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									                                                                                        Yahoo! Mail
                                                                      Library Instruction Sheet

Yahoo! Mail is a free email service and is available from any Internet enabled computer on or off campus

Step 1             Starting Yahoo! Mail
•      Open Internet Explorer by double-clicking on

•      Type into the Address box and press Enter

Step 2             Registering with Yahoo! Mail
•      Click on Sign up now

       You now have to complete a form to obtain a Yahoo! Mail address

•      You first need to choose a Yahoo ID, this ID will become the main part of your address. It needs to be
       unique so you can not just use your first name. If you want to use your name add some numbers at the end
       (eg. mary111) or use your entire name (eg. marysmith)

•      Next choose a password. This needs to be at least 6 characters long. Re-type your password in the
       second box

•      In case you forget your password, you need to select and answer a question you choose from the list
       Yahoo gives you. Select one of the questions and type your answer in the box. If you do forget your
       password, Yahoo will ask you this question and as long as you answer it correctly you can still access your

•      Continue filling in the form answering all the questions
       Make sure you check the box to accept the Terms of Service and enter the code presented in the
       box provided

•      When you have completed all of the boxes click Submit this form
       (if the ID you have entered has been used by someone else, the next screen will ask you to choose another

Be sure to remember your login name and password, write them below. You use the ID and Password
information to get into your email.

                   Yahoo ID


    Yahoo Mail Address                                                 
Now to access your mailbox :
   • Uncheck the box labelled Yes, personalise my browser with Yahoo! Companion toolbar (located beneath
       the box listing your ID and mail address)
   • Click Continue to Yahoo!
   • You will be taken straight to your mailbox

To access your e-mail another day, go to, and enter your Yahoo! ID and Password into the
boxes provided.

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Reading a message
•      Click on Inbox

•      To read a message, click on the name in the Subject column. Your first message gives you some more
       information about Yahoo! Mail

Sending a message
•      Click Compose

•      In the box labelled To: type the email address of someone you know (you can send a message to a number
       of people at once by dividing the addresses with a ; )

•      Click in the Subject Box
       Type something suitable as the Subject:

•      Click in the large box
       Type a short message

•      If you would like to attach a file to the message,
       -Click on Attach Files
       -Click on the Browse… button next to the File 1: box
       -Locate the file you require and click on Open
       -Click on the Attach Files button
       -Click on Done if you have completed attaching files (or Attach More Files to attach more)

•      When you have completed your message click Send

The next screen should confirm that your message has been sent. Click on Back to Inbox to go back to your

Opening an attachment
Sometimes you will be sent a message that has a document, image or other file attached to it. You can identify a
message with an attachment because it has a little picture of a paper clip next to the message in your Inbox.

To open an attachment:
•     Click on Inbox

•      Click on the name of the message in the Subject column

•      Click on Scan and Download Attachment (images may appear automatically)

•      Click on Download Attachment

•      A box will come up. Click on Open to open the file or Save to save the file if you want to look at it later

Replying to a message
•      In your Inbox, click on the message you want to reply to

•      Click on the Reply button

•      Type a reply message in the large box

•      Click on Send

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Version 2.0 (LR)/Orange                                                                                        24/05/06
Forwarding a message
•      In your Inbox, click on the message you want to forward

•      Click on the Forward button

•      Type the address of the person you want to send the message to (in the To: box)

•      Type a message if necessary

•      Click on Send

Deleting Messages
•      In your Inbox, click in the box next to the message you want to delete

•      Click on the Delete button

Using the Address Book
To add an individual to your address book:
•    Click on the Addresses tab

•      Click on the Add Contact button

•      Type in the person’s details and then click on Save to save it, or Save and Add Another to enter another
       person into your address book

•      Click on the Done button

To add a group of people to your address book:
•    Click on the Addresses tab

•      Write the name of the list in the Name of List box

•      Click on the name of the person in the left box and then click on Add>> to add that person to the list

•      Click on Save to save this list
       [Note: In order to add people to a list (group), you need to enter them individually as contacts before you
       create the group- see instructions above]

To send a message to someone in your address book:
•     In the Mail tab, click on Compose

•      Click on Insert Addresses

•      Click the box under the To: column next to the person/group you want to send the message to

•      Click on Insert Checked Contacts button

•      Write message and send as normal

Logging off / Exiting Yahoo! Mail
Click on Sign Out on the top, left of the screen to exit Yahoo! Mail

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Version 2.0 (LR)/Orange                                                                                       24/05/06

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