extend 3 ft in length. This shade lover is available in hanging baskets. Choose
from two spectacular varieties to add an exotic flare to your shady garden areas.
Dark eyes: Rose over violet.              Swingtime: Rose over white

Gazania     at 8-10”tall these hardy specimens will overcome the most adverse growing conditions,
including drought and hot dry summers. Daisy type flowers of vivid reds, yellows, orange and
 purple offer both striped and solid petals to pique your interest. Livens up pots, gardens and borders.

Geraniums       thrive in sunny, hot, dry areas. Grow best in full sun (4 hours of sun or more). The
flowers appear atop lush green foliage as a colorful cluster of tiny individual flowers forming a
 showstopping bloom of 4-5” in diameter. These popular performers are easy and low maintenance..
Available in a broad range of color choices. A classic flower favorite and consistent garden performer.

Impatiens      reaching 12-24” Super Elfins, an enduring favorite garden performer,
 pack superfluous flower power for partly shaded areas. Available in a wide range
of vibrant colors. Excellent in hanging baskets, flower pouches, and patio containers.
Unparalleled performance for shady areas {morning sun, afternoon shade is best}.

Lobelia    3-6” tall spreading indigo blue flowering shade plant. Best in northern exposure or in
areas of tree shade. Royal Palace is self cleaning, good for hanging baskets or rock gardens,
 patio container. Foliage turns a deep bronze for added interest to this rich garden specimen

Marigold      an easy to grow plant that children adore, where novices find success and reward.
 Dwarf varieties are 10-12” tall. Orange, rust , or yellow flowers are 2 ½ diameter and known for their
distinctive aroma. Low maintenance, self-cleaning, drought tolerant, these easy, beloved flower
favorites add vibrancy to full sun plantings. A great border specimen as well as companion plant to
red or blue salvia to name a few.
New Guinea Impatien Celebration Series boasts               large 2 ½” brilliant flowers adorning
attractive shiny green / bronze foliage. These shade lovers are magnificent bloomers for patio pots,
hanging baskets or bedding. Grows 12-18’ tall. Morning sun and afternoon shade bodes best for optimum
performance. Minimal fertilizer required, however heavy watering is necessary A favorite landscaping choice.

Nicotiana     (Flowering Tobacco) 10-12” tall, compact dwarf growing, blooms colors of lemon-
lime, shades of red, pink, or ivory that appear fluorescent. From a distance, bloom resembles
 a petunia. Individual trumpet-shaped flowers are 1-2” in diameter & up to 2” long. Flowers open
 with delicate fragrance. Hummingbird Mix attracts hummingbirds; and is heat tolerant.

Petunias The       Award winning Wave Petunias have revolutionized landscaping design more than any
other introduction of this past decade; combining ease of growing with unsurpassed garden performance. With
unprecedented prestigious awards to its credit across a broad range of colors and types. These sun-lovers
have become synonymous with success in colorful landscape design. Purple, Pink and Lavender Wave
spread lavishly to display 3” blooms atop thick vigorous foliage that spreads up to 4 ft. in diameter.
Electrifying and colorful, thriving in both hot and cold weather, they are drought tolerant and self-cleaning.
Excellent for landscaping, hanging baskets, containers and window boxes. Attracts butterflies &
hummingbirds. Requires regular fertilizer applications. A truly fantastic versatile bedding plant!!!
The Dreams Petunia Series is available in flats in 6 sweet dreamy colors for container gardens as well as
bedding. Great range of colorful mounded flowers that more than that live up to their name!

Portulaca     Purslane or Moss Roses as they are sometimes called, invite us to stroll down
 memory lane of Grandma’s garden with these 4-6” tall spreading jewels that resemble tiny roses
adorning evergreen-like needle foliage. These hardy drought tolerant wonders cover the ground
 with 1 to 2” flowers. Margarita Mix boasts an assortment of colors that open during hot
sunny days and close to rest by night! The mix contains fun in 10 different flavors !!!

Salvia    flowers 12-24” high, these heat tolerant, low maintenance, plants offer attractive foliage
 creating an eye-catching frame to support striking spiking beautiful blooms. Attracts butterflies
and hummingbirds. Victoria Blue, a landscapers choice for it’s complimentary attributes, companioning
well with a broad range of cultivars; marigolds geraniums and begonias to name a few. Wake up your
design with Red Hot Sally Salvia in vivid mass plantings and watch the Hummingbirds descend. Vista
Purple pleases even the most difficult to please and will expand your Horizons happily.

Scaevola This semi -trailing treasure has resided atop the Proven Winners “Best Seller List”
since its inception. Brilliant blue (hence the name) fanned flowers with a splash of lemon dance
along the edge of twisting curling gently flowing foliage to pique interest in any planting motif. As a
“stand alone” or combination plant Scaevola uniquely sings in patio containers, window boxes or
 even ground beds. This “must have” is both a Spiller, Thriller and Filler in any of its versatile
applications. Self-cleaning, low maintenance. Full sun.

Sprengerii      Asparagus Fern with Fantastic Foliage of dark green, course needles on light airy stems
that spill over growing to 18”. This classic companion plant for patio pots, window boxes, and hanging
baskets, lends a very winsome soft look to annuals. Drought tolerant, and tolerates full to part sun.
Snapdragons        reminiscent of Grandma’s garden these classics again find a way to warm our
 hearts and enliven our senses. These fragrant sun- loving annuals attract hummingbirds.
 Floral Shower Mix Dwarf series offers 6-8” uniform plants in 6 striking colors…and is
 showy in mixed patio pots and window boxes, and borders around evergreens. LaBella,
a medium height cultivar of 18”, does not require staking and is especially Fragrant with its uniquely
beautiful open bee type blossoms. My personal favorite!!! Rockets, the tallest , afford 24 to 36” thick sturdy
stems beneath soft savory colors of ivory, rose, pink, lemon yellow and magenta. Both types are excellent for cut

Supertunia      fragrant profuse masses of petunia flowers; with vigorous everblooming trailing habit
that transforms hanging baskets and decorative urns into garden masterpieces. Explosive with
 ceaseless color in full sun, they grow nearly an inch per day. These vigorous Wonders require ample
moisture and fertilizer. Breathtaking results will leave you spoiled for any other types. Both heat and cold
tolerant. No deadheading flowers necessary. Thick and robust yet compact and lush, these
extraordinary performers justifiably have earned the name SUPERPETUNIA! Choose form
Raspberry Blast, Bordeaux, Cotton Candy and White.

Torenia (Wishbone Flower)       Clown mix available in flats is an upright fun variety that reaches 12” tall
having many flowering stems of blue, white, pink, and violet combinations. The unique blooms
 resemble a cross between a snapdragonsand pansy. Requires 3 hours of morning sun for best
blooms. Thrives in afternoon shade is low maintenance and self-cleaning. A great little accent for
shady beds or for providing spark and interest to shade patio and container planters.
 Summer Wave BlueTrailing a Proven Winner type, is available in 4 ½” pots and hanging baskets. It
has bi-color blue/violet flowers and is an excellent choice for hanging baskets. A vigorous performer, this
“Top Pick” of the Proven Winner selections is a “must” for shade baskets and combination planters.

Verbena       flowers are produced above rich deep green foliage fostering a jewel-like effect.
These trailing Aztec varieties cascade to beckon butterflies and bees with their jewel like flowers
and irresistible fragrance. Verbena respond to fertilizer. Aztecs, available in red, pink, plum, and white.
The Quartz Waterfall series (shades of blue, violet lavender and white) and Quartz Obsession Mix
(all colors)are compact upright plants available in flats. The Aztecs are vigorous trailing varieties,
 available in hanging baskets and as 4 ½” specialty pots. Both types perform in full sun.

Vinca (Periwinkle) these hearty heat-lovers explode with vibrantly colored       2” blooms atop
 glossy green foliage. Available in seven different colors; apricot, lipstick pink shades mix ,
burgundy, pink, red and white on glossy green foliage. Extremely drought tolerant. Easy low
maintenance and low irrigation requirements while continuous summer- long flower power make
Pacificas the perfect choice for mass plantings.

Vinca Vine trailing green foliage with creamy white margins. An excellent variegated
companion plant for patio pots, decks, window boxes, and hanging baskets. Can grow very,
very (10 feet ) long or be cut back for a thick full bushy effect. Tolerates shade to full sun.
 A very easy to grow classic specimen.

Zinnias     12-16” tall, heat & drought tolerant, resistant to disease, attracting hummingbirds &
butterflies, these weather resistant garden performers will delight your landscape.
 The New !!! Zahara Mix available in flats 18/flat bloom in a mix of gold, lemon yellow, burnt orange,
creamy white, and pink. AAS (ALL AMERICAN SELECT )Award Winning Profusion Zinnias
available in 4 ½”pots are a “landscapers choice” bedding plant selection due to low maintenance ,
disease resistance , ease of growing ; these favorites stand up to challenging drought-like conditions.
Available in cherry, white, orange and New Yellow!!!!

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