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The                       Stone Age
Where does all the important work in the kitchen happen?
The Bench top of course. Choosing a hardwearing and attractive surface material is imperative.
Natural Stone - cut from Raw Quarry Block               with a high resistance to cracks and chips. With          DURABILITY
into slabs usually 20–30mm thickness for                colour consistency and the greater degrees of             Durability is often not considered first, though it
bench tops. Marble and granite are the                  conformity in terms of appearance. The range              should be. Always consider the environment the
more popular choices.                                   available to us has increased tenfold, Essa Stone,        chosen product will be exposed to. Granites are
                                                        Caesarstone, Quarella Quartz, Stone Italiana,             considered more durable than marble or engineered
MARBLE – once, only select people allowed               Corian, Terrazzo and Marblo just to name a few.           stone in general circumstances.
themselves the luxury of marble bench tops in
the home. Marble is more preferred surface for          If correctly chosen, both natural and engineered          STAIN RESISTANCE
bathrooms than kitchen, being more porous than          stone provide for very practical bench tops. So           Staining is either acceptable or unacceptable
granite. A bathroom bench-top fit for royalty, with     how do you make the correct choice that will suit         by the consumer. Staining can occur either from
classic beauty and texture, is both suitable and        your lifestyle? Prioritise the characteristics most       sulphides within the stone that are activated from
affordable for both domestic and commercial use.        important to you from the list below.                     external sources or from external applications
                                                                                                                  penetrating the stone.
GRANITE – provides a great colour and grain             COLOUR SELECTION
variation. Elegant, durable and less subject to         Colour generally rates as the top characteristic          CLEANING, CARE AND MAINTENANCE
stains and scratches than other natural stone.          for consumers, as it needs to suit, match and             This is also very important as consumers need to
Aesthetically appealing. Manufactured to suit           complement the décor it will be placed into.              honestly judge their lifestyle and living habits
anyone’s requirements. Interiors gain stature and       Always view samples from a supplier, as they typify       and determine the amount of cleaning, care and
granite provides an extremely hardwearing and           the colour extremes that can occur from time to           maintenance that will fit and be managed by their
low maintenance surface.                                time as both natural and engineered stone may             lifestyle.
                                                        vary from piece to piece.
                                                                                                                  SEALING OF STONE
Engineered Stone - contains unsaturated
                                                        TEXTURE                                                   Sealing should only take place on stone that is
polyester resins which require curing under             Texture creates the depth and style a consumer            porous.
stringent and exacting conditions normally              is looking for. Repeat the same process as used
at very high, constant temperature. Their                                                                         TIP – purchase a piece the size of a breadboard, to
                                                        for colour selection. Certain characteristics will
                                                                                                                  trial at home for a week or two prior to ordering.
performance is totally reliant on the quality           be determined by the stones texture i.e. crystal
of raw material and quality assurance                   size, pitting, veins, inclusions and internal fracture
during the whole manufacturing process.                 lines. Be sure to ask to see the extremities that
                                                        are likely to occur in the product. Occasionally                             Leanne J Zielke
RECONSTITUTED STONE – made up of quartz,                fillers are used to fill small inclusions or pit marks;              Colour Design Consultant
granite granules, marble dust or glass chips, mixed     this is not a guarantee remedy for life but may                  Accent on Colour / Andersons
with a resin or polyester base. Exceptional results     serve the purpose.                                                                   Curtains
in strength, hardness, durability and stain resistant                                                                       0413 009 380 / 4151 5757

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