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					                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                              Whitetail Hunting Tips The Rub Line
                                                             By Aaron Fogus

    I would like to share with you the importance of the rub and what it means to me when whitetail
hunting. I have read allot of articles in magazines and watched many video’s that emphasize the
importance of finding and hunting the rub line and that’s it with no further details. Well I can tell you that
if you head out into the woods, find a whitetail rub, place your deer stand, start hunting, you have a
chance of seeing that buck because at one particular time that buck was there. The questions we have
while sitting there waiting are. Will he be back? When he returns what direction will he come from?
Where is he bedding? How big is this buck? Please keep in mind these are pre-rut tips.

 Will he be back? When I head out into the woods scouting I don’t spend much time looking for tracks
or feeding areas. I try to cover as much ground as I can seeking one thing, the rub line. What I call a
rub line is at least a half dozen trees that have been rubbed within a 75 yard distance. This indicates to
me the buck has been thru the area more than once. You should also make a note of the rubs and
monitor for new activity.

What direction will he come from? After you locate a rub line take a close look at all the rubs. The
majority of the rubs will on one side of the tree. He will be coming from that direction.

 Where is he bedding? When you find the direction he is coming from that will be the direction he is
bedding. It is my experience that after bedding for the day bucks get restless wanting to rub as soon as
the get up. I would like to add with that said you will sometimes see cluster rubs close to a bedding
area. Cluster rubs are what I call multiple rubs close together or sometimes in the same cluster of
saplings. After locating cluster rubs I will often try to get a stand setup at that location. I have walked
these rub lines backwards intentionally trying to jump the buck to see if he is a shooter. This tactic has
worked for me in the past after jumping the buck I will setup a stand then leave the area alone. I will
return to these bedding areas after a week or so depending on if it rains.

 How big is this buck? I know there are many theories on this subject and this is from my personal
experience only. I believe that only early in the season will a bigger buck tend to rub on a smaller tree.
As the rut gets closer the more mature buck will look for the larger trees. When you locate the rubs on
the larger trees, look at the height of the rub. The bucks get more aggressive as the rut closes in and
when getting down and dirty against a big tree the deer has more force when keeping his neck in line
with his back, and this will sometimes indicate how tall the deer is.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

 I hope you find these tips useful; they have helped me harvest many bucks on both private and public
hunting areas.

You can find hunting items and land to lease at our website

I am the owner of

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

               Whitetail Deer Online Web Cameras: Bringing Ozark Wildlife to Your Desktop
                                                         By Russell Cook

Advances in technology regarding surveillance equipment and Web-based information sharing has
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High quality miniature streaming Web Cams are used to capture Deer, Elk, Turkey, and other animals
in their natural environment in an unobtrusive manner. This use of technology enables wildlife viewers
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Game Ranches found in the Ozarks.

This unique online wildlife experience offers multiple, live, user-friendly Cameras with high resolution
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Some of the most popular spots to view Whitetail Deer at Ozark Dream Hunting are in:

•   High Mountain Meadows

•   Soybean Field

•   Buck Hideaway

•   Whitetail Crossing

•   Antler Alley

•   Breeder Pen

•   Elk Meadows

Ozark Dream Hunting is nestled away in the heart of the Ozark Mountains near Hollister, Missouri. It’s
surrounded by multiple lakes, thick forests, vegetation, numerous streams, wide open fields and
abundant wildlife. Whether you wish to catch a glimpse of Elk, Whitetail Deer, Turkey, or engage in
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Ozark Dream Hunting makes viewing Whitetail Deer, Elk, and other animals a breeze by bringing the
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