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					Langston Hughes, The Poet

       Sebrina Patton
       March 24, 2001
Hello and Welcome to the
Superb "Langston Hughes, the
Poet" website. In this website
you will learn about
"Langston Hughes, The Poet"
as well as his many works.
His poems proved especially
inspirational to African-
Americans. Come with me
and learn why Langston
Hughes was called "Harlem's

Each student will be able to:

•    Recognize the poetry of Langston Hughes,
•    Learn about the the Harlem Renaissance,
•    Review the history of Langston Hughes,
•    Gain a greater understanding of the poetry of
      Langston Hughes, and
•    Complete several exciting activities.
Resource #1
• James Mercer Langston
  Hughes was born in Joplin,
  Missouri, on February 1,1902,
  to James Nathaniel Hughes, a
  lawyer and businessman, and
• Carrie Mercer (Langston)
  Hughes, a teacher. Their first
  child, a boy, died in infancy.
• Their marriage was troubled
  by the time of Langston's birth.
              Resource #2
Hughes & Harlem
Renaissance: Langston
Hughes (1902-1967)
loved living in
Harlem. He spent most
of his life here. Its
population exploded
during the years of the
First World War as
blacks from the South
moved north in search
of better jobs.
Resource #3
      This website asks
      several questions
      about other
      Renaissance poets
      along with Langston
      Hughes. It has
      activities that can be
      adapted to suit a
      variety of grade and
      achievement levels.
Resource #4
   Langston Hughes
   Cultural Arts Center-
   Historic multimillion
   $$$ landmark, on the
   corner of 17th &
   Yesler, was built in 1918
   for the Chevra Bikur
   Choler congregation -
   designed by Marcus
                Resource #5

 Some of his best works
    are so large and
   emotional that it will
take your imagination to
    a different place.
After reading this website
about Langston Hughes, you
should walk away with
knowledge about the poet, the
Harlem Renaissance and his
inspirational poems. To learn
more about Langston Hughes
visit the library for his poems
and children books, or visit
the WebQuest presentation
about Langston Hughes.
  Thank You
Langston Hughes