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					                                                                                    10 x 1 Video + Audio
I R T Electronics Pty Ltd A.B.N. 35 000 832 575
                                                                                      Passive Switcher
26 Hotham Parade, ARTARMON N.S.W. 2064 AUSTRALIA
National: Phone: (02) 9439 3744
International:   +61 2 9439 3744
                                 Fax: (02) 9439 7439
                                     +61 2 9439 7439
                                                                                       Type AMS-1000

   Applications:                                                              Functional diagram AMS-1000

                                                                          Video in 1
             Monitoring of slave machines                                    Audio in 1a
                                                                             Audio in 1b
             in dubbing suites                                                                 10 10
                                                                                               K K
                                                                                               Ω Ω

   •         Patchbay replacement
                                                               selection of    Inputs 2 to 9
                                                                                                                      Video out
                                                                one input                                         Audio out a
                                                                   only                                           Audio out b

   Features:                                                                                           75

                                                                          Video in 10

                                                                              Audio in 10a
             10 input video &                          audio                  Audio in 10b
                                                                                               10 10
                                                                                               K K
                                                                                               Ω Ω
             switching in one unit
   •         Balanced single channel or
             unbalanced stereo audio
   •         Simple passive switching
   •         Self indicating pushbuttons

   The AMS-1000 is a passive 10 x 1 video and audio               All audio lines are loaded with 10 KΩ at the input.
   switcher intended for use in non-critical switching            The selected pair are connected to the output
   and monitoring applications.                                   connector and the total loading will be that of the
                                                                  destination in parallel with the switcher loading.
   Inputs are selected by switches, which are
   mechanically interlocked. A white flag indicator               The switcher is housed in an IRT one rack unit (480 x
   clearly shows the selected switch from a distance              230 x 44 mm), 19” rack mounting chassis with video
   without the need for power.                                    connections via BNC connectors and audio via plug
                                                                  in terminal blocks.
   Video: All non-selected video sources are terminated
   in 75 Ω. The selected video input is switched through
   to the output and must be terminated at the

   Audio: The audio consists of two identical circuits
   for each switch position. These may be designated as
   a pair for balanced operation or as Left and Right
   channels for unbalanced stereo operation.

   1000-ams.bro.doc                                                                                                               21/03/2002
                           Typical application of AMS-1000 in dubbing suite.

                                                                VHS 1
                                                                VHS 2
                                                                VHS 3
                                                                VHS 4
                                                                VHS 5                    AMS-1000           Picture & Sound
             Master VCR            VDA & ADA                                                                    Monitors
                                                                VHS 6
                                                                VHS 7
                                                                VHS 8
                                                                VHS 9
                                                                VHS 10

                                  AMS-1000 Technical specifications
Video inputs:
Number                                       10.
Type                                         75 Ω terminated when not selected.
                                             Terminated by output load when selected.
Video output:
Number                                       1.
Type                                         Directly connected to selected input.
                                             Open circuit if no input selected.
Audio inputs:
Number                                       10 x 2.
Type                                         10 KΩ terminated when not selected
                                             Impedance determined by load when selected.
                                             May be wired as balanced pairs or as stereo unbalanced pairs.
Video output:
Number                                       1.
Type                                         Directly connected to selected terminated input pair.
                                             Open circuit if no input selected.

Connectors:           Video                  BNC.
                      Audio                  Phoenix plug in screw blocks.

Power Requirements                           Nil -- totally passive.
Mechanical                                   Suitable for mounting in standard 19" rack, with input and output connections on
                                             the rear panel.
Finish                                       Grey enamel, silk-screened black lettering & red IRT logo
Dimensions                                   480 x 230 x 44 mm
Standard accessories (supplied)              Matching audio connectors.

               Due to our policy of continuing development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.

                                          Detailed specifications available from:
    Manufacturer:                                Local Agent:                        IRT can be found on the Internet at:
    IRT Electronics Pty Ltd                                                
    26 Hotham Parade
    N.S.W. 2064 AUSTRALIA
    Phone: +61 2 9439 3744
    Fax:    +61 2 9439 7439

1000-ams.bro.doc                                                                                                         21/03/2002

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