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                                JPC Consultant

Haitham Al-Tahhan Al-Zaim
Human Resources & Legal Consultant

   Date of Birth:    1/1/1976

   Nationality:      Syrian


         Institution: (Date from – date to)       Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained

    1. Damascus University – Faculty of Law PHD (The Instruments of the Securities
       (01/2009 – until now)                    Exchange – Comparative Study)
    2. 2005 – until June 2007 - HIBA (the       MBA
       Higher     Institute  of     Business
    3. Damascus University – the Higher         Diploma      in       Administrational
       Institute     of      Administrational   Development.
       Development (2003 – 2005)
    4. Damascus University – Faculty of Law     Diploma in international law, & Master
       (2001 – 2003)                            in law (consists of the 2 mentioned
    5. Damascus University –                    Diploma in private law
       Faculty of Law (1999 –

    6. Damascus University – Faculty of Law Bachelor degree in law
       (1994 – 1999)

Present position:
- A Lawyer in a private office.
- A Professor Assistant in in the Higher Institute of Business Administration (HIBA).
- Head of Legal & Professional Practice Department in one of Syrian Universities
- Legal Consultant of the Professional Practice Office
- Member of a Scientific Department Council in the Higher Institute of Business
Administration (HIBA).
- Tutor in the Syrian Virtual University.

Professional experience:

         Date      Location     Company             Position                     Description
        from -
       Date to
 1.   02/2009 -    AlMazeh        SVU                 Tutor          Teaching Integrated Marketing
       till now    Damascus      Syrian                                    Communications in E
                    - Syria      Virtual                              Commerce (at Higher National
                                University                                   Diploma – Edexcel)
 2.   10/2008 –    Masaken       HIBA        Legal Consultant of the Handling all legal issues related
       till now    Barzeh                    professional   practice to the professional practice office
                   Damascus                  office at HIBA          and its activities
                   - Syria
 3.   06/2008 –    Masaken        HIBA       Head of Legal & Handling all legal issues & cases
       till now    Barzeh                    professional     practice related to all activities of the
                   Damascus                  Department                institute (contracts, employees,
                   - Syria                                             students…) in addition of
                                                                       managing issues related to the
                                                                       professional practice of all the
                                                                       faculty members of HIBA
 4.   05/2008 –    Masaken        HIBA       Member        of      the Discussing & deciding about all
      till now     Barzeh                    scientific council        scientific & administrative
                   Damascus                                            matters of the scientific
                   - Syria                                             department (modules, lecturers,
                                                                       professors, professors
 5.   01/2008-     Masaken        HIBA       Procurement Manager       Managing all procurements of
      01/2009      Barzeh                                              the institute
                   - Syria
 6.   08/2007 –    Masaken        HIBA       Training Manager          - Responsible of the internal &
      06/2008      Barzeh                                              external training of employees.
                   Damascus                                            - Provide training for external
                   - Syria                                             parties in business field.
 7.    07/2005 –   Masaken       HIBA      Professor Assistant     Teaching some legal issues in the
       till now    Barzeh                                          scope of the Civil, Commercial
                   Damascus                                        & Business law;
                   - Syria                                         (International Business Law in
                                                                   English, Introduction to the
                                                                   Science of Law, Labor Law,
                                                                   Business Law in English,
                                                                   Obligations, Banking &
                                                                   finance law, contract law)
 8.    07/2005 –   Masaken       HIBA      Head     of       Legal Handling all legal issues & cases
       08/2007     Barzeh                  Department              related to all activities of the
                   Damascus                                        institute (contracts, employees,
                   – Syria                                         students…)
 9.                Teliani      Hadara     Teacher                 Teaching Common Law
       01/2006-    Damascus     Center                             (contract, tort) for Edexcel
       01/2007     – Syria                                         Business Program
                                                                    in English
 10.               Marjeh     My Own       A lawyer                Working in different kinds of
       06/2002 –
                   Damascus   office                               cases
       Till now
                   – Syria                                         (Civil, commercial,..)
 11.               Marjeh     Ismaeil      A lawyer                Working in different kinds of
                   Damascus   Okla                                 cases
       01/2000 –
                   – Syria    A lawyer                             (Civil, commercial,..)

Other relevant information:

-Talented in analyzing law cases, specialized in business & commercial law.
- Member of different project implementation committees and president of several ones.
- Teaching private classes for several materials.
- Prepared several studies and thesis during the high education Studies, as follow
     The Role of Competency Analysis in HR Development.
     The Law that should be applied in the commercial arbitration.
     The Role of the international Commercial Arbitration in the Development of the
       Rules of the International Economic Law.
     The Structure of the Syrian Commercial Bank.
     The Decision Making Process.
     The cheque.
     And some other researches in the field of the Law & Administration.


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