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Welcome Screen                                             7.        The download option in the Accounts and        10.     Finally before the transaction is made, you
                                                           Account Transaction options provides you with the        will need to authorise the transaction by entering
1.      Several windows on the Welcome screen
are used to display information about your accounts        facility to export your transaction history in a         your password.
and transactions.                                          specified format to your personal computer (hard         11.     For all transfers the system will provide a
                                                           drive or diskette). This file may then be transferred    “confirmation” of each transfer which we
2.      The top window displays immediately after          to an accounting software packages or a                  recommend you print and file with your payment
sign-on only, the date and time when you last              spreadsheet to sort into a particular order to assist    records.
                                                           with account reconciliation.
logged on successfully
                                                                                                                    Future Payments
3.        Other windows include:                           Transact                                                 12.       Future Payments in the top menu displays
     A list of the last 5 transactions on your main        8.       The “Transact” button in the top menu bar       the list of periodical payments. Click on the “more”
     account. There is a link to a full transaction list   will enable you to perform four types of value           link to view full details of the periodical payment or
     for this account.                                     transactions. A drop down menu of options will be        to amend or delete future payments.
     A list of all your other accounts with a link to      displayed.
     Account details for each account.                          Transfer funds enable you to transfer funds         Personal Payees
     A list of future payments due within the next 30           between your accounts or to other accounts          13.     Personal Payees in the top menu to store
     days with a link to the periodical payment                 within the CDF. The receiving account does not      payee details for transfers and external transfers.
     details for each future payment                            have to be “linked” to CDF Online. For example
                                                                                                                    This option allows you to set up details of regular
                                                                you could transfer funds to school or parish,       payees to avoid having to re-key details every time
4.       The appearance of the welcome screen                   providing you obtain the relevant account           you want to transfer funds to them.
can be customised by selecting “customise” under                number.
the “other” menu and selecting the following                    Credit External enables you to transfer funds to    14.    The screen has the links to make a
options:                                                        the commercial bank account you have
                                                                                                                    payment to the payee or to view/amend/delete
    Personalise account names.                                  registered for this purpose with the CDF.(see       payee details.
    Select a Main display account                               hints)
    Accounts in the Account List                                Debit External is used to transfer funds to your
                                                                CDF account from the commercial bank                Other
Accounts                                                        account you have registered for this purpose        15.     The “Other” tab on the top menu bar
                                                                with the CDF. (see hints)                           enables you to perform the following functions from
5.       The Full Account List screen displays a list                                                               the drop down menu:
of all your accounts. To view more information                  Multi Funds enables you to make multiple
                                                                transfers through a single debit. For example           Interest details
about each account click on the account number                                                                          Statement Details
                                                                you can make multi transfers and multi external
(see the “pointing hand”) to display the “Account                                                                       Stop Cheque
details” screen.                                                transfers. You cannot do multi external debits.
                                                           9.       With each of the above transactions you             Change Password
6.       The “Accounts details” screen displays
                                                           will have the option to either:
more information about your account. This screen                                                                    16.     The interest details screen displays the
has the following links:                                        Pay Now which enables you to authorise
                                                                payment immediately                                 current and previous year’s interest earned or paid
    Full Transaction History                                                                                        on your accounts. You will not see the amount of
                                                                Pay Later which enables you to pay a single
    Transfer (see Para 7)
                                                                future payment at a future date or establish a      accrued interest – only interest that has been
    Credit External (see Para 7)                                                                                    debited or credited to your accounts.
    Debit External (see Para 7)                                 regular future payment at a specified interval or
                                                                period with or without an expiry date
17.       The statement details screen shows you          Hints and Tips
the transaction detail of an account over a period        Logoff
specified by you and allows you to print this detail in      You must Logout to close a session. If you do not
a statement format.                                          Logout, CDF Online will log you off after 5 minutes
18.       Details shown on the statement will include:       and the internet session will be terminated after a
    Beginning and End dates nominated by you                 further 2 minutes.
    Name of the account
                                                          Password and Login
    Details of transactions in statement format.             Your password should not be easily identifiable or
19.       The following customisation options are            based on easily accessible personal data.
available.                                                                                                                                    PO Box 1887
                                                             If you forget your password or it has been blocked by                      CANBERRA CITY
    To change your Login Name                                the system because it has been incorrectly entered a                                ACT 2601
    To change your Access Code                               number of times, telephone the CDF during office                          Phone (02) 6201 9670
    To personalise your Account Names                        hours to arrange for a new temporary password to                            Fax (02) 6201 9869
    To remove or include Accounts in the Account             be issued. When you log onto the system you will be
    List displayed on the Welcome Page                       prompted to change your password once again
    To select which Account is to be displayed               however, the system will not allow you to use your
                                                             previous password for security reasons.
    listing the latest transactions on the Welcome
    Page                                                  Transfer Timings.                                                  CDF ONLINE
20.       Change Password or Login option allows              Please note all external credit and debit transactions
you to change your login or password with another             are processed by the CDF by 3pm each working
that is a minimum of 6, maximum of 12 characters
with at least two numbers.
                                                              day. If these transactions are submitted after 3pm or
                                                              on a weekend, a public holiday or bank holiday then           USER GUIDE
21.       Secure Email option allows you to contact           they will be processed on the next banking day.
the CDF for help or CDF Online enquiries. Please              Access to the transferred funds at your commercial
do not use this option to address issues about your           bank is available after midnight on the day of
accounts or other products and services offered by            Future transfers can be changed or cancelled up to
the CDF.                                                      midnight on the business day before the scheduled

                                                              date.                                                    www.cdf.cg.catholic.org.au
                                                          Daily Limit
22.     To logout of the CDF Online simply click
                                                              When you opened the CDF Online Saver Account
on the Logout button. Always sign-out when you                you stipulated a value limit on the maximum amount
have finished with CDF Online.                                that you may transfer from each of your accounts
                                                              through the “External Transfer” option per day.
? Help                                                        There is no daily limit on transfers between your
                                                              accounts or to other accounts within the CDF.
23.     If you need Help simply click on the ? tab
on the top menu bar. Alternatively, you can contact       Encryption
the CDF during office hours on (02) 6201 9870 for            When you sign on to CDF Online a secure session
more assistance. Outside office hours please send            will be established between your computer and the
an email to the CDF Online team via “Secure Mail”            CDF. You will not be able to connect to CDF Online
which can be found within the “Other” option in the          sign in page unless your browser connects with full
top menu bar.                                                128 bit encryption. You can confirm your session is                           01 August 2006
                                                             encrypted by the appearance of a “lock” symbol at
                                                             the foot of the browser.

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