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Where to Post Classified Ads For Outdoor Gear by toriola1


									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                       Where to Post Classified Ads For Outdoor Gear
                                                       By Jason Kay

  Spring is coming and you have decided that your house needs a good purging. Most likely you have
some sports equipment or outdoor gear that you no longer use. You don’t want to just throw it away;
you would like to make some cash from it. So what do you do?

 Classified ads are the best way to list your items and get your outdoor or sports gear sold quickly. All
major newspapers have a classified section, so you could contact them or a local paper that is specific
to your neighborhood and list the items there. However, in this digital age, most people don’t even
bother with physical paper ads anymore, you want to go online and post your items for the biggest

 Here are few sites where you can list your items, usually for free and start clearing out the clutter of
your home or garage: – This is a specific site that is dedicated to everything outdoors. You can place
a free ad in one of dozens of outdoor categories in one of hundreds of cities. The site is a breeze to
navigate and place ads for all your outdoor stuff. They offer everything from camping gear to RV’s. – This is perhaps the largest online classified website there is. It is free to post your ad
here and you simply just choose the “for sale” category and place your items you want to sell.
Perspective buyers will then click on either your email or the Craigslist email in your ad to contact you
about the details of payment, shipment and pickup. – Another specialized outdoor website that has a free classified section to
post your outdoor gear. Click on “Gear Trader” in the links section and you will be taken to their
classified section. The classified section is broken down into categories so it’s easy to find the section
your gear will fit into. You will provide contact details when posting the ad so the buyers can contact
you. – This is another site that is dedicated to all things outdoors. They do have a
classified section that can be reached through their main page however this is a paid classified section.
You need to become a member of their site first. Once you become a member, you can post ads. If
you pay to be a member of the site you can post unlimited ads. If you sign up to be a free member you

Dr Gears
One stop resource for the gear manufacturer.
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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

will have to pay $15 to post a boat ad, and $5 for all other ads. This site may be well worth the fees
because it is strictly for outdoor items. There is no need to sift and search for outdoor items because it
is all categorized for you.

 Those are just a few of the sites offering an outdoor classified section but there are many sites that are
specifically all about outdoor gear and equipment and many of those sites also have a For Sale or
classified section. It is best to do a search online for the “classified” and “outdoor gear” to get a more
extensive list of sites.

Place free local classifieds for new and used outdoor gear and equipment at Buy, sell, and trade camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and sports

Free Classified Ads Work!
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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                 Using a Craigslist Proxy on Craigslist
                                            By Creztor Tessel

Do you post on Craigslist with a proxy server and Find that you always get ads flagged no matter what
you do and no matter what section you post in? Have you thought that perhaps there was a connection
between ads being flagged and the use of a proxy for posting? This first assumption is one that many
Craigslist users make and is that their ad was flagged due to some proxy or IP detection spam filter on
Craigslist. Usually this isn't the problem and the actual caused is much simpler.

 If you get ads flagged off of Craigslist, don't assume it is because you posted with a proxy. If ads are
flagged on Craigslist it is usually due to two main reasons. The first is because visitors to Craigslist
considered your ad spam or inappropriate, it has nothing to do with any kind of Craigslist detection.
The main problem with Craigslist is that it is user moderated. What does this mean for anyone who
uses the classified website frequently? It means the users are the ones who control what is and isn't
permitted. Visitors to Craigslist are able to flag ads they consider spam through buttons that are placed
in each ad. If enough users consider your ad to be inappropriate they flag it as spam and it is deleted.
All it takes for an ad to be flagged is enough viewers of your ad to vote it as spam and it is
automatically flagged. Once an ad is flagged, nothing can be done about it. It is deleted automatically
and you have no way of unflagging or having it undeleted. The ability for viewers on Craigslist to flag
ads causes some people a lot of pain. This is abused by many and you may even find that one of your
competitors may be deliberately flagging your ads because you are a threat to their business.

 There is another second reason that causes ads to be flagged and is one that not many people stop to
consider. This is based on the actual content of your ad. Many sections on Craigslist use spam filter
rules. If you post an ad that contains specific words or phrases that have been blacklisted by Craigslist,
you may find that your ad is automatically flagged and deleted. This happens because each time you
post an ad, Craigslist automatically scans the ad using software filters. If any phrases or words are
detected that are in blacklisted by Craigslist, your ad is automatically deleted. It appears as though
your ad went live and is visible on Craigslist, but if you try to search for the ad you will never find it. To
avoid this happening to your ads, make sure you post ads in their correct classified section and try to
keep your ads short and to the point.

 Usually one of the above reasons is why your ad was flagged. Posting ads that are spammy or may
be considered as spam or your competition flagging your ads trying to stop you from posting. It usually
is not due to your Craigslist proxy.

Setup your own Elite Proxy server for use as a Craigslist Proxy by visiting

Usa Classified
USA classified site.
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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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