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                                                        Why Play Girl Games?
                                                          By Fallon Robinson

   The worldwide web offers a lot of services in this day and age. As a matter of fact, it can also
provide us entertainment by way of the online games. This is actually one of the many reasons why the
internet is continually booming in terms of popularity. And along with its boom is the advent in the
number of online gamers in the worldwide web. We may think that gamers online are only compose of
male population. However, this is a wrong notion because even girls do play games online as well. In
point of fact, there are already lots of websites which allow gamers to play girl games.

 Online gamers are being considered as the populace of the worldwide web. This is due to the fact that
most of the people who utilize the worldwide web are the players of online games. They are indeed of
great numbers. Well, we can't blame them for online games are very relaxing and educational. As a
matter of fact, there are some who opt to play girl games because such games are informative and
less violent. These games are classy and are very girly in nature. Such games could include dress up
games, cooking games and painting games.

 If we are going to speak about computer games a few decades ago, we would mean card games like
the monopoly. However, with the advancements in technology, computer games are also now well
improved and developed. If truth be told, most girl games online consist of flash games. These kind of
games are being played by most of the kids and teens out there. This allows us to play girl games in an
easy and more convenient way. After all, playing games online should not be difficult for us.

 Online games are actually not only intended for boys but for girls as well. Thus, more and more girls
are now being seen to play girl games. Such games are so cute that even kids can enjoy all of those.
And at this very moment, there are already plenty of gaming websites which can provide us cool girly
games. Thus, we simply have to have a computer in front of us as well as an easy access to the
internet. In this way, we can surely experience the splendid and great feeling of playing online games
by way of the worldwide web.

 Indeed, online games are envisioned and planned for people from all walks of life. This is the reason
why there is also a boost in the websites in terms of online games for girls. Moreover, we can play girl
games online anytime we want to. After all, any search engines can give us thousands of results if we
are going to search and look for any online games for girls. And this is one of the many evident proofs
of how worldwide web is being essential to our everyday lives. Not only as a mere business and

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information medium but as an entertainment channel for us as well.

Visit http://www.SomeGirlGames.com for dress up games, cooking games, make up, make over, dolls
and more.

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                                        Having Fun With Free Online Dress up Games
                                                               By Vlad Stivenson

If you have a small daughter, then chances are you know who the Bratz is and maybe even their
individual names. If your girl likes them and has talked to you about them, then you can tell Cloe from
Yasmin, know who’s nicknamed Bunny Boo, and of course, know they are the girls with a passion for
fashion. The Bratz have been so successful that all sorts of products with their image and name have
been produced, including free online games. It’s no wonder that Mattel, the company that produces
Barbie, has tried to legally stop the Bratz mania.

 We know you love your child, and you would like to buy her whatever her heart desires, but as you
know, there are things that take priority, like school materials and doctor bills. Have you considered
getting them to play Bratz dress up games? I suggest you give it a try. There are hundreds of sites with
dress up games featuring the Bratz characters, where your daughter can pretend to be one of the
Bratz girls or her fashion designer. In addition, your child will practice eye-hand coordination as she
visualizes, compares, clicks, and moves things around.

 Not only online dress up games are friendly to your wallet, they also avoid cleaning and sorting after
play. No tripping and falling due to dolls forgotten on the floor, or tears from your girl because some
minuscule shoe got lost or broke. All you need is a computer and internet access, and if you’re reading
this article, you have them already.

 Just what kind of games do these sites have? Well, there’s actually quite some variety on the activities
that these games propose.

 Aside from the dress up games, which are basically a virtual version of the paper dolls you used to
play with, there is a theme party game. Your child has to help one of the Bratz girls sort out the most
appropriate outfit for a given party theme. There is a time limit, so the child has to make quick

 There are also makeover games. Some versions will also feature arranging the Bratz doll’s hair and
surroundings. You will even find some that let your daughter give the Bratz characters a facial. Just like
the Bratz themselves, it’s all about passion for fashion.

 Then, there are other games that have a more arcade feeling to them. For example, you’ll have to
send Sasha through a mall that looks like a labyrinth and get that one special pair of shoes under a
certain amount of time. Or you might have to help Jade organize a fashion show with a limited budget.
Some of these games let you carry a scenario from one game to the next, so, for example your
character will have a slightly bigger budget each game.

 Of course, you can always play one of these games yourself. Just to supervise what your little girl is
doing, of course. Just don’t forget that you have to work the next day.

Vlad Stivenson, author of dress up games for girls: http://dressupcookinggames.com

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