Hamilton and Jefferson

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					Objective: To analyze the differences between the first
political parties.

    Alexander Hamilton            Thomas Jefferson

        Federalists           Democratic - Republicans
       Hamilton and Jefferson: Differing Views

   Alexander Hamilton              Thomas Jefferson

• Favored trade, manufacturing • Favored farmers and rural
and cities                     communities

• Believed that the federal    • Believed that states should
government should have more    have more power than the
power than the states          federal government (state’s
• Believed in a loose          • Believed in a strict
interpretation of the          interpretation of the
Constitution                   Constitution

• was pro-British              • was pro-French
                    First Political Parties

• led by Alexander Hamilton     • led by Thomas Jefferson
• strong central government     • strong state governments led
led by industry and the         by the “common man”
• emphasis on manufacturing,    • emphasis on agriculture
shipping, and trade             “Cultivators of the earth are
                                the most valuable citizens.” –
                                Thomas Jefferson
• loose interpretation of       • strict interpretation of the
the Constitution                Constitution
• favored the national bank     • opposed the national bank
• favored protective tariffs    • opposed protective tariffs
• pro-British                   • pro-French
The Providential Detection   Thomas Jefferson kneels
       1797-1800.            before the altar of Gallic
                             despotism as God and an
                             American eagle attempt
                             to prevent him from
                             destroying the
                             Constitution. Jefferson's
                             alleged attack on George
                             Washington and John
                             Adams in the form of a
                             letter to Philip Mazzei
                             falls from his pocket.
                             Jefferson is supported by
                             Satan, the writings of
                             Thomas Paine, and the
                             French philosophers.
            Am I a Federalist or a Republican?
1. Francois Goulet              4. Hans Gruber
• Farmer from Georgia           • German immigrant
• 5th grade education           • Pennsylvania farmer
2. Brandon Smith                5. Sally Moore
• Lawyer from Boston, MA        • Mother of five
• College graduate              • Employee of a Massachusetts textile mill
3. John Marshall                6. James Prescott
• Virginia planter              • Banker from Delaware
• College graduate              • Member of the Delaware state legislature
• Future Chief Justice of the   7. Mary Worthington
  Supreme Court
                                • Merchant from South Carolina
• Believed that the judicial
                                • Sells mainly European products
  branch was too weak
            Am I a Federalist or a Republican?

1. Francois Goulet           Republican
• Farmer from Georgia
• 5th grade education

2. Brandon Smith              Federalist
• Lawyer from Boston, MA
• College graduate
           Am I a Federalist or a Republican?

3. John Marshall                Federalist
• Virginia planter
• College graduate
• Future Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
• Believed that the judicial branch was too weak

4. Hans Gruber                  Republican
• German immigrant
• Pennsylvania farmer
           Am I a Federalist or a Republican?

5. Sally Moore               Federalist
• Mother of five
• Employee of a
Massachusetts textile mill

6. James Prescott            Republican
• Banker from Delaware
• Member of the Delaware
state legislature
           Am I a Federalist or a Republican?

7. Mary Worthington         Republican
• Merchant from South
• Sells mainly European