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One clear choice
for Location Enquiries
Locating persons
of interest

                  Recognised experts
                 in the field of Locating
                   Persons of Interest.

IDS Group is a recognised expert in the field of Locating
Persons of Interest. IDS Group’s Intelligence Division
comprises a team of in-house licensed investigators assigned
to locating individuals. Our investigators have undergone
extensive training and hold relevant qualifications.

Using the most up to date technology to get results
IDS Group uses a number of open source databases, subscription
databases (only available to our Agency as a licensed firm) and
other technical methods and processes to locate individuals.
        and verification
            of information
       obtained is critical.
              Nick Wright, IDS Group Director and Area Governor -
                             Australia, World Investigators Network

  Our lawful access to a comprehensive range of Government
         and open source databases provides IDS Group with
       “the edge”. This combined with our Intelligence Team’s
    investigation skills and techniques means that clients can
        rest assured that every legal avenue has been pursued
              to attempt to locate the subject of their enquiries.

When conducting location enquiries, accuracy and verification
       of information obtained is critical. IDS Group adheres to
      strict quality assurance guidelines and procedures, which
     ensures that information gathered is accurate and verified.
     The results of searches conducted are generally confirmed
  through a number of separate sources in order to ensure that
reasonable and factual based conclusions have been reached.

     As we are able to conduct location enquiries anywhere in
    Australia this allows us to exist as a single source provider
          for all of our clients’ location enquiries requirements.
                                 Leading the way in
                                 our field of expertise

                                 IDS Group is a recognised expert in this area of investigations
                                 and regularly delivers presentations and training to Law
                                 Enforcement and Government Agencies on ‘Investigative
                                 Methods & Sources” in respect to locating persons of interest and
                                 gathering information. IDS Group is a regular guest facilitator to
                                 the Queensland Police Service’s “Intelligence Training Program”.
                                 We are training facilitators and so are required to, and do keep
                                 up-to-date with the changing dynamics and availability of
                                 information and methods involved in gathering information.

                                 All services are completed professionally and in
                                 accordance with procedures and processes detailed in
                                 our company Quality Assurance Program. IDS Group
                                 strives to obtain the best outcome for our clients

IDS Group is a regular guest
                                 in an efficient, thorough and ethical manner.

                                 IDS Group has professional indemnity and public liability
facilitator to the Queensland    insurance which offers protection for our clients.
Police Service’s ‘Intelligence
       Training Program’.
        Level 5, 231 George Street,
           Brisbane City Q 4000
T. +61 7 3210 5000 | F. +61 7 3229 7323
        For further information please
 visit our website
  or email

    Investigation Licence no. 3059058
Quality Assured Organisation & Accredited
 Government Service Provider. Licensed
                                            basis_ids1016_location enquiries

     by the Queensland Government.
  Members of the Institute of Mercantile
Agents Ltd & World Investigators Network

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