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                                          What Kind of Crossbows Are Right For Me?
                                                          By Jennifer Walterscheit

   I’m shopping for crossbows. How can I find the right one for me?

 This really depends upon what you are going to use the crossbows for. Are you going to use it for
target practice, archery or hunting? The answer to that question will begin to lead you in the right
direction to find the bow that is just right. When looking for crossbows bear in mind that you may need
to be fitted with it, so take that into consideration when searching for one, either online or through a
retail store. The needs are different when you are only target shooting as opposed to hunting or
archery practice. That is why you need to know exactly what you need a crossbow for and why.

I am looking for hunting crossbows

 Hunting crossbows can be registered with up to 125 lbs of pull weight, which can take down most of
the animals on the planet. You also need to decide when choosing a hunting bow whether or not you
want wood or steel, composite, a scope or red dot line sights, or even a cocking mechanism. Then you
will need to decide upon bolts and heads for your crossbows. There are many choices available to you
and you need to decide on a budget and stick with that for your hunting bow. That way, you don’t
overspend, and it is very easy to do just that when purchasing a bow for hunting.

How about Medieval reenactment crossbows?

 When looking at crossbows for a medieval reenactment, you need to strongly consider that they are
for target shooting and demonstration. These beauties will have a range of around 100 yards. These
crossbows are made out of wood with a metal bow and firing mechanism. Most period pieces will be as
close to historical fact as possible. They will also be a bit on the heavy side. They come with hard
baked steel bows and iron tipped steel bolts and made of fine wood such as ash and cherry for
example. These are a wonderful piece to have when doing a medieval reenactment and will be a fine
piece to add to your bow collection.

I am using one for archery shooting

 Then your search for crossbows will be easier. Archery shooting is an excellent and disciplined sport,
and your bow must be able to handle all that it is asked to do for you. When hunting for an archery

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bow, you need to take into consideration several facts. You will need to choose a bow that is light and
long. You will need to take into consideration whether or not to use a compound bow or a regular one.
You need also to take measurements in order to fit the bow to you. Other considerations of course also
need to be taken into consideration such as cost, draw length and draw weight. These will help you to
find the right archery bow for your situation.

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                                                    How to Purchase Crossbows
                                                        By Jennifer Walterscheit

Crossbows have become one of the more preferred choices by avid archers and outdoor sports
enthusiasts. Just as there are a number of different sports where crossbows can be used are there a
different varieties of crossbow designs to choose from. Some of these crossbows may be specific in
their usage while others can be rather flexible. If you are looking to purchase a crossbow either in
archery specialty stores in shopping malls or over the Internet, here are a few things you may want to
first consider:


 The first thing that you would need to consider is first and foremost what will you be using your
crossbows for? Are you looking into simply getting into archery as a hobby and would be using the
crossbow more on target shooting? Or are you planning to use the crossbows for outdoor sports such
as hunting or fishing? Crossbows come in a variety of weight and power. Heavier and more powerful
crossbows are ideal for sport hunting and fishing. If you are merely looking into target practice, try
getting simple, basic crossbows instead.

Consult your License and Other Regulations

 If you are looking into purchasing crossbows to use for hunting and fishing, make sure that the
crossbow that you are looking into meets the requirements specified in your hunting and fishing
license. Some state government agencies that are in-charge of overseeing the hunting and fishing
zones within your state have also a set of regulations with regards to the kind of crossbows and other
archery equipment that can be used for fishing and hunting. You can contact your local parks and
wildlife agencies within your state with regards to such regulations. Some of the information about
crossbow use regulations is also readily available over the Internet. These websites would also
provide you information where to get additional certification and other requirements that you may need
before acquiring your very own crossbows.

Do Your Research

 There are a number of archery specialty stores in shopping malls and sports equipment stores that
offer a variety of different brands and models of crossbows. Do not just rely on which one is the
cheapest or what the local store assistant would offer. You can check on the reviews of these
crossbow brands over the Internet to decide which one will be the most likely investment for you. Also
ask your friends who are using crossbows for hunting, fishing or target shooting. This is to make sure
that you get your money’s worth when you purchase your crossbows.


 Over time, your crossbows would need to undergo maintenance and repair. Because of this, make
sure that you get your crossbows from a store that would offer a reasonable length for the warranty
coverage. It is important to also check the coverage of the warranty that is included when you
purchase your crossbows and its accessories. This is because since a crossbow is a very complicated
equipment to manufacture. As such, the absence of a warranty may cost you to spend an arm and a

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leg when the time comes that you need to have this repaired.

At Eagle Archery we are dedicated to providing you with the largest selection of archery equipment and
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