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					                                            L O W E F A M I LY W I N E C O
     LOWE                                                                -
                                                                                         spring 2004

         intage is finally over though it somehow started
         on the 4th of January and didn’t stop until the
         4th of June – quite how we managed that
heaven knows. The vintage crew were their usual
brilliant selves, though for the full rogues gallery best
have a look on the website
So much has happened on the wine front this year it’s
hard to know where to start, so a brief description of
the new releases for this mailing may be the most
appropriate.                                                TINJA RANGE – There has been
                                                            change in focus of the Tinja wines
                                                            accompanied by a fabulously retro
2003 CHARDONNAY – one of David’s best yet.
                                                            label. Concentrating on small
Extremely tightly woven, this chardonnay will develop
                                                            parcels of fruit that pass through
beautifully in the bottle for the next 4-5 years. This
                                                            our hands as contract winemakers
style is based around the richness and power of our old
                                                            the range currently includes an
vines in Mudgee with the inclusion of some Hunter and
                                                            extremely moreish Pinot from
Orange fruit for elegance and lift. Whole bunch
                                                            Orange, a classic Sangiovese-
pressing, wild yeast ferments and skillful finishing of
                                                            Merlot and the fast disappearing
ferments in wood give a trademark
                                                            late picked Riesling from the stellar
delicately textured DL chardonnay.
                                                            heights (literally – it’s 1200 metres)
                                                            of Nullo mountain.
2003 ZINFANDEL – awaited by many
                                                            Don’t forget the extra 10% discount and free delivery
especially the staff! Hellishly difficult
                                                            anywhere in Australia for all mailing list customers
to manage in the vineyard this
demanding variety needed at least 2                         If you can’t get to Mudgee, you’ll find our wines at the
crop thinnings to produce the                               following great Sydney eateries: Rockpool, Salt,
evenness we wanted even when in the                         Wildfire, Aki’s Indian, Arena, Restaurant Balzac, Aria,
grip of the drought of the century.                         Industrie, Latitude 33, Malaya at the King Street Wharf
Elegantly chunky (if that’s possible)                       and The Park Hyatt Hotel.
with black olive, prune and blackberry                      Blue Mountains: Café Bon Ton, Solitary, Collits Inn,
and background oak. A gorgeous wine.                        Restaurant Como
                                                            Hunter: Roberts@pepper tree, Cellar restaurant
– not released at cellar door yet, this                     Also at Olivos, Byron Bay & Sanctuary Cove, Qld
wine is currently on offer only to our
mail order customers. Very dark and
closed with just a hint of varietal sour
cherry, herb and damson. Put in the
cellar and don’t touch for at least 18
months – only 100 cases made.                                     
Composting @ LOWE                                             CELEBRATION@Lowe
Marty “compost” Grandsen is our Vineyard and Farm
Manager. He has been working in the viticulture industry
since 1996, managing vineyards in Orange, including
Bloodwood & Rosshill before coming to Mudgee.
He’s been with LFWC since 2002 and he manages the
vineyard via sustainable principles and practices.
                      The lowdown on Marty Grandsen:
                      Star sign: Aries
                      Marital status: Single                  ‘Set on the rise of a hill with views in every direction, this is
                      Favourite colour: Compost               the kind of place that makes you want to down tools and
                                                              take up the wine life. Rows of rosemary bushes and a
                       In May 2004 we started a
                                                              thriving veggie patch flank the entrance, which is both a
                       composting trial on the vineyard,
                                                              cellar door and a full-cranking winery: step inside and
                       using the marc and stems
                                                              you’re in the brutish, aromatic heart of a working winery.
                       produced from the winery after
                                                              The wines are excellent too – produced off dry-grown, low-
                       vintage. The aim of the trial was
                                                              yielding bush vines’ Gourmet Traveller WINE magazine
                       to minimize waste from the
                                                              June July 04
                       winery and produce a material
that will benefit the soil via its high organic matter        Come by to taste the new look Tinja range as well as
levels, humus and nutrition levels. Every few days            the 2003 reds. Enjoy the beautiful art objects and
Marty checks the temperatures and irrigates them              garden furniture made of slate and stone by Ian Marr.
if required.                                                  Using the ancient art of hand lettercutting in stone to
The high level of organic matter in the compost gives         create text, Ian’s works are extraordinary. Also nestled
the soil the ability to hold on to moisture for longer        amongst the wild gardens are Peter Gibson’s modern
periods meaning we have to irrigate less. This is             minimal metal sculptures. We’re open from 10am -5pm
becoming increasingly important in our industry. The          Friday to Monday.
organic matter also helps the soil structure meaning
rainfall percolates through the soil easier.                  ‘Go Grazing’ on Saturday 11 September at the Mudgee
                                                              Racecourse. Enjoy morsels of delicious food by Kim
The humus and nutrition of the material increases the
                                                              Currie and the Rylstone Food Store with a taste of a
fertility of the soil encouraging microbial activity.
These microbes are important for nutrient cycling, that       Lowe Family Merlot
is the release of nutrients in the soil through respiration   ‘...highly skilled winemaking and a true love of the land
meaning we have to spread less fertiliser. Earthworm          comes through in all the Lowe red wines, which promote
numbers are also likely to increase after the compost is      fruit and intensity and balance at all turns. You’d be hard
spread. The earth worms contribute to the health of the       pressed to find an over-oaked Lowe Family wine, and their
soil by aerating it with holes.                               merlot shows exemplary fragrance, spice and fruit purity’
When we apply the compost we spread it under the              Gourmet Traveller WINE June / July 04
vines about 5cm thick. This acts as a barrier to weeds.       Join us for slow cooked whole baby pig on Sunday 26
The weed seeds can not germinate through it, so it            September at the ‘Pig’s Arse’ long
means we cut down on the amount of weed sprays we             lunch inside the winery. Delicious
have to apply.
                                                              suckling pork with a sneak preview
To manage the compost pile we used a bobcat to turn it        of the 2003 dryland merlot and
over. This allows the heat produced from all microbes         2003 shiraz. The winemakers will
breaking down the organic compounds to be released.           do special barrel tastings of the
They like to work between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius
                                                              2004 vintage. Bookings essential
and with around 60% moisture content. The moisture
                                                              & numbers limited, either fill in
content is kept up by using the winery waste water,
again trying to minimize waste produce from the winery.       the reservation form with this
                                                              newsletter and mail/fax back or
We are going to do this every year and think we should        call Lucy 0417 410 244 to ensure
have the whole vineyard covered in 5 - 6 years.
                                                              you get to share in the pig’s tale.
Marty Gransden                                                $65.00pp
About the
Rylstone Food Store MUDGEE GROWERS
The Rylstone Food Store (RFS) opened on the first of        This fantastic heritage
August 2003, providing weekend dining along with a          building had to be restored
range of bread, baking, pasta, preserves and other          to working winery status
goodies made on site and available from the store during    with about 3 weeks to go
the day. The aim is to provide seasonal comfort food        before vintage, as an idea we
based on produce sourced directly from local growers        had been nurturing for a
                                                            couple of years suddenly
The business is operated by Kim Currie, one of the
                                                            turned into reality. We have
pioneers behind the development of regional food &
                                                            assembled a definitive range
wine in Australia. For fifteen years Kim has operated
                                                            of wines drawn from specific
Regional Food & Wine Services, providing education,
                                                            vineyard sites within the
promotion and development in the field. For four years
                                                            Mudgee region, a crisply
prior to opening the RFS, Kim was the Central Ranges
                                                            aromatic Verdelho from
Food & Wine Development Officer, a successful pilot
                                                            Rylstone, organically grown
project now rolled out across the state. During this time
                                                            Sauvignon Blanc from
                              Kim established farmers
                                                            Mudgee, richly plummy
                              markets, regional produce
                                                            Shiraz from Gulong and a muscular Petit Verdot from
                              directories, food groups
                                                                                          Rylstone, all this to the
                              and major special events as
                                                                                          sound of demented
                              part of her brief.
                                                                                          hammering as Russell
                             For Kim, the RFS is an                                       Conchie a.p.k. (pic left)
                             opportunity to get back to                                   singlehandedly built the
                             the stoves and practice                                      cellar door. The results
                             within her own                                               – warm, welcoming,
                             community what she’s                                         rustic and quirky and
                                                                                          that’s just Russell.
                                                                                           Produce is made for the
                                                                                           Growers label
                                                                                           exclusively by Kim
                                                                                           Currie of the Rylstone
been espousing across
                                                                                           food store. Check out
the Central Ranges.
                                                                                           the website for further
Producer support has                                                                       info and an update on
been strong from the                                                                       the latest wines. Watch
outset with wonderful                                                                      out for the vintage
gems such as regular                                                                       Westcourt Port and a
deliveries of duck,                                                                        Botrytis Semillon to be
turkey and goose eggs                                                                      released around
and several growers with                                                                   October.
a commitment to organic principles now growing
                                                            Open 7 days from 10am – 5pm
specifically for the Rylstone Food Store.
                                                            Henry Lawson Drive (cnr Cassilis Rd)
Rylstone Food Store also produces freshly baked bread,
                                                            Mudgee NSW 2850
jams, cookies and other delights.
                                                            Tel: 02 6372 2855
The building at 47 Louee Street was built in 1925 as        Fax: 02 6372 2811
the town’s general store. Number 47 Gallery also
continues to operate within the renovated space and
has a monthly program of workshops and exhibitions by
leading artists.
                                                                                Order Form
WINE                                                             PRICE/BOTTLE                NO. BOTTLES              $TOTAL
2003 Lowe Semillon                                                      $21
2003 Lowe Chardonnay                                                    $23
2002 Lowe Shiraz                                                        $28
2002 Lowe Merlot                                                        $25
2003 Lowe Zinfandel                                                     $28
2003 Tinja Pinot Noir                                                   $18
2003 Tinja Late Harvest Riesling                                        $18
1999 Orange Red Blend                                                   $20
                                                                        SUB TOTAL
                                                                        DISC/dozen              5% disc

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