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									Justice in the 21st Century?   CLG
                                CRITICAL LAWYERS GROUP

                               National Critical
                               Lawyers Conference
                               Honorary President: Michael Mansfield QC

                               Justice in the 21st Century?
                               Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th February 2004
                               University of Kent, Canterbury
                                  ALL LAW STUDENTS INVITED – ONLY £5 CONFERENCE FEE
                               Conference Themes:
                               International Law and War ● Human Rights ● Palestine and Israel ● Civil Liberties and the War on Terror
                               ● Justice and Asylum and Immigration ● Theorising Justice ● Justice for Women ● Race and Justice ● Law

                               Gender and Sexuality ● Prisoners and Justice ● Justice and the European Union ● Access to Justice
                               ● Criminal Justice ● Globalisation and Justice ● Labour Rights and Globalisation ● Corporate Governance-

                               In Whose Interest? ● Environmental Justice ● Law Clinics and Critical Legal Education ● and lots more

                               Speakers include:
                               Courtenay Griffiths QC (Practitioner Chair) ● Helena Kennedy QC ● Geoffrey Robertson ● Roger Smith
                               (Director of Justice) ● Imran Khan ● Louise Christian (Christian Khan) ● Geoffrey Bindman (Bindman
                               and Partners) ● Ann Furedi (B.P.A.S.) ● Tony Bunyan (Director Statewatch) ● Professor Robert Fine
                               (Warwick) ● David Ransom (New Internationalist) ● Ed Rees QC ● Michael Topolski QC
                               ● Owen Davis QC ● Jeremy Morgan QC ● Professor Joanne Conaghan (Kent) ● Professor Peter

                               Fitzpatrick (Birkbeck) ● Professor Phil Fennell (Cardiff) ● Professor Bill Bowring (London Met)
                               ● Professor Roger Burridge (Warwick) ● Sally Sheldon (Keele) ● Professor Peter Muchlinski (Kent)

                               ● Professor Abdul Paliwala (Warwick) ● Professor Steve Anderman (Essex) ● Wade Mansell (Kent)

                               ● Paddy Ireland (Kent) ● Richard De Friend (Director of College of Law) ● Professor Fiona Cownie

                               (Hull) ● Professor Kim Economides (Exeter) ● Joanne Scott (Cambridge) ● Paul Street (Nottingham)
                               ● Troy Lavers (Leicester) ● Adam Gearey (Birkeck University of London) ● Wayne Morrison (Queen

                               Mary College University of London) ● Professor Steve Uglow (Kent) ● Professor Chris Hale (Kent)
                               ● Alan Story (Kent) ● Donald McGillivray (Kent) ● Sammy Adelman (Warwick) ● Professor Davina

                               Cooper (Keele) ● Terry Munyard (2 Garden Court) ● Helen Curtis (2 Garden Court) ● Ellie Lee
                               (Southhampton) ● Eki Omorogbe (Kent) ● Dr Bernard Ryan (Kent) ● Dr Harm Schepel (Kent) ● Tom
                               Cochcroft (Kent) ● Azrini Wahidin (Kent) and many others

                               Groups Participating:
                               Statewatch ● Human Rights Watch ● Garden Court Chambers ● Doughty Street Chambers ● Tooks Court
                               Chambers ● Matrix Chambers ● Refugee Council ● Oxfam ● Friends of the Earth ● Environmental Law
                               Foundation ● Friends of the Earth ● New Economics Foundation ● Palestine Solidarity Campaign

                                  CONFERENCE FEE STUDENTS £5, OTHERS £15
                               Ian Grigg-Spall for more details:
                               Email: img@kent.ac.uk Telephone: 01227 823425 Fax: 01227 827831
                               Kent Law School, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NS, UK

                               Students – organise a coach at your law school – FREE FLOOR ACCOMODATION
                               Other accomodation – Contact: Sharon Lau, ssml3@kent.ac.uk or visit www.nclg.org.uk

                               PU 99448 1/04

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