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Wildlife Act 1975 Primary and Secondary Schools APPLICATION FOR A

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					            Department of                                                          Wildlife Act 1975
            Sustainability and Environment                                   Primary and Secondary Schools


I/We the undersigned, subject to the provisions of the Wildlife Act 1975, hereby make application to the
Environmental Research Co-ordinator for a Scientific Permit.

Date of this application            /             /           .

Please indicate to whom the permit should be issued (additional persons acting under this authority may be listed
as other authorised persons):
*Dr Mr ____________________________________________ _____________________________________
Mrs Ms                            Surname                                          Christian Name/s

Name of School _____________________________________________________________________________

Postal Address: ______________________________________________________________________________


Telephone No______________________ (bh ______________________ (ah) Fax No: _________________

Email address: ____________________________________________________

Please indicate the relevant qualifications or experience of the above named proposed authority holder (in the
procedures involving wildlife or animal welfare)

                                  (please attach evidence of any additional experience)

Please list other persons whom you wish to act under this authority "other authorised persons"

Title   Initials   Surname                            Title       Initials   Surname

What is the source of the frogs? (Note that permits will not be issued to schools to take frogs from the wild).


Name of Wildlife Licence holder _________________________________________________________________

Licence or permit number ______________________________________________________________________

                                           Important information on reverse
What species of frogs do you intend to keep? (Scientific name if possible please). Please note that permits to retain
live wildlife will only be issued for species listed on Schedule 1 and 4 of the Wildlife Regulations 1992.

Species to be kept                        Number of       Species to be kept                          Number of
                                          individuals                                                 individuals

Do you intend to keep the adult frogs? YES / NO         (If yes you will have to apply for a renewal of your permit)

Do you intend to return the frogs to another licence or permit holder? YES / NO

Project Title: "_______________________________________________________________________________”

Purpose of the project, eg “education”: ____________________________________________________________

Location of the frogs during this project: School term ________________________________________________

Holidays: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Indicate how the project will be reported eg. written report, artworks, etc ________________________________


(signature of applicant)

I _________________________________ (name of principal) endorse this application and am satisfied that the
project has scientific educational merit and will not cause undue stress, discomfort or pain to any animal, or
interfere with the health of any animal.

                                                              Principal's telephone number ____________________
(signature of Principal)

FORWARD TO:                                                               PLEASE ATTACH
The Environmental Research Co-ordinator                              *A full description of the project including
Department of Sustainability and Environment                         methods, localities, species and justification for
Locked Bag 3000 (30 Prospect Street)                                 project.
BOX HILL Victoria 3128.
FAX Number (03) 9296 4708
PH Number (03) 9296 4612

                                     IMPORTANT INFORMATION
It is an offence to take wildlife from the wild or release wildlife to the wild without an appropriate permit. Many
Scientific Permits contain such a condition, however, you should check whether this is the case on your permit.

The making of an application involving wildlife does not in itself carry any entitlement or right. The outcome of
an application cannot be predicted and should not be anticipated.

Renewals and Amendments: Please state the file number, permit number and send a written request to continue
with the project endorsed by the Principal.

Wildlife found dead: Wildlife found dead from natural or accidental causes may only be collected where a permit
has been issued for this purpose. A permit is also required for display of such specimens.
Scientific Permits

Information for Primary and Secondary Schools
Staff of Primary or Secondary Schools who propose to use wildlife for study, research or scientific purposes must obtain a
Scientific Permit, for each project proposed. Please note that a permit is required to retain wildlife specimens whether
alive or dead (taxidermed) or to experiment with wildlife (such as live capture and release wildlife).

Wildlife found dead

Secondary and Primary Schools may apply to retain wildlife found dead from natural or accidental causes. A written
application stating the information shown in parts (i), (ii), and (viii) below and stating where the wildlife is to be held
and providing a nominee to be listed as the authority holder (a persons name is required). The names of any persons to be
involved in collecting wildlife must also be supplied.

Live wildlife:

Use of live wildlife: Neither teachers nor students will be allowed to undertake scientific procedures which cause undue
stress, discomfort or pain to any animal, or interfere with the health of any animal. Teachers should familiarise
themselves with the requirements for the proper care and handling of animals under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Act 1986. Permits will not be issued to schools to retain live wildlife other than those species listed on Schedule 1 & 4 of
the Wildlife Regulations 2002. The use of live wildlife in schools is restricted to observation and limited experimental
studies according to Government guidelines.

Applications should be made in the name of the principal researcher/educator on the appropriate application form with
accompanying documentation and should contain:

All applications

Background         (i)      details of the specific educational program which requires the use of wildlife

Objectives         (ii)     the rationale behind the educational program/ experiment and its specific objectives
                            (justification for the use of wildlife)

Experience         (iii)    for experimentation using live wildlife, the names of the persons to be involved including
                            evidence that the principal researcher and/or co-researcher have appropriate experience in the
                            techniques being used. The evidence should be of such a nature that it is sufficient to clearly
                            demonstrate relevant and comprehensive training in the techniques proposed. For example, if
                            wildlife is to be captured, the researchers should indicate over what period, on which species
                            and how the technique has been used previously or the number of field trips undertaken to
                            observe the technique in use and the name and experience of the person providing training.

Authorised         (vii)    the persons to be involved. These are the only persons who may act in
Persons                     accordance with the terms of the permit.

Location           (vi)     the location of any activities involving wildlife

Methods            (vii)    the methods to be used including the method of data collection

Renewals           (iv)     applications for renewal of a permit should always quote the previous permit and file number
                            as shown in the top right corner of the permit and on the cover letter. An application for
                            renewal of a project should include a cover letter stating what is required to be renewed and
                            any modifications.

Principal's        (viii)   each project must be endorsed by the Principal of the school.
Endorsement                 The Principal should state that the proposed work is an essential part of the school's scientific
                            curriculum and that any collecting, observing and recording involved are to be conducted
                            systematically. Alternatively, the Principal should state that that wildlife is required to meet the
                            school's educational objectives and that the school has facilities for the correct storage of
                            wildlife specimens.

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