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                                                                         Grow choice
    Don’t let blackberry                                                 Metsun 600
   infestation erode your                                                Guaranteed to give effective brush
                                                                         control at minimal cost
                                                                                                                                                    trol - as long as it’s used as rec-
                                                                                                                                                    ommended - at one third of the
                                                                                                                                                    cost of the benchmark product
                                                                                                                                                    that delivers only slightly more

     property’s potential                                                Rob Fagan is an experienced
                                                                         agronomist. Throughout the ‘80s
                                                                         and ‘90s he conducted
                                                                                                               Metsulfuron is unique. “It’s been
                                                                                                               formulated to give maximum sol-
                                                                                                                                                    effective control. “So .... you are
                                                                                                                                                    looking at around $5.00 to $6.00
                                                                                                                                                    for 100 litres of Grow Choice
                                                                                                                                                            Metsun 600 compared
                                                                         extensive,       original                                                          with $18.00 for an alterna-
                                                                         research for a multina-                                                            tive product,” he com-
                                                                         tional chemical company                                                            ments putting down his
                                                                         on the control of weeds.                                                           calculator.
                                                                         However, he could see                                                             “The mixture works best
                                                                         the     need    for     an                                                        after mid February as the
                                                                         Australian company that                                                           product moves efficiently
                                                                         would develop products                                                            into the root system at this
                                                                         of better value to the                                                            time and graziers have to
                                                                         nations’ farmers and gra-                                                         look at applying it
                                                                         ziers - particularly as                                                           through until the first
                                                                         regards blackberry, sweet                                                         frost,” he points out.
                                                                         briar and bracken fern.                                                           “Additional recommenda-
                                                                         ‘Grow Choice’ is the com-                                                         tions are that during hot
                                                                         pany he set up in pursuit                                                         dry periods the addition
                                                                         of that goal and the range                                                        of a mineral oil gives bet-
                                                                         of products it produces                                                           ter    penetration      and
                                                                         based on the registered,                                                          uptake and it’s always
                                                                         active ingredient ‘metsul-                                                        best applied in the cool of
                                                                         furon’ have wide produc-                                                          the morning or evening.”
                                                                         er appeal at a fraction of    Rob Fagan, Managing Director of Grow Choice         Rob Fagan’s desire to
                                                                         the cost of more common                                                           develop niche products
                                                                         brands.                       tells Cathy Chandler that Grow Choice Metsun
                                                                                                       600 is a niche brush control product specifically   for Australian producers
      Talk to us about the effective                                     “At this stage of the year
                                                                         regrowth of blackberries
                                                                                                       developed to deliver better value to Australian     is certainly paying off.
                                                                                                                                                           Graziers like Steve Carter
                                                                                                       graziers and it’s doing just that.                  ‘Burrakai’, Walcha, can
                                                                         is a real problem,” Rob
          control of blackberry                                          Fagan says handing me
                                                                         recommendations for use of the        ubility and excellent coverage.
                                                                                                                                                           certainly vouch for Grow
                                                                                                                                                    Choice Metsun 600.

             on your property.                                           product Grow Choice Metsun
                                                                         600. “Used alone as a foliar spray
                                                                         it will control blackberries, sweet
                                                                                                               Adding Glyphosphate at the rec-
                                                                                                               ommended rate gives improved
                                                                                                                                                    “It does as good a job as the
                                                                                                                                                    benchmark product, it saves me
                                                                                                               control of both blackberries and     money and its safer to use,” Steve
                                                                         briar, bracken fern, stringy bark,    lantana and, with both chemicals     carter comments, emphasising
                                                                         apple box, peppermint gum,            coming down in price, the mix-       that he’s keen on cost effective
                                                                         Australian blackthorn and biddy
   Richardson’s Hardware and Agriculture                                 burr.”
                                                                                                               ture is very cost effective,” he
                                                                                                               remarks with a certain degree of
                                                                                                                                                    products. “I actually prefer to use
                                                                                                                                                    it on older pastures and those
                                                                                                               satisfaction.                        that are unimproved because it
       • Armidale • Uralla • Walcha • Guyra                              He goes on to explain that the
                                                                         product    containing     60%         As he says it gives up to 94% con-   does a really good job.”

2 • Richardsons Agriculture - visit our website www.richardsons.com.au
                                                                                                                    foot - we put them on the pasture       dressed out at 330 kilos. “And the
High performance pastures providing winter                                                                          at a cow to the acre and it bought      high performance pastures helped
                                                                                                                    them back into good milk                significantly as far as achieving
feed for fattening                                                                                                  production and saved us having to
                                                                                                                    move them off the place.”
                                                                                                                                                            that carcase weight,” he comments
                                                                                                                                                            with conviction.
David Grills, ‘Carndhu’, has been       he would put in high performance      presented that David could hold       Contrary to the advice he was           “Traditionally we would have
on the land all his life. In fact the   pastures on ‘Carndhu’ and in          stock through winter on winter        given David, sowed his five             fattened them on the annual crop
Grills family has owned the 8,500       February 2000 they sowed one          growing rye grass varieties and       varieties of rye with chickory,         of oats but with the high
acre property that’s traditionally      hundred and fifty acres in two        get some good weight gains.           plaintain and clovers in to a fully     performance pasture, if we
grazed sheep and cattle 50                                                                                          prepared sed bed as, in his             manage it correctly and keep
kilometres east of Guyra since                                                                                      opinion, the ground was too rough       fertiliser up to it, we could get five
1881.                                                                                                               and needed levelling.                   years out of it.”
“Until recently our pastures had                                                                                    “The history of the paddock             He goes on to explain that pasture
always been rye, fescue, cocksfoot                                                                                  determines whether or not I direct      management is crucial. And, he
and clovers,” David says. “Every                                                                                    drill,” he says. “And - yes - this      does know of those with well
year we grew oats and turnips to                                                                                    year I am experimenting with            managed       high    performance
fatten our surplus stock and they                                                                                   direct drilling. We’ve just had 10      pastures that have only needed
performed reasonably well. Sure,”                                                                                   inches of rain and we will be           rejuvenation after that length of
he agrees, “putting in the annual                                                                                   putting it in as soon as possible.      time. “Certainly the input costs are
fodder crops involved a fair bit of                                                                                 But ...... I’m also sowing some         high, particularly when you take
labour - but we’d always done it -                                                                                  conventionally,” he grins.              fertiliser into consideration, but
it was part of the yearly routine.”                                                                                                                         they are highly productive -
                                                                                                                    ‘Carndhu’ received it’s EU
Then four years ago David Grills                                                                                    accreditation twelve months ago         equally as good as oats or turnips,
went to a field day at ‘Waverly’,                                                                                   and the lead cattle that went off in    if not better, and labour costs are
Wards Mistake, where the weight                                                                                     the consignment in July 2000            much less.”
gains   of    cattle  on   high
performance pastures really

                                                                                                                       BULK FERTILISER
impressed him.
                                        David Grills insists that his high performance pastures should be grazed
“I made a mental note of the extra
                                        about every three weeks to get maximum production from them and his
kilos   of   production,”       he
comments. “However, I came              head stockman, until recently, was his elder daughter, Katrina McKemy.
home and thought about it .....for      Of late younger daughter Kylie Cunningham and her husband Bob have
two years !”                            taken over. No doubt grandchildren Jack ( photographed), Tom and Eliza
Some time later, at the end of a        will get in the act when they learn to ride.                                     Come in and see your
long dry spell, he visited Edward
                                                                              “That was the deciding factor,” he
Wright’s property ‘Wongwibinda’
and was again impressed - this
                                        blocks that are subdivided into       insists. “I wanted my stock to be             local Richardson’s
                                        three separate paddocks.              well presented for sale in times
time with how well Ed’s high
performance      pastures    were       David remembers that Andrew           when buyers would pay a                    representative to order
holding on.                             Wark was the driving force. “He       premium and the new seed
“They had been through several
                                        asked what my plan was and,
                                        when I explained that I wanted to
                                                                              varieties are so much better suited
                                                                              to our light granite country than
                                                                                                                       your bulk fertiliser to claim
years of drought and here I was         fatten stock in the winter months -   what we used previously.”
looking at very productive              when they traditionally lose                                                        your GST credits
paddocks that would equal oats or                                             “But the plan came unstuck where
                                        condition - and keep them going       the steers were concerned,” he
turnips - without all the               until late spring, he produced
preparation involved in planting it                                           laughs. “A very dry spell followed
every year,” he recalls.
                                        some figures.”                        and we sold them !” He pauses           Richardson’s Hardware and Agriculture
                                        And it was obvious from the           then adds: “But it was a crucial
That was fifteen months ago.
Three months later he decided that
                                        pasture data that Andrew              time for the cows with calves at            • Armidale • Uralla • Walcha • Guyra
                                                                                                                            •visit our website www.richardsons.com.au• Richardsons Agriculture • 3
Doing a ‘super’ job in                    carrier and arrange to have it         Pagett, has a self confessed           She explains that the Pasture
                                          spread. Together with all the          passion for plants. A graduate of      Package      has       numerous
Walcha - Julie Scott                      orders    for   seed,     produce,     Rural Science UNE she was              components and they are hoping
                                          chemicals and animal health            bought up on a property 125            to have 50 participants involved
First impressions of Julie Scott are      products I’m kept fairly busy,” she    kilometers from Bourke NSW             this year.
of a very attractive personality and      laughs.                                where her parents ran fat tailed
complete      competence.      And,                                                                                     “Those participating get a satellite
                                          A year ago Julie was in hardware       sheep that they crossed with           map of their property, five soils
talking to the staff and customers                                               merinos.
at Richardson’s Walcha Hardware           sales but, as she say’s, she’s moved                                          test and an agronomic overview,”
and Agriculture, you are left in no       round a bit and, when the              “We had both Dameras and               she begins. “Matt spends a day on
doubt that as recently appointed          suggestions was made last              Dorpers and the ram lambs were         farm      with     them    planning
head of the section dealing with          September that she take up her         exported to Saudi Arabia,” she         appropriate pasture improvement
super, seed, produce, chemicals           present position, she was very         explains. And, as my sister Lorroi,    and fertiliser applications and         Cathy Chandler and her ‘offsider’
and animal health products she is         pleased.                               a Veterinary graduate from             they are encouraged to benchmark        Natasha Pagett ensure that all
doing a great job.                        “I did help out in here nine years     Sydney University took care of the     - compare themselves with
                                                                                 animal side of things I decided        neighbours and the rest of the          Richardson’s customers get the
“We are just coming into the busy         ago,” she recalls. “It’s nice to be                                                                                   ultimate in service.
                                          back !”                                that I would take over the             district - to get some idea of where
season and we will be flat out until                                             pastures.” She pauses just briefly     they stand in the big picture.”
the end of the year,” she smiles.                                                then says: “I was always more                                                  “Not a computer whiz ..... but not
“This is a very well established,                                                                                       Field days and property visits for      that    bad,”    she       replies
                                                                                 interested in plants than animals.     those in the program are also on
big business and we would handle                                                 At boarding school in Sydney I                                                 conservatively.
in excess of 40 bulk orders for                                                                                         the agenda and Natasha is looking
                                                                                 was always looking up botanical        forward to it all.                      Dan Ryan offered Cathy the
super a month and at least four or                                               names of species I found                                                       promotion she is very much
five orders for bagged super every                                               interesting and I just loved           “Certainly it’s a challenge,” she       enjoying when Tony Marsden
day,” she says flipping through the                                              biology.”                              agrees, “but I love challenges -        went to Uralla. And after five
order book.                                                                                                             that’s what my career is all about !”   years in Walcha - the first two in
                                                                                 But tertiary education in the
And, just as she predicted, the first                                            capital city lacked appeal and she                                             hardware the last three in
of many of the day’s customer                                                    came up here for UNE’s Open            Handling agriculture                    agricultural administration - she
arrives. It’s Colin McNaught from                                                Day. It was Ian Goodwin who                                                    assumed the position of Dan’s
‘Braeburn’, Yarrowitch. Damien                                                   persuaded her that Rural Science
                                                                                                                        administration on a                     offsider handling administration
                                                                                                                                                                in Armidale on a larger scale in
Timbs carried out his soil tests not
that long ago and he’s looking at
                                                                                 was the ideal course for her career    larger scale - Cathy                    November.
                                                                                 aspirations as an agronomist and
up to 180 kilograms of Pasture 16                                                lecturers she remembers who            Chandler                                “I have an offsider now too,” she
Super to the hectare on some                                                     really impressed her included                                                  smiles, looking straight at
paddocks - an he’s keen to ground         Damien        Timbs,    Manager        Robin Jessup and Brian Sendall.        It’s the end of a busy day and          Natasha.
spread it as soon as the weather          Richardsons’     Hardware    and                                              Cathy Chandler is balancing the
permits.                                                                         “They got me really enthused and       phone in one hand with the two          It’s the two way again. Scott in
                                          Agriculture, Walcha, says Julie        after a year off - I needed a mental                                           Guyra wants to know details of a
In fact, Julie knows that as the          Scott is a real asset to the firm                                             way in the other. There has been a
                                                                                 break from academia - I came up        constant stream of people through       delivery and Cathy has all the
district has just had good rain           and her competence is admired by       to do some work experience in                                                  order particulars at her fingertips.
everyone is ‘keen to get a move on’       all those with whom she comes in                                              her office as she places orders for a
                                                                                 July with Matt and Dan,” she           huge variety of purchases and           “I’m dealing with all three
when it comes to fertilising their        contact.                               recalls. “Dan rang up in October
pastures and she is handling                                                                                            copes with customer enquiries.          branches,” she remarks. “I do all
                                          Trainee agronomist                     and asked me to come for an                                                    the ordering and as we have some
individual orders of up to 450                                                   interview and I started in             “We are developing an new
tonnes at the moment.                                                                                                   computerised fertiliser system at       very big customers who want the
                                          with a passion for                     January,” she beams with delight.
                                                                                                                        the moment,” she comments.              very best as regards service, we
“We have lots in the 30 to 150                                                   As trainee agronomist she helps                                                have to ensure they get the very
tonne range,” she remarks. “ I will       plants - Natasha                       Cathy Chandler run the whole
                                                                                                                        “Until now it’s been manual. Now
place the order direct - it could be                                                                                    it’s computer generated and
for lime fortified super, selenium,
                                          Pagett                                 shop. She handles the web site
                                                                                 enquiries and is also involved
                                                                                                                        although Lyndal Taylor has              As she says, where Richardson’s
molybdenum          or     potassium                                                                                    designed the program, I’ve had a        Hardware and Agriculture is
                                                                                 with Matt starting up the Pasture      lot of input.”                          concerned only the very best will
fortified super depending on the          Trainee    Agronomist     with         Improvement Package.
results of the soil test - contact the    Richardson’s Armidale, Natasha                                                And is she a computer whiz ?            do - all the time.

4 • Richardsons Agriculture - visit our website www.richardsons.com.au
                                                                           anticipated. There were good           the F1, stack on the weight. They       maintain the status quo.
Using pastures to maximising                                               reports from agronomists and they      average 1.6 kilograms during the        Recently Mike Faulkner has
                                                                           substituted it for Demeter fescue      spring and summer and the team -        bought two adjacent properties
profitability                                                              in the mixture that contained a bit
                                                                           of cocksfoot, Roper rye - that also
                                                                                                                  made up of Mike Faulkner, Mike
                                                                                                                  Rogers, Mike Makeham, Mike
                                                                                                                                                          that he also plans to improve with
                                                                                                                                                          sown pastures that perform. And,
When it comes to property             Leicesters. We run 8000 wethers      came out in the early nineties - and   Wall, Jim Baker and himself - has       as Steven points out, the program
sustainability and profit margins     and are fattening 7000 prime         white and subterranean clover.         no    problems       meeting    EU      is as follows. Because they have a
for both sheep and cattle             lambs. All up we are carrying        Now they find that Quantum             specifications at 18 to 20 months of    real problem with bracken fern at
enterprises, Steven Stronach, who     48,000 DSE and we need very          fescue is even more leafy and          age.                                    ‘Glen Morrison’, twelve months
                                                                           more palatable and their ‘run of       He says with a degree of                prior to ploughing they will spray
                                                                           the mill’ paddocks these days are      satisfaction that he has a              with Brushoff . At sowing they
                                                                           sown with Quantum or Triumph           consignment booked in for early         apply chicken manure and six
                                                                           fescue, Lincoln rye, Puna chicory,     March and should do reasonably          months later, 2 hundred weight of
                                                                           Tonic plantain , Astred red and a      well out of the deal. “But it’s only    single super an acre. And to give
                                                                           bit of Haifa and New Zealand           possible because we have high           the new pasture every chance, it
                                                                           white clover.                          quality pastures that allow the         gets 2 hundred weight of single
                                                                           But they also need pastures to         cattle to grow out to their full        super every year for three years.
                                                                           maintain weight gains during the       genetic potential.”                     “Putting super on improved
                                                                           winter and these are specifically      Steven agrees that they did hit the     pastures doubles your carrying
                                                                           Advanced fescue and High               Advanced fescue pastures hard           capacity within eighteen months.
                                                                           Performance rye. “The 150 acres of     during spring and summer but            You go from 6 DSEs in winter to 11
                                                                           High Performance Rye will be two       even in winter at 11DSE’s per           DSEs per hectare the winter after
                                                                           years old this spring and give         hectare his steers were averaging       next and that’s a good return on
                                                                           excellent winter weight gains. But     330 grams a day and that’s              capital. It’s as simple as that,” he
                                                                           it only has a life span of four to     significantly better than just          says.
                                                                           five years. By comparison the
                                                                           Advanced fescue paddocks will
Steve Stronach tells Damien Timbs that even though he hit his Advanced     last a life time if managed
                                                                           correctly and we have sown 750
fescue pastures hard in spring and summer the cattle still averaged 330    acres” Steven emphasises.
grams a day in winter at a stocking rate of 11 DESs per hectare.
                                                                           “They certainly give more winter
                                                                           production than Triumph or
manages for Mike and Sheila           productive pastures to do it.”       Quantum fescue, they come away
Faulkner, Walcha, has his finger on   He sips his coffee slowly, looking   earlier in Spring, they don’t go to
the pulse. Production on all          straight at Damien Timbs, then       seed as early, they provide high
properties is really going ahead.     says with a grin: “That’s his        quality feed for longer periods of
But, as he points out, weight gains   responsibility!”                     time and, as I said, cattle grazing
and wool cuts are dependant on                                             them put on weight in the winter.”
pastures and his are as good as       “We started off with Demeter
you can get.                          fescue sown with cocksfoot.” He      And certainly the cattle are
                                      reflects for a moment then adds:     performing magnificently.
“I’ve been managing for Mike          “When Triumph fescue first came
Faulkner for 13 years and on the                                           “We have a crossbreeding
                                      out ten years ago Mike’s son,        program that involves several
three thousand hectares that make     Adam, grew a trial plot and I have
up ‘Holmleigh’ and ‘Wirribilla’ at                                         British and European breeds,” he
                                      to admit that I was most surprised   explains. Angus, Hereford, Black       Cattle on ‘Holmleigh’ are performing magnificently on Advanced fescue
present we are running 500            with the results.”                                                          pastures. The stock put on weight in the winter and paddocks provide
breeding cows,” he begins. “Then                                           Baldies, Simmental and Charolais
                                                                           are all included and both the F1,      high quality feed for longer periods of time.
there are 9500 merino ewes - 4000     Dry matter production form the
joined to merinos and the rest to     new cultivar was significantly       that is a Simmental over a British
White Suffolks and Border             higher   than   Steven    had        breed and the F2, a Charolais over

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      Roundup CT Xtra                                                    web pages
                                                                         up and running
                                                                         Whether you’re a city or country
                                                                         based business, a well designed
                                                                         web page is an essential tool in
                                                                         the new millennium. With more
                                                                         and more people preferring to
                                                                         surf the net in search of
                                                                         information, it’s not only a useful
                                                                         marketing device, it’s a valuable
                                                                         resource for providing detailed
                                                                         information and Richardson’s
                                                                         Hardware and Agriculture pages
                                                                         were up and running at the end
                                                                         of January                            Trainee Agronomist Natasha Pagett is a ‘web wizard’ and will be
                                                                         The address www.richardsons.com.au    handling all enquiries directed to Richardson’s web pages.
                                                                         is fast to download, with a logical
                                                                         design and an excellent range of      internet and you can use a search   the results of their soils tests and
                                                                         services including links to other     engine to look it up.”              generally     benchmark         their
                                                                         related sites. And Natasha Pagett                                         performances.”
                                                                         is looking after web site                                                     As Natasha explains the
                                                                         enquiries.                                                                    internet is creating new
                                                                         “The first page covers                                                        business     opportunities
                                                                         our entire range of                                                           everywhere.
                                                                         products both hardware                                                        “It’s on the verge of the
                                                                         and            agriculture                                                    broader           community
                                                                         supplies,”        Natasha                                                     acceptance it needs to
                                                                         comments guiding me                                                           achieve it’s full potential,”
                                                                         down the screen. “Then                                                        she emphasises adding that
                                                                         there is a page called                                                        the agriculture sector is not
                                                                         ‘About Us’ that is the                                                        excluded. “Many are saying
                                                                         Richardson’s story and a                                                      that the web is the way of the
                                                                         page with all the contact                                                     future and if you haven’t got
                                                                         details for every branch -                                                    a web page your are missing
                                                                         names of personnel,                                                           out       on         business
          For effective allocation of                                    phone and fax numbers,
                                                                         email      and      postal Visit our web page -
                                                                                                                                                        But we’re not missing out.
                                                                                                    www.richardsons.com.au                              Richardson’s       is    now
               pasture dollars                                           “Next there is the
                                                                         ‘Newsletter’ that covers what’s       “The Pasture Package Page is for
                                                                                                                                                        accessible to the world.”

                                                                         currently topical. It could be                                            And the address again ? It’s
  Richardson’s Hardware and Agriculture                                  winter cleaning, pasture topping
                                                                                                               those participating in the
                                                                                                               ‘Package’ and they will have a
                                                                         - any one of a whole range of         password so they can go in and
      • Armidale • Uralla • Walcha • Guyra                               subjects - and it will be on the      look up their own satellite maps,

6 • Richardsons Agriculture - visit our website www.richardsons.com.au
New pasture package - promising
increased profits                                                                                                  Let us take the
The new Pasture Package ! It’s a      is  appropriate       for    every     interact with other Pasture
joint initiative of Richardson’s
and Centrogen packed full of
increased profits for graziers on
the northern tablelands. And, as
                                      Damien Timbs stresses that the
                                      Pasture Package team provides
                                                                             Package         participants.
                                                                             Participants also get to talk
                                                                             to    industry      experts
                                                                             including plant breeders,
                                                                                                                  hassle out of your
                                      qualified on-farm, face to face
team leader Matt Monk says, it
blends established on-farm
diagnostic tools and new pasture
technology to target premium
                                      interpretation of benchmarking
                                      information such as the ‘Satmap’
                                      and soil tests to ensure the results
                                      of the program are maximised for
                                                                             animal          nutritionists,
                                                                             veterinarians, and market
                                                                             analyists. Additional services
                                                                             will be provided over time.”
                                                                                                                  pasture programs
markets for beef, wool and lamb.      individual property owners.            Pasture Package information
In short, the four components of      “This benchmarking exercise is         will be available in hard copy
the package bring together new        unique in New England,” he             and ‘on line’ via the internet.
and old world thinking on better      comments. “Based on the very           “This latter form is optional,”
farm management, accessing            successful               Grazing       Matt Monk says, “ but it can
new technology to enable more         Benchmarking            program        provide an introduction to the
efficient utilisation of farm         undertaken in western Victoria         power of the internet as regards
resources.                            by the Department of Natural           bringing meaningful information
And the first component is a          Resources, it ensures the              on all matter of subjects into the
‘Satmap’. Dan Ryan explains that      provision     of    clear    and       farm office.”
with satellite technology a           meaningful      data,    on-farm       This year the Pasture Package
paddock map is created showing        interpretation of benchmarks by        will be limited to 75 graziers in
variation in pasture growth rates.    dedicated and qualified experts        the New England area. So, if
“Used in conjunction with soil        and on-line availability of            you are interested you should
testing, this ‘Satmap’ provides an    results.”                              contact any one of the
excellent farm planning tool,” he     Andrew Wark refers to the field        members of the team listed
points out. “The technology,          trips, seminars and continuing         below. They can explain it in
originally developed by CSIRO         education components of the            more detail and tell you about the
in Armidale, is highly accurate       package. “Each year two field          information evening to be held in
and allows the manager to             trips will focus on emerging           the near future.
instigate pasture improvement         technologies and provide the
across his farming enterprise that    opportunity for graziers to

         The Pasture Package Team:                                                                                                                          With our custom
       Matthew Monk                  6772 3846                    Dan Ryan         6772 7099
                                                                                                                                                           order seed mix and
                                                                                                                                                            pasture program
       Damien Timbs                  6777 2307                    Andrew Wark 6779 2022
                                                                                                                  Richardson’s Hardware and Agriculture
       Natasha Pagett                6772 7099
                                                                                                                      • Armidale • Uralla • Walcha • Guyra
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                                                                         Norbrook: a world leader in the

   SAVE $$$                                                              pharmaceutical industry
                                                                         Norbrook, a leading company in
                                                                         the pharmaceutical industry, has
                                                                         world class facilities that
                                                                         manufactures a comprehensive
                                                                                                             steady stream of new products
                                                                                                             that are cost effective and of the
                                                                                                             highest quality.
                                                                                                             Product        portfolios    are
                                                                                                                                                  sterile   controlled release
                                                                                                                                                  intramammaries. This gives
                                                                                                                                                  Norbrooks products a vital
                                                                                                                                                  competitive edge.
                                                                         range of more than eight            continuously evaluated in light      The Norbrook ‘quality culture’
                                                                         hundred, own-brand products         of market forces and new             ensures that approval by the
                                                                         that are exported to over 110       scientific    knowledge     and      world’s most rigorous regulatory
                                                                         countries.                          Norbrook is already pursuing         systems is achieved on a regular
                                                                         Norbrook’s      research     and    new technologies in both human       basis and they continue to meet
                                                                         development teams operate to        and veterinary medicine. They        the challenges of providing cost
                                                                         the     highest     international   are specialists in drug delivery     effective   ,    high    quality
                                                                         standards of Good Laboratory        technologies including long          pharmaceuticals     for    their
                                                                         Practice (GLP) and provide the      acting       injectables    and      customers world wide.
                                                                         company with a

      Cost effective control of internal and external
               parasites with Noromectin

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