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     Samantha E. Cabral
Douglas & Judith Krupp Library
      Bryant University
          Fall 2007
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What is LexisNexis ?
Subject coverage includes:
 Business
 Legal Research
 News
 People
 Company Dossiers
 Country Analysis

LexisNexis is one of the many electronic
  databases (e-resources) that you have access
  to. It provides full-text documents from over
  6,000 news, business, and legal publications
  with a variety of flexible search options.
How to Access LexisNexis
You have access to LexisNexis from within the library, as well
         as from your room, or a location off campus.
               Simply go to the library homepage:
   and select the “Electronic Resources” link on the left hand
        side of the page and scroll down to LexisNexis
Business Information
This database covers the following business related information:

¤ Business and Financial News – Business articles from
   newspapers, magazines, journals, wires & transcripts

¤ U.S. and International Company Financial Information
  – from government or private sources

¤ Industry & Market – News from over 25 industries

¤ Accounting Literature – Accounting journals & literature

¤ SEC Filings & Reports – EDGAR filings, annual & quarterly
   reports & proxy statements

¤ Country Profiles/Analysis – Economic, business, and political
   risk information

¤ Company Dossiers – Contact and resource information for
   companies, including executives, revenue, competitors, and more.
   Create comparisons between multiple companies. Find contact and
   resource information for companies.
Searching for Business Information
To begin a search for business information select the “Business”
   link towards the top of the page underneath the “Search” tab
   from the LexisNexis home page. You will be directed to the
   following page where you can begin searching.
Searching for Business Information
The “business” section defaults users to the Company Dossier
   page. If you are interested in finding information on a specific
   company start your search here. You can also navigate
   towards other business searches by using the links on the right
   hand side of the page.
Searching for a Company Dossier
Locate a comprehensive report on a specific company or
   companies under the “Company Dossier” section of
   business. Company reports will include some or all of
   the following information.

▫   Snapshot – at-a-glance analysis of current information

▫   News - by top publication, topic, or region

▫   Business Information – research and analysis reports, company
    profiles, and competitor product and brand listings

▫   Corporate Hierarchy – lists connect parent company to all related
    companies in the U.S. and abroad

▫   Financial Information – SEC filings, corporate financials and more

▫   Legal Information – U.S. court decisions, jury verdicts, and more

           NOTE: there are options to create custom reports as
           well as to compare multiple companies. Reports can
    be viewed or printed in PDF, HTML, and exported into Excel sheets.
Company Research
Once in the “Business” section you can use the link on the
  right hand side of the page to locate the “Company
  Profiles” search page. Type in a company name or
  ticker symbol to retrieve the following information:

   -   newswires & press releases
   -   company directories & profiles
   -   business & corporation information
   -   industry directories & profiles
   -   company analyst reports

The results will be displayed by
  relevance in the middle portion of
  the screen. You have the option
  to use the links in the left hand
  portion to jump to the specific
  reports that you would like to view.
Company Research, continued
To compile a report on companies by total sales, revenue,
   location, number of employees, by SIC or NAICS code, or other
   specific financial information use the “Dossier create Company
   List” link. The search page will look like this:

                                                                    Use the
                                                                    boxes to
                                                                    create a
Searching for Business News
To find business news select the “News” tab from the main
   page. Next use the drop down box next to “Select
   Sources” to select the Business News Publications. Enter
   your search terms, and a specific date range, then
   execute your search.

                                                           The type of
                                                      information covered
                                                       in this category are
                                                        general business,
                                                      management, human
                                                        resources and tax
                                                       These sources are
                                                        international in
Search for SEC filings
To locate SEC filings for one or more companies type in
   company name or ticker symbol. You can opt to choose
   which SEC forms to search for using the “Select Sources”
   drop down box. Finally you can also limit to a specific
   date or date range using the “Specify Date” drop down
Searching for Accounting Information
To locate articles, news, or legal information on accounting
   information use the “Accounting” link under business.
   Simply type in the term you are searching for, i.e.
   Sarbanes-Oxley, to locate the information.

*Don’t forget to check off the type of sources you wish to search
   through, to help expand or narrow your search. Select one or
   all of the sources listed, you will have the option to jump to the
   different category of sources in the results screen if you
   choose multiple sources.

                                                             Use the “i” icon to find out
                                                             information on the source
                                                             you have selected, like
                                                             what type of information
                                                             is covered, how frequently
                                                             it is updated and more.
Locating Country Profiles
To find reports or information on a specific
  country use the first drop down box to select
  the country from the list of 190 countries.

Next select the source type for the kind of
  information you wish to retrieve.
       The sources are:
              - Business Opportunities
              - Risk Reports
              - Economic & Political News

Add any specific terms you want to find within
  the report.

Finally specify the date range for the publication
   of the report.
Legal Research
This database covers the following legal information:

₪ Law Reviews & News – articles from over 500 publications, news
    from over 300 legal newspapers, magazines, and newsletters
₪ Federal & State Cases
₪ Shepard’s Citations – for all U.S. Supreme Court cases back to
₪ Federal & State Codes – Federal regulations from the Federal
    Register, Code of Federal Regulations, U.S. Attorney General Opinions,
    and Federal Acquisition Regulations and Supplements. Codes for all 50
    states and territories, plus constitutions, court rules, and Attorneys
    General opinions.
₪ Tax Law – From the IRS bulletin, IRS regulations, ABA Tax Lawyer,
    AICOA Tax Adviser, and more
₪   Canadian Court Cases
₪   Canadian Legislation
₪   European Union, Commonwealth, and Foreign Nations
₪   Patents – from 1971 forward, searchable by keyword, patent
    number, classification number, lawyer, assignee, inventor, or summary
Legal Research
To begin a search for legal information click “Legal”
  link towards the top of the page underneath the
  “Search” tab. You will be directed to the following
  page where you can begin searching for law

                                                    Tip: don’t forget
                                                     to use the drop
                                                     down boxes to
                                                      information in
                                                    specific sources,
                                                    to limit the year,
                                                    or a date range.
Finding Legal News
To find Legal News, go to the News tab.
Select “Legal News Group File” from the “Select Sources”
drop down box.
You will be directed to a new search page where you can
enter in your search terms, as well as select one or all of the
legal news reporting groups.

  * Don’t forget to specify
  the date range to search
  within. The default is
  for the previous 3
  months only.
Legal Research
To get a federal or state case, or code, tax law
  information, or other legal information use the
  links to the right hand side of the screen.
    Searching for Court Cases
    • If you are searching for a specific case enter either the parties
    names, or the case number.

    • If you are trying to find cases on a particular subject enter in
    the search terms.

    • Locate cases that have been presided over by a specific Judge,
    or represented by certain Counsels or Firms.

    • To help narrow results use the “Select Sources” drop down box
    to select they type of court, or general area of law you want the
    results to appear in.

                                     Sources include:
U.S. Supreme Court Cases - US Courts of Appeals Cases, combined - Armed Forces Court of
 Appeals - US Tax Court Cases - US Bankruptcy Court cases - State Court cases - Corporate
 Cases (Federal & State) - Ethics cases - Family Law Cases - Insurance - International Law -
Labor & Employment cases - Mergers & Acquisitions cases - Estate Cases - Federal and State
                             Trade Cases - Transportation Cases
                                         AND MORE!
Federal & State Code Search
Simply enter the subject term(s) that you are searching for
   within the Codes.
• To narrow your search use the “Select Sources” drop
   down box to select the specific titles you wish to search
•   For example if you are searching for codes relating to “Banks
    and Banking” select that option and the search will be limited
    to find the information under this Title 12 section of the United
    States Code only.
Tax Law Research
Enter you search terms, or
keywords and then select out
                                  The Tax Lawyer
the source or sources that best
suits your research needs. The
Sources to choose from are        The Tax Adviser
listed to the right

                                  Federal Courts Tax Cases

                                  Tax Law Review Articles,
              You may also
                 consider         combined
           searching for your
           information under      The Practical Tax Lawyer
            the “Accounting”
              link from the
            Business section      State Courts Tax Cases
            of LexisNexis for
Searching for News
LexisNexis contains comprehensive coverage of news
   sources, and now includes news from Blogs and other
   web publications. To begin a search for news, simply
   select the “News” tab at the top of the main screen.
You can also find the Roper Center for Public Opinion
   Research reports from this news section.
Searching for News
Once in the news portion of the database enter in
  subject or keyword(s) or phrases that you are
  searching for.

*Note the default sources searched are “News, All
  (English, Full Text)”. Use the Drop down box
  to select different news group files, like
  Spanish Language News, or Healthcare news,

Don’t forget to specify the date or date range of
  the news you are searching for.
      General Searching
         You can also search for news from the General Search
           page. However a news search might retrieve more
                           relevant information.

From here you can
search for your
information across
multiple areas of the
database, for
example you can
search for
information on any
topic, like Google,
President Bush, or
Global Warming.
that appears in any
of the following
sections; blogs,
news wire services,
and legal.
Searching for People
Another feature of this database is to search for
  biographical and news information on specific people.

Types of people covered are:
Persons in Business, Politicians, Lawyers, Judges, Lords,
   Members of Parliament, as well as some information
   from newspaper biographical features.
How do I…? And other tips
If you are not sure where to start don’t forget to use the
    “How do I…?” links in the right hand side of each search
Also, check out the tutorials that are available for more help
    understanding the new look of LexisNexis.
               Don’t Forget
If you are having difficulty searching this or any
    other database please stop by the Reference
    Desk and a Librarian will help you with your

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