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                  VILLAGE VOICE UPDATE
                                  March 2006

Presidents Update

      The Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce Means Business

The highly proactive Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce is spreading its wings with a new
initiative to connect with home based businesses surrounding the stylish boutique
shopping and dining precinct of Mt Eliza Village.
A campaign to expand the membership base of the Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce
has been launched with the support of Mornington Peninsula Shires Economic
Development Branch.
According to Chamber President Hans Van Bloemendaal, “Mt Eliza is home to
hundreds of business and service providers who operate out of home and who
currently have no formal avenue of networking with other local business people.
These businesses could benefit from the current activities of the Chamber such as
collaborative advertising and promotion initiatives, training opportunities, general
networking and information sharing.”

The aim of the Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce is simple – we are about attracting
business into the Mt Eliza area.

According to Lucinda Bakhach Promotions Co-ordinator for the Village “there is a
power in numbers that we could leverage off for the benefit of all involved. I’ve seen
this work in other areas very successfully in areas such as advertising, training and

An Associate Membership with the Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce will be made
available at a cost of $100 per annum to businesses operating in the 3930 postcode
area. This will provide home based business providers with benefits which include:-
        “The Village Voice” – e -newsletter providing news & information about the
        Village Mt Eliza precinct and associated matters
        Offer for inclusion in promotional and advertising collateral generated by the
        Networking & training opportunities in conjunction with Mornington Peninsula
        Shire Economic Development Branch
        Inclusion on mtelizavillage.com directory
Proceeds of Associate Membership fees will be used to sustain the activities of the Mt
Eliza Chamber of Commerce.
            2006/07 Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce Associate Memberships
                           Enquiries: Contact Lucinda Bakhach
ph: 9787 4832 (Wed)        email :lucinda@mtelizavillage.com        www.mtelizavillage.com

Keep our Village Clean
Mt Eliza Chamber of Commerce members are keen for all traders to focus on
ensuring the footpath outside their business is in tiptop shape.
We understand the frustration of falling leaves, discarded litter and limited bins but we
need to continue to ensure the streets are clean and attractive if we want people to
enjoy their shopping experience in our Village.
The Chamber is writing to Council to ask for additional bins to assist us in our cause.
“Be Fantastic, Use Less Plastic”
                   Working Toward a Plastic Bag Free Village.

      ORDER YOUR RECYCLABLE BAGS NOW - $87.50 for a box of 100
                               Call Hans on 9787 2268

What’s On
                         Quality Coffee & Chocolates
                                  42 Ranelagh Drive
                                      Mt Eliza
                   Invites Easter Bunny To Visit The Village
       Jan at Knapp’s is getting into the Easter spirit and has invited none other than
       the Easter Bunny to come to the Village on Saturday 15 April and give away some
       gorgeous chocolates. Good on you Jan!

                                  Windmills & Roses
                                  38 Ranelagh Drive
                                      Mt Eliza
                              Explore your Creative Side
        Learn to sew, make quilts, clothing including children’s clothing and accessories,
       purses or rag dolls utilising Windmills & Roses divine array of unique
       haberdashery. Classes are held in cosy and inspiring surrounds close to home.
       You can also choose a class in pattern making, decoupage, mosaics, and jewellery
       making or knitting. Let Amanda & Sophie @ Windmills and Roses turn your
       imagination into something you can wear, use or give as a unique and personal gift.
           Cost: $30 for a 2 hour class plus purchase of materials.
             Call 9787 4949 for further information or to book.

              Mothers Day Catalogue 2006 – Last Chance
Our gorgeous Mothers Day 2006 catalogue is selling quickly. The catalogue, which is
a full colour, glossy, professionally designed concertina brochure will hit letterboxes in
Mt Eliza & South Frankston late April.

The aim of the catalogue is to highlight the product and service offerings within the
Village and market the Village as THE place to shop for Mothers Day. 10,000
catalogues will be produced and includes a number to display on each traders

Advertising queries – Contact Lisa Walton @ Big Bang Creative on 9775 4620 or
Lucinda Bakhach on 9787 4832 – Deadline 31 March 2006.

Diary Date
 Please note that the Village Christmas Twilight Fair will now be held on
                      Friday 15th December 2006.
2006 Promotional Plan & Budget
The Promotion & Development Team have developed a 12 month plan and associated
budget for 2006, which was adopted in principle by the Chamber Committee at its March
meeting. If anyone is interested you can obtain a copy of either of the documents by
contacting Lucinda on 9787 4832.

Just A Thought
           How is retailing changing – have you thought about it?
Marian Salzman, of Euro RSCG Worldwide - The world's fifth-largest global agency,
with 233 offices across the globe that specialize in advertising, marketing services,
interactive, healthcare, and corporate communications shares an insight into a
number of areas which are increasingly effecting shopping habits: -

The young are getting older faster, and the old are staying younger longer. Even as
adults are delaying marriage, parenthood, and retirement, preteens are becoming
socially aware much earlier than in generations past. Is target marketing based on
age still relevant?

A subtler type of "experience ": Instead of theme restaurants and stores with flashy
gimmicks, consumers prefer mass merchants that creatively offer deals (such as
Target) and local boutiques that give shoppers a sense of exclusivity. (A la The
Village, Mt Eliza).

Continued focus on the home as a haven.

Metrosexuality. "Metrosexuals" are heterosexual men who are "in touch with their
feminine side," as the saying goes: They are interested in grooming, enjoy shopping,
and keep in shape by practicing yoga.

"Buzz marketing": Because consumers are overwhelmed with promotional messages
via so many media, advertising is losing its effectiveness. A more effective, albeit
trickier, marketing method is to almost invisibly create favourable word of mouth -
giving celebrities free apparel in order to make the brand appear trendy, for

Increased obesity. More women and teens requiring plus-size apparel

"I'm my own best brand": Customerisation and personalisation, are more important
than ever.

Think about your business in relation to these points and ask how might I need
        to do business differently in future to engage these changes.

It is with sadness that the Village farewells Rachael & Frank Hambling and
their family – owners of Steffanies Fine Foods in The Strand Centre. Rachael
and Frank have been great supporters of the initiatives of the Chamber
Promotions Team and The Strand Centre – we will miss your enthusiasm and
drive. Good luck for the future guys.

                       your promotional levy at work

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