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                              User-friendly Interface

                                    Above and Beyond User-friendly

Simple to Use
Awarepoint’s browser-based user interface, Searchpoint™, is
intuitive and easy to use. There is no software to install and users
easily train themselves. Any network PC can be used to access the
Searchpoint interface.

From Searchpoint, hospital staff simply click the desired item
from a list. A map of the hospital is displayed, indicating the
location. Advanced search capabilities allows searching by specific
location (floor, area, room) or unique asset identifier (department
owner, type, manufacturer, model number, asset control number
or EIN).

Using Infopoint™, the business analytics and reporting tool,
managers can quickly set up and modify alerts and reports.
Customized reports can also be configured to provide insights
and trends. This actionable, real-time information allows
immediate incremental changes which can significantly improve
business processes that impact patient care and reduce expenses.
For instance, a report showing which equipment is used the most
can make inventory management more cost effective. A report on
most frequent searches can be the catalyst to optimize equipment
placement to improve efficiency and patient care.

Open Integration
The Awarepoint Appliance supports many Web Services Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allowing any
application to become “location aware.” These interfaces can provide access to all asset attributes, including current
and historical locations, as well as information about the covered facility. Hospital inventory systems, bed management
systems, billing systems, and many others can be augmented and enriched through real-time location information.

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