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									MARK R. CALDARELLA                                                        OLD SAYBROOK, CT 06475
                                                C: 570.573.0061  MARK_CALDARELLA@COMCAST.NET

                 —Expertise in consumer products for big box retailers—

Strategic 14 years of executive experience in product development, product management, global
sourcing, marketing, strategic market planning, sales support and general management. Offer an
expansive network of industry suppliers in Europe and the Far East. Verifiable record of reducing
overhead costs while driving up net profits and preserving quality. Strong background in general
management, P&L and proven ability to sustain profitability despite formidable economic and
market challenges. Retail, Manufacturing and sales experience in Consumer Products. Last 15 years
spent working with big box retailers.

                                EXPERIENCE & ACHIEVEMENTS

LTL HOME PRODUCTS INC., Schuykill / Haven, PA                                         1994 – Present
Leading supplier of folding doors and glass shelving with annual revenues of $25M
Vice President, Marketing & Product Development
Recruited by owner to help grow company. Manage a team of 5 in customer service, inventory
control, purchasing and graphics design. Accountable for product development, business
development, marketing, supply chain management and procurement. Oversee 2 offices in Taiwan
and Germany and 8 factories in the Far East. Serve on executive committee to direct and manage
short- and long-term company planning.
 Increased gross margins by 5% generating an overall profit margin of 55%:
    - Stoked competition between 2 vital suppliers to clinch lowest pricing.
    - Cut procurement costs by up to 60% by sourcing to Asian markets for identical/improved
 Recommended the sale of an under utilized distribution facility that created a $1M+ profit and
    saved $8500 monthly in operating costs.
 Identified a product defect with an overseas supplier that affected $750K worth of inventory.
    Secured credits and developed a formal testing procedure to eliminate further product flaws that
    protected countless sales opportunities.
 Developed new product line including design, branding, packaging and all marketing collateral
    - Added 15% in annual revenues and increased gross margins by 55%
    - Met a growing trend in US markets for decorative glass shelving products.
 Created a formal marketing department that boosted the company’s ability to effectively market
    products and meet customer needs.

CALDARELLA & SMITH ASSOCIATES, Rockland, MA                                                1989 – 1993
Manufacturer’s rep agency specializing in selling nationally to wholesale club industry
President / Owner
Leveraged earlier experience as a buyer for BJ’s Wholesale Club to start this business. Created
business plan, oversaw daily operations and managed P&L. Developed and executed marketing and
sales strategies.
  Grew sales from zero to $20M over a 5-year period with an average sales commission of 3% and
    paid back promissory note in first 8 months.

Earlier Career Highlights:
Buyer / Merchandiser, BJ’S WHOLESALE CLUB, Natick, MA
 Catapulted sales of newly emerging personal home computers from zero to over $10 million in
   just 2 years:
   - Positioned store as a formidable competitor to traditional retailers and enabled it to compete
       with big players such as Costco and Sam’s.
 Selected and hired quality people for this start-up that have all remained with the company to

Sales Representative / Assistant Buyer / Buyer / Senior Buyer
 Turned around an underperforming department that had not hit sales and margin goals for 2
    consecutive years; within 18 months increased sales by 33% and margins by 4%.
  Created a new concept for display and merchandising of a pine molding product that drove up
    revenues and profits significantly.

                                       CAREER MILESTONES
                                        —during past 15 years—

   Led the growth of a newly formed home products company from $2M to over $20 million in
    just 8 years while raising bottom line profits from 1.5% to 6%:
    - Achieved record sales growth of 25-40% through most of the 1990s
    - Drove sales growth of 12-18% through 2004 and continue growth despite economy, with current
        annual revenues of $25M
    - Built a core business in interior folding doors that represents 65% of total sales and effectively
        eliminated all major competitors.
   Pivotal in leading organizational change and restructuring the company to maximize its
    performance and solidify its presence in the marketplace:
    - Developed formal departments for operations, human resources, finance, sales and
        marketing, and created processes and quality testing procedures
    - Instilled an environment that fostered teamwork and recognition of employee contributions;
        leading to improved morale and a near zero turnover rate.
   Developed and launched a robust new product line in 2001 that:
    - Decreased dependency on big box retailers and opened new pipelines online and with
        smaller retailers
    - Led to private labeling of this unique line of shelving and built sales to $6M annually
    - Facilitated a sales increase of 15+% and increased overall gross margins by 5 points despite
        current economy
    - Diversified the company’s product mix to include a lucrative line
                 Opened up sourcing by partnering with a German shelving company

                            NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY, Boston, MA
                                Bachelor of Science, Marketing

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