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									                             LSAT Practice Test

                     Helpful hints to doing YOUR best on the LSAT test.

The SAT preparation constitutes an intelligent SAT study plan drawn up with
diligence and consistency. There are two Critical Reading sections of 20 and 25
minutes each. These critical passages are short whereas the comprehension
passages are lengthy. At times paired passages are found in the Critical Reading
Section. ISAT practice test forms an important constituent of the SAT test
preparation program.

The latest SAT does not have reading comprehension passages and questions that
have been placed in order of difficulty. Short, passages of paragraph length have
been included of late. The ISAT practice test has SAT pre-test questions that can
familiarise you with the new SAT structure.

The Critical Reasoning Section Test usually judges a student on grounds of
analysis, understanding and interpretation. Passages included in this section are
taken from humanities, social works, natural sciences, fiction and non-fiction.

A few common questions of the CR section are as follows:

   •   Word meaning or meaning of a particular phrase extracted from the
   •   Information stated directly in the passage.
   •   Main idea, mood or the title.

LSAT Practice Test
Research reveals that the students who are prolific readers do well than those
who seldom read. Reading is important and it should not be restricted to the
reading of your SAT test preparation plan. A few well researched techniques are
listed below to deal with the Critical Reading Section. The ISAT practice test
guides you to tackle the CR section with ease.

   •   Do not answer the questions of both the passages simultaneously.
   •   If you get stuck at a question, it is better to skip it.
   •   The introduction to a passage has to be carefully read and understood.
   •   Do not answer questions assuming facts on your own, take ideas from the
       given passage.

Apart from this, there are certain general strategies that a SAT practice testing
should lay emphasis on.

   •   You have to take an active interest in the given passage only then you can
       identify yourself with the author. So it will be of great help if you have a
       reading habit. You have to read uninteresting things also. That is why the
       ISAT practice tests constitute not so interesting passages.
   •   While going through the passage, you should underline the important
       points. This will save time in case you have to refer back to the passage for
       some information. However do not underline the entire passage, only the
       important parts of the passage need to be highlighted.
   •   Do not spend more than two minutes on a single question.
   •   In many questions you may get a feeling that more than one choice is
       correct. In such a situation, you should verify all the given options to
       choose the best answer.

LSAT Practice Test
   •   Sometimes choice is provided to distract the test taker. You might feel that
       it will look good, but it will not be the best answer. Do not get trapped.

An ideal SAT test preparation program should include a time based ISAT practice
test. It should comprise of SAT pre-test questions that includes all levels of
difficulty. ISAT practice test enable students to analyze their weaknesses and
master techniques that will maximize their scores at the SAT exam. It is a great
idea to begin with the ISAT practice test prior to taking the real and complete
SAT test. The entire SAT preparation should be interesting and not drab and

LSAT Practice Test

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