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									What they are saying about Coast Acoustics

Good to hear that Coast Acoustics is having success and making music happen for the
community. I remember the conversation that we had at the Redlands Bluegrass Convention in
2006. You guys have come a long way in three years. It is great to see. Congratulations! I
support the music festival that Coast Acoustics are organising in September. Coast Acoustics are
pro-active in building the local music scene and benefiting the community with workshops and
events that would not otherwise happen. The club gives access for musicians to practice their
craft and young musicians learn from the professionals. (8 Ball Aitken, singer/songwriter,
Phoenix Movement Records)

Really glad the club is going so well, you guys have done a great job! (Sue and Fed Hudson,
Redland Bluegrass Boys) Good news that it is all going well, that is a commendable effort. (Neil
Wills, Redland Bluegrass Convention Coordinator).

I had a wail of a time. The whole line-up was fantastic. There should be more of it. It should be in
our drinking water. I was hungry before I arrived with my friend Neal. Thanks for all the music
support. And the man with the slides at the mixing desk gave us a great mix. Cheers Jimmy.
Keep Music live (Jimmy Lowe, Harmonica player)

I would love to be involved in the festival but I'll have just left for Europe on that date, I'm playing
a few gigs in Germany and Norway and I'll be away for a few weeks. I'm sorry I'm going to miss it
and I hope it’s a ripper! I'm always willing to play down there so don't forget about me! Cheers
(John Fegan, singer/songwriter)

Just wanted to say thanks again for yesterday. You have such an amazing warm atmosphere at
your club! It’s a great thing you are doing! Thanks again. (Megan Cooper, singer/songwriter)

Des and I had such a wonderful time at your last and our first gig, count on us being there and at
least a 1/2 dozen of our family and friends, we have been in MacKay working and have every
intention of joining your wonderful outfit. Best regards (Pete and Desley from the audience)

Thanks for Sunday guys - I really enjoyed the afternoon- a good bunch of happy and talented
people. Cheers, (Rod Spence, mandolin player)

Sarah, her family and myself enjoy the coast acoustic sessions at the Nerang venue. It is so
necessary to have a performance space and a club that promotes live music with musicians
instead of pre recorded music. We are looking forward to the Coast Acoustics' festival in
September and will be recommending the festival to all our friends and fellow musicians. Thanks
again. (Phil Eizenberg, guitarist Bushfire Band)

Coast Acoustics, has brought a great deal of pleasure to listeners and players alike, myself
included. Coast Acoustics meetings are supportive to local musicians, singers, songwriters and
their audiences. Locals and visitors are given the opportunity to hear what local musicians and
performers have to offer. I support Coast Acoustics in their efforts to encourage local talent
broadening musical appreciation across the board. Coast Acoustics, well done! Keep up the good
work. (Christiaan Zwart singer/songwriter)

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