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									           Things to do in Holdfast Bay
The City of Holdfast Bay is Adelaide’s premier seaside destination,
shaped by its history, climate, beaches and diversity. Residents
and visitors alike enjoy our great outdoor lifestyle in a safe and
friendly environment. Jetty Road (1) is Glenelg’s main street
offering a variety of retail outlets, banking & professional services,
supermarkets, Post Office, Cinema, restaurants, cafes and
specialty shops. From Moseley Square treat yourself and take a
trip on a moving icon, the City to Bay tram.

                                               A short walk will take you to the Old Gum Tree (2), the landmark where
                                               the province of South Australia was proclaimed. You will also pass the
                                               HMS Buffalo (3), a majestic replica of the sailing ship that brought the
                                               early settlers to Holdfast Bay, and is now a popular family restaurant.

The Bay Discovery Centre (4) at Glenelg Town Hall interprets the history and culture of "The
Bay" with a multimedia exhibition. A self-guided tour of "Voyage and Arrival", "Federation",
"The Beach, Surf and Sand", "Transport", "Glenelg and Brighton" and "Diving into the Past"
offers a trip back in time - neck-to-knee bathers, the Big Dipper and the wreck of the Barcoo,
promenades along Glenelg Jetty. The mezzanine space features changing visual art and
social history exhibitions. Afterwards, you can explore the outdoors and take yourself on the
Proclamation Trail, on foot or the innovative Federation Trail from the comfort of your car.

                                Rodney Fox Shark Experience (5), also located in
                                the Town Hall is where the world of the famous un-
                                derwater and shark adventurer shows the tingling
                                excitement of sharks through theatre, a museum
                                and the interesting gift shop.           

Hel-a-va Jet Boats (6) Enjoy the speed and adrenalin rush from Hel-a-va
Jet Boats which is first of its kind in Australia. Hel-a-va Jet Boats provides
a 20 minute high velocity off-shore excitement ride, in a fully enclosed
cabin, without the ocean spray. You can also take a package, a 20 minute
ride and dine in one of the restaurants at Holdfast Shores.

                                               Dine in Style, be tempted by an array of flavours and satisfy your appetite
                                               for the good life in the stunning ambience of Holdfast Shores (7) on the
                                               waterfront. Sample succulent fresh South Australian produce from a
                                               variety of restaurants. Savour the flavours of Italian, Asian, Mexican,
                                               Indian cuisine or Seafood. Holdfast Shores has it all - from relaxing
                                               waterfront restaurants and bars to an exciting series of public artworks by
                                               prominent South Australian Artists.

                    Temptation Sailing (8) offers day or sunset coastal cruises. Enjoy
                    the antics of friendly dolphins who regularly visit the boat to play in
   its slip-stream or maybe even swim with the dolphins. ‘Temptation’ is South
Australia’s only vessel to offer this awe-inspiring experience.
                                           Walk or ride the Proclamation Trail (9) through the streets of Glenelg to discover some of
                                           the area's most significant sites. Starting just outside the Glenelg Town Hall, the markers at
                                           each site provide insights into the landmarks, people and events that helped shape the
                                           colony, including the Glenelg Jetty, Patawilya Reserve, Patawalonga River, the "Old Gum
                                           Tree" and Colley Reserve.

Take yourself on an audio tour of Holdfast Bay – its past and present. The Federation Trail
(10) links places of historical, social and environmental significance, along the coast of
Holdfast Bay, from Glenelg to Kingston Park. From ancient land forms like Tjilbruke Spring and
coastal sand dunes, to houses of the wealthy and the poor, the famous and the influential. The
innovative Federation Trail can be enjoyed from the comfort of your vehicle, cycle or foot – all
you need is the Federation Trail brochure and an FM radio. Just look for the marker, listen to
the story and see the site closeby.

                                                                   Explore the sites of Glenelg on two wheels on the Glenelg Heritage Cycle
                                                                   Loop (11). An 11km tourist route where you will discover the historical,
                                                                   tourist and recreational features of beautiful Glenelg. Bike hire available at
                                                                   Glenelg Foreshore.

Travelling south of Glenelg along The Esplanade the sandy white beaches
offer you time to relax and soak up the atmosphere. Only 4km along The
Esplanade from Glenelg you will come to the seaside hamlet of Brighton.
Jetty Road (12) Brighton is a quaint village comprising arts curio shops and
alfresco dining. The Brighton Walk Through History (13) is 1-2 hours, de-
pending on your pace. You will discover the evolving history of this growing
area spaning over 100 years; see the grave of Sir Douglas Mawson, the fa-
mous Antarctic explorer; a house built in 1912 and designed on Dunluce Cas-
tle in Northern Ireland; the Arch of Remembrance; and much more.

                      Slightly further south, is Kingston Park (14), take time to explore the coastal reserve with its
                      spectacular views back across the coast, learn the Dreamtime Story of Tjilbruke and how the spring
                      site evolved. Visit Kingston House (15) built in 1840 by Charles Cameron Kingston, the first Austra-
                      lian Premier to introduce voting for women and later to be known as the ‘Father of Federation’.

                           Anzac Highway

                                           TO CITY                                          Brighton Road                                       N           S

              3                                                         1                                          Road

                                                9         5                                                         12                                 15
                                                               4            Moseley Square

              Holdfast        7
              Shores                                                                                                                            Kingston Park
              Marina        8                                               Glenelg Jetty                           Brighton Jetty

                                                                                                                                     Please note: Map not to scale.

                                                                   Brochures and further information are available at:
                                                                         Glenelg Visitor Information Centre
                                                                                  Glenelg Foreshore
                                                                                      (08) 8294 5833

                                                                                 City of Holdfast Bay
                                                                                      (08) 8179 9500

                                               ~ Produced by Council’s Tourism & Business Development Unit. June 2005 ~

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