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									                                                                         trinity bay State high School
                                                                         year established     1960                                   Phone        +61 7 4051 5788
                                                                         number of students   1260                                   Fax          +61 7 4051 5754
                                                                         Street address       26-62 Hoare Street, Manunda            website
                                                                         	                    Cairns,	QLD	4870,	Australia

                                                   School overview
                                                   Trinity Bay SHS is located in the centre of the picturesque city of Cairns in Queensland’s Far North, surrounded
                                                   by the magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef and tropical rainforests. Trinity Bay SHS services a dynamic community
                                                   that experiences moderate weather all year round. It has developed a tradition of excellence in education which
                                                   ensures students are able to achieve their very best academically through quality teaching in a disciplined environment.
                                                   Enrichment and extension programs are available in dance, drama, music, technical theatre and sport.
                                                   Trinity Bay SHS is an award winning school in visual arts, science, technology, sport and community service.
                                                   three reaSonS to chooSe trinity bay State high School
                                                   •	 A	proven	track	record	of	academic	success
                                                   •	 High	quality	curriculum	which	caters	for	students	who	have	English	as	a	Second	Language
                                                   •	 Teaching	staff	are	specialists	in	a	range	of	fields	across	the	curriculum,	and	are	at	the	cutting	edge	of	teaching	
                                                      and learning practices

                                                   SPecial PrograMS                                                 awarDS
                                                   Trinity	Bay	SHS	has	developed	its	profile	within	the	            •	 Australian	National	Economics	and	Business	
                                                                                                                       Competition Winner
                                                   Cairns	community.	This	profile	has	been	on	academic	
                                                                                                                    •	 Showcase	Awards	for	Excellence	–	Science	and	
                                                   excellence and innovation with a focus on:
                                                                                                                       Technology Expo
                                                   •	 Science                                                       •	 Queensland	Minister’s	Award	for	Excellence	in	Art
                                                   •	 Visual	Arts                                                   •	 Showcase	Awards	for	Excellence	in	Schools	–	
                                                   •	 Performing	Arts                                                  Endeavour	Awards
                                                   •	 A	safe	and	disciplined	learning	environment                   •	 Australian	Mapping	Competition	Winner
                                                   •	 Physical	recreation	–	outdoor	education	and	sports            •	 State	Business	Plan	Competition	Winners
                                                   •	 Integrated	technology                                         •	 Pacific	Coal	Mathematics	Competition	Winners
                                                   eXtracUrricUlar activitieS                                       •	 Vicki	Wilson	Cup	Netball	Champions
                                                   •	 Mentoring	and	extension	programs                              other highlightS
                                                   •	 Centre	for	Artistic	Development	(CAD)	in	drama,	              •	 Trinity	Bay	SHS	offers	a	Reef	and	Rainforest	School	
                                                      dance, music and technical theatre                               Holiday	Adventure	Program,	during	the	September	
                                                   •	 Band,	orchestra	and	choir                                        vacation. This program is fully supervised by school
                                                   •	 School	radio	station                                             staff at all times.
                                                   •	 Debating	and	mooting                                          SPortS
                                                   •	 International,	national	and	local	trips
                                                   •	 Informatics                                                           term 1         term 2             term 3            term 4
                                                                                                                     Swimming           Volleyball         Athletics        Swimming
                                                   •	 Japanese	            •	   Auslan                               Rugby union        Rugby union        Rugby union      Rugby union
                                                   School FacilitieS                                                 Soccer             Soccer             Soccer           Surf Bronze
                                                   •	 A	large	number	of	science	laboratories                         Basketball         Basketball         Basketball       Scuba
                                                   •	 Photographic	development	studio
                                                   •	 14	computer	laboratories,	two	computer	clusters	and	           Volleyball         Golf               Modified         Athletics
trading name: education Queensland international

                                                      two class sets of laptops
                                                   •	 Visual	arts	complex                                            Hockey             Hockey             Hockey           Hockey
                                                   •	 Recording	studio                                               Softball                              Softball         Abseiling
                                                   •	 Specialist	manual	arts	area
                                                                                                                     Cricket            Cricket            Cricket          Rock	climbing
cricoS Provider number: 00608a

                                                   •	 Sports	stadium,	swimming	pool
                                                   •	 Tennis,	basketball,	beach	volleyball	and	netball	courts        Netball            Netball            Water polo       Water polo
                                                   •	 A	state-of-the-art	theatre                                     Touch football     Touch football     Touch football   Touch football
                                                   •	 A	newly	refurbished,	modern	resource	centre
                                                                                                                     AFL                Rugby league       Rugby league     Rugby league
                                                   tertiary PathwayS
                                                   Students graduating from Trinity Bay SHS can matriculate          Squash             Lawn	bowls         Lawn	bowls       Social dance
                                                   directly	into	James	Cook	University	and	Tropical	North	                                                 Biathlon         Biathlon
                                                   Queensland	TAFE.
                                                                                                                                        Archery            Archery

                                                                                                                                               education Queensland international

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