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									                                              VANUATU :
                                          “FLY & EVANGELISE”
At the Camporee, Castle Hill Pathfinders were invited by our sister club Potoroki Pathfinders, to come and
visit them in Vanuatu. I have since been in contact with the Vanuatu Mission Youth Director, and the Mission
is happy for us to come over as a "Fly and Evangelise" service trip.

Our Pathfinders were given the challenge at Camporee of "What are you going to do about it?" regarding
their relationship to Christ and the spreading of the Gospel. I would like to see this invitation as a chance for
them to be involved in real "Mission". Not only will they be able to have a better understanding of how other
cultures live and work, they will also be given an opportunity to visit another country as "missionaries", and
catch up on the contacts they made at Camporee.

I understand that some Pathfinder families may not choose to be involved with this project due to a younger
Pathfinder age, or philosophical differences of opinion. I do not wish this trip to become a subject of division
within the club. The opportunity is there for our Pathfinders if their families choose to be involved.

    POSSIBLE VANUATU SERVICE TRIP                            Our Daily Activities would be like this -
                                                             6.30am—Club Breakfast and worship
Proposed travel dates are 6-13 July 2008
First week of School holidays, just after the mid-year       8.00am - 9.30 Morning worship activity with the pup-
exams. Senior students start their Stuvac and HCS Trials     pets for the children not in school followed by craft and
mid August.                                                  games. We could also take the puppets to school for a
                                                             school worship if that fits into the school's program
Cultural Information
Our Pathfinders could put on a program for the primary       10.00 -11.30 Service activity - Could be anything for
aged kids who aren't in school. (Our school holidays don't   the community like -
mesh with theirs) - Vanuatu doesn't have compulsory          Planting trees, painting a building / fence or something,
schooling as they do not have enough primary school          helping on a clean-up job, cutting grass, etc there is a
places available for every one to attend. Children are       possible “Fly and Build” being planned at about this
given a test at the end of "Kindergarten" to see whether     time also, and our Pathfinders have been invited to help
they will continue with their Primary education.             with the building of a small community church using na-
                                                             tive materials over metal framing. The contact person
Vanuatu works on a time table that includes a "siesta"       in Vila would have to let us know what needs doing and
period from 11.30 - 1.30pm. Both work and school             organise the arrangements, we would turn up and
usually start at 7.30am, everyone goes home for the          provide the people power to help get the job done.
siesta break (shops and offices close). Work starts for a
couple of hours in the afternoon after 1.30pm                Lunch/Siesta

The daily type of program that has been discussed with       The afternoon could be free for the Pathfinders to have
the Vanuatu Mission as a possible outreach for our Path-     a look around Vila, go swimming, visit a village, before
finder club is based on the old Vocational Bible School      the evening program.
holiday program and fits in with their work/school/social

                             VANUATU : “FLY & EVANGELISE”

                                         To Go, or Not To Go -
                                         That is the Question!
                      Please return this section with your feedback to Sharon Duncan ASAP
Our Evening Activities would be like this -                  We also need to fundraise like mad to fund the travel
                                                             luggage needed to run the kids morning activities,
The Pathfinder groups from both Australia and Vanu-          puppets etc. I am aware that some families within the
atu could be responsible for Prayer Meeting on               club will need financial help to make the trip, and fund-
Wednesday night and Opening Sabbath on Friday                raising activities staffed with these families and others
night involving Singing, puppets, talks.                     will help contribute toward their ticket costs. I know
                                                             that it is a great challenge, but if everyone is keen to
We have the singing group "New Blend" available to           do this as a mission outreach, and God wants us to
travel with us. We have also been invited to help in         go, we will find the finances.
AY's on Sabbath with special items with New Blend,
Puppets presentation and a Pathfinders Video of              Those wishing to do a tour after our service at Vila,
what's been happening during the week.                       of the live Volcano on Tanna, or scuba dive on the
                                                             President Cooolage on Santo etc would pay extra for
Thursday night, all the Pathfinders could get together       the domestic intra-Island plane fares. These costs
and go down to the beach to present a Gospel Songs           would be their personal responsibility, not covered by
program as an outreach activity. You never know who          club fundraising, and are probably about $300 return
may be listening or wanting to join in.                      from each island.

On Sabbath we will visit some of the smaller village         Final fare costs will be available in September 07 as
churches to encourage them. It would be a good               Air Vanuatu promotes fares 10 months before their
experience for the Australian Pathfinders to worship         flight date.
with their village niVanuatu brothers and sisters in
                                                             Accommodation/ Meals
Costs                                                        Accommodation will be provided by Vanuatu Mission.
Single adult fares at the moment are $865 per person         Although some meals will also be provided buy our
Vila / Sydney return. This includes airfares, ticket/        hosts, we will mostly need to be self sufficient with
country taxes. Accommodation will be supplied by our         our meals. The local market place has a great supply
church in Vila and is free of charge. Food costs are         of the usual fresh vegetables. Vanuatu Mission will
not organised as yet.                                        provide cooking gear etc. Anyone volunteering to
                                                             possibly come as catering staff and organise the
The travel costs as above is hopefully the maximum           menu?
we would need to budget for, as we are working on a
group discount at the moment, and students also get          Medical Care
a discount. Booking early will also bring the price          Dr Robert Florida is happy to accompany us and
down. Our contact in Air Vanuatu is sorting out              provide medical care that may be needed on the trip.
the travel costs.

This means that we have to do an awful lot of fund-
raising, saving. Starting from now, if every one
wishing to come on the trip puts away $35 per
person per fortnight till February 08, we would
                                                             SO WHAT DO YOU THINK???
                                                             Please fill our your thoughts on the proposed trip in
have the travel costs covered in time to get early
                                                             the section below and return it ASAP to help with
booking discounts. We will not be approaching the
                                                             logistical planning and fundraising options.
church for financial aid for this trip. It all has to be
funded personally, or through fundraising

So What DO You think?
Please write in your family name ___________________________________________________

Do think this trip is a good idea to follow through?       Yes/No

Would your Pathfinder or family be interested in going on this trip?        Yes/No

How many people would come from your family if you are interested in going? _______

Would you be involved in Club fundraising for this trip whether you decide to go or not? Yes/No

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