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					     Business Continuity Management Professional Certification (BCLE‐2000) 
                            Duration of Course                              1 – 4 February 2010 (Mon – Thu)  
                            MCQ Examination (CBCP)                          5 February 2010 (Fri)  
Nature and Objectives: 
This  course  is  specially  designed  and  developed  to  empower  practitioners  with  the  knowledge  and  skills 
needed to help organisations develop and implement business continuity (BC) plans and spearhead business 
continuity management programmes. Participants will learn the BC planning methodology and understand the 
relationship of the 10 Subject Areas in DRII’s Professional Practices for BC Professionals. 
The focus of this course will be on how practitioners can help organisations identify critical business functions 
and ensure the continuity and recovery of these critical functions; including supporting functions in the event 
of  disaster.  All  aspects  of  BC  planning  and  management  will  be  discussed  in  detail,  including  initiating  and 
planning  projects;  risk  identification  and  implementing  mitigation  measures;  business  impact  analysis; 
evaluating  and  selecting  recovery  strategies;  implementing  emergency  response  procedures;  developing  and 
implementing  continuity  and  recovery  processes  and  procedures;  rehearsing  and  maintaining  BC  plans;  and 
crisis communications and coordination with public agencies. In addition, participants will gain an insight on 
how the knowledge will be applied in practical situations. Most importantly, participants will be prepared to sit for DRII’s Qualifying 
Examination upon completion of this course. 
                                                          BCLE‐2000 Course Contents 
       Introduction and Overview of Business Continuity                          Emergency Response and Operations  
       Management                                                                Public Relations and Crisis Communications  
       BC Project Initiation and Management                                      Coordination with Public Authorities  
       Risk Evaluation and Control                                               Awareness and Training Programmes  
       Business Impact Analysis                                                  Testing and Exercising the BC Plans  
       Developing Business Continuity Strategies                                 Updating and Maintaining the BC Plans 
       Developing and Implementing Business Continuity Plan 
Who Should Attend: 
Business  practitioners,  IT  and  Security  Managers  who  are  responsible  for,  or  involved  in,  business  continuity,  operational  risk, 
emergency response, security and crisis management will benefit from this course.  
DRI International recommends participants should possess two years of relevant BC and DR experience for this fast‐paced interactive 
course offering designed to expose the participants to all aspects of a holistic BCM program and to determine the most appropriate 
requirements for their organizations.   
    Qualification Criteria for Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) 
    To qualify, an individual must: 
    1. have attained a passing score of 75% in the multiple choice questions Qualifying Examination; 
    2. possess at least two years of significant practical experience in five of the following subject areas of the Professional Practices 
       for  Business  Continuity  Planners.    At  least  two  of  the  five  selected  subject  areas  must  be  subject  area  #3:  Business  Impact 
       Analysis,  #4:  Developing  Business  Continuity  Strategies,  #6:  Developing  and  Implementing  Business  Continuity  Plans,  or  #8: 
       Maintaining and Exercising Business Continuity Plans; 
        #1 Project initiation and management                                         #6 Developing and implementing the plan 
        #2 Risk evaluation and control                                               #7 Corporate awareness programme and training 
        #3 Business impact analysis                                                  #8 Maintaining and exercising the plan 
        #4 Developing recovery strategies                                            #9 Coordination with Public Authorities 
        #5 Emergency response                                                        #10 Public relations and crisis communications 
    3. have received approval from DRII’s Certification Commission; 
    4. agree to abide by the BC Professional Code of Ethics; 
    5. agree to contribute a specified amount of continuing education activities points (CEAPs) upon obtaining the CBCP certification. 
       This is measured by Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 

    Jointly Organised By: 

                                          Please circulate this leaflet to those who are interested 

    Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII)                              Disaster Recovery Institute Malaysia (DRI Malaysia) 
    DRI International (Disaster Recovery Institute International) is a            DRI  Malaysia  is  established  to  promote  and  complement  DRI 
    non‐profit  organization.  It  is  the  oldest,  the  largest,  and  the      International's  professional  copyrighted  BCM  education  and 
    most  globally  recognized  organization  of  its  kind  in  the  world.      certification  programs  within  the  region.  All  our  BCM  training 
    For  more  than  20  years  DRI  International  has  set  the  standard       programs are conducted under the support and guidance of DRI 
    for  professionalism  in  business  continuity  planning  and  has            International.  It  is  our  mission  and  commitment  to  educating, 
    provided  the  profession’s  premier  certification  and  education.          certifying  and  growing  together  with  corporate  institutions, 
    There  are  over  7,500  active  business  continuity  professionals          organizations and individuals in the area of business continuity 
    from  various  industries  and  business  sectors  maintaining  DRI           planning  and  management  based  on  DRI’s  best  International 
    International  certifications  worldwide.  These  certifications              Standards  and  Practices.  DRI  Malaysia  is  an  exclusive 
    ensure  employers  that  candidates  have  an  in  depth                      representation office of DRI International. 
    understanding  of  business  continuity  and  that  they  must 
    maintain their level of knowledge through continuing education                Instructors 
    in order to maintain their certification.                                     Our  instructors  are  experienced  practitioners  in  the  fields  of 
                                                                                  business  continuity  management  and  disaster  recovery 
    DRI  International  offers  education  in  business  continuity  and          planning;  each  possessing  many  years  of  practical  experience. 
    disaster and emergency management at major industry events,                   All  of  our  instructors  are  specially  selected  for  their  ability  to 
    in major cities around the world and through corporate training               share  their  knowledge  and  real  life  experiences  in  relation  to 
    program.  Through  the  organization’s  International  Affiliates  we         industry  best  practices.  These  instructors  are  members  of 
    ensure  that  DRI  International’s  courses  are  available  and  are         professional bodies, and suitably qualified by DRI International 
    taught  throughout  the  world  with  the  same  quality  and                 and DRI Malaysia. 
    consistency,  regardless  of  location.  Currently,  DRI  International        
    conducts educational training courses in over 40 countries every              Certification Examination 
    year. DRI International is an accredited Standards Development                The  BCLE‐2000  is  a  certification  course.  The  certification 
    Organization  serving  on  committees  and  panels  that  provide             examination will be conducted in the morning on the last day of 
    guidance to both private and government sectors in formulating                each  course.  Those  who  receive  a  passing  score  in  the 
    standards and regulations.                                                    examination,  and  possess  a  minimum  of  2  years’  relevant  BC 
                                                                                  and DR experience will be eligible to apply for the certification. 
Date & Time 
BCLE‐200 Course:                            1 – 4 February 2010 (Mon – Thu)  9:00a.m. – 5:30p.m.  
Written Examination (CBCP):                 5 February 2010        (Fri)     9:00a.m. – 1:00p.m 
Venue                                                                                 Medium of Instruction 
1/F., HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon.                                     English 
HK$19,800 for BCLE‐2000 Course + CBCP Examination (HK$18,800 for applications who pay on or before 11 January 2010) 
Please call Ms. Lo at (852) 2788‐6266, fax (852) 2788‐6260 or email: 

                                                               Enrolment Form 
                                                                                                                    (*Please delete whichever inappropriate)
        1.   Course / Seminar Certified Business Continuity Professionals (BCLE-2000)
             Course Code 40104462                                     Fee HK$19,800 / 18,800            Duration 1 – 5 February 2010 (Mon – Fri)
        2.   Name (Mr/Mrs/Ms*)
             Mobile/Pager                                             E-mail Address
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        4.   Payment Method: Enclosed is my cheque of HK$_________________. Cheque No. ______________________(The cheque has to be crossed
             and made payable to the “Hong Kong Productivity Council”). ** For cheque payment, please send the cheque for the appropriate fee with this
             completed form to ICT & Logistics Unit, Productivity Training Institute, 3/F., Hong Kong Productivity Council, HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee
             Avenue, Kowloon. For reservation only, please fax this completed form to (852) 27886260.

             Signature                                                                           Date
    1. Course fee must accompany this form (or its photocopy), otherwise enrolment may be rejected.
    2. HKPC has adopted a Personal Data (Privacy) Policy. Information about the policy is available at HKPC enrolment counters for collection. You may
         also contact our Personal Data Controlling Officer for further details.
    3. Applicants are encouraged to pay by credit cards, EPS or cheques, if possible. Amount received will be imprinted. Cheques are subject to bank clearance.
    4. Enrolment fee is not refundable unless HKPC is notified in writing of your withdrawal at least 5 working days before the course commences. A
         handling charge of HK$200 will also be levied.
    5. An applicant may, subject to approval from HKPC, nominate a person to attend the course on his/her behalf.
    6. HKPC reserves the right to change the contents, venue and / or time as necessary.
    7. Classes in the morning, afternoon or evening will be cancelled if typhoon signal No. 8 or above OR black rainstorm warning is still hoisted after (or is
         announced by the Hong Kong Observatory to be hoisted at/after) 6:00a.m., 11:00a.m. and 4:00p.m. respectively. Participants will be notified when
         the class will be made up as soon as possible.
    8. Information given in this Enrolment Form will be passed to DRI Malaysia for Examination Registration.
    If you do not wish to receive such messages from us, please call Ms. Lo at 2788-6266 or Ms. Kwok at 2788-6271, so that we can stop sending you our
    messages in future.