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					                                                                   The Secret                 by Scott Pape

                           YES, finally I’ve done it. I have decided to short-sell my soul and jump on the New
                          (W)Age movement.
                           It was only a matter of time before I woke up and read the tea-leaves: based on the
                          calculations of my local bookstore, The Secret is outselling The Barefoot Investor
                          by 3891 copies to one!
                           Clearly the book-buying public is subconsciously sending me a message.
                           Sure, the Barefoot Plan sets out a comprehensive guide to managing your money,
                          but it involves a hell of a lot more work and is decidedly less sexy than the simplicity
                          of The Secret’s ‘ask, believe, receive’.
Scott Pape                  So I’ve dispensed with the Barefoot Investor’s five steps to financial freedom, and
The Barefoot Investor     instead created the five secrets to manifesting money with your mind.

Secret number one: Your thoughts become things.
  To achieve anything you want in life, all that’s required is to faithfully visualise the end result as already
being in existence; just like standing in line at the deli, your number will eventually be called up, at which
time the Creator will shower you with your deepest desires – or so The Secret says.
  Let’s stick with reality (after all, if our thoughts really manifested like this, Paris Hilton would have been
locked up for life).
 Given that people spend more time planning a holiday than planning their finances, there’s power to be
gained by directing your thoughts towards thinking about your financial future.
 So, start asking yourself some real questions: What’s likely to happen in 10 or even 20 years’ time that you
need to start saving for today? What are three (legal) things you could do right now that could boost your
bank balance?
 I’m diverging from the self-help playbook here but it’s also important to entertain negative thoughts.
 If you suddenly lost your job tomorrow (if it happened to Eddie, it could happen to you), or if you became
critically ill and The Secret didn’t cure your crippling disease as promised – how would you live? What would
be your back-up plan?

Secret number two: Give thanks for your abundance.
 Thanking the universe for abundance is common shtick for the self-help crowd, but Barefoot goes one
better. Take a break for five minutes, close your eyes and take a mental trip through your home.
 Look at all the furnishings, decorations, even your clothes, and remember how much each item cost you.
Then ask yourself whether you got maximum bang for your buck.
 Would you still make the purchase today, or could you find a better alternative for the cash?
 Next, think back to all the little purchases you’ve made in the past few days – concentrate really hard on
remembering all of them: the cup of coffee, the magazine, the parking. Did they add value to your life, or
have you already forgotten about them?

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       Secret number three: Every action has a reaction.
          The Secret suggests that one of the quickest ways to become wealthy is to ‘act as if’ you’re already wealthy.
         Doing this apparently fools your subconscious mind into believing you have bucketloads of bucks – although
       I’ve yet to see it fool a credit card company, which will have no trouble manifesting a monthly bill.
         Wealthy people don’t tell the 7-Eleven attendant to keep the change, and they certainly don’t go to a get-
       rich-quick seminar and learn to trade options.
          Rather, they understand that real wealth and financial security comes from systematic saving and investing.

       Secret number four: Understand there are no ladders.
         Most people are ladder-climbers. They start at the bottom of their chosen career, and then slowly start
       making their way up the ladder one rung at the time. It’s often a slow and arduous process – usually made
       that way by insecure people at the top.
         Yet at any point in time it’s within anyone’s power to make the decision to forget about the ladder and
       leapfrog over the wall to where you really want to go.
         It’s an eye-opening revelation when you realise that you don’t have to pay your dues for the next 30 years
       to finally make your mark. In fact, the only person stopping you is, well, you – and your ability to back your
       own judgment, work like a dog and win.
        Sure, you’re going to annoy the ‘old pros’ of your industry – the ones who’ve sat on their backsides and
       created these ladders specifically to stop people showing them up – but that’s half the fun!
          Trust me on this one – I’ve been doing it for years.

       Secret number five: There is no free lunch.
        In the late 1950s Earl Nightingale released The Strangest Secret, a self-help recording that discussed the
       powers of the mind.
        It went on to become a global smash hit, selling more than a million copies and became the first spoken-
       word recording to achieve gold record status.
        Almost 50 years later The Secret has become a sensation around the world by delivering the same basic
       message – all you need to do is embrace the power of your mind.
          Wealth, health and happiness are yours so long as you stick to the script: simply ‘ask, believe, receive’.
         I have no doubt that there will be a sequel to The Secret; I also have no doubt that in 20 years another
       ‘power of the mind’ program will smash records and sell millions.
          It’s simply too good a story to pass by – what if you could achieve everything in life without lifting a finger?
        Yet the real secret to getting everything you want in life is surprisingly simple, although it will never be a
       best-seller, because deep down everyone already knows the truth (whether they choose to admit it or not).
        The secret is there’s no such thing as a free lunch – the only thing that ensures success is unending hard
       work and dedication.
          Tread your own path!


The information contained in this publication is not personal advice, it is general advice. It has been prepared by Scott Pape, who has been commissioned by Host-Plus Pty Limited to help existing HOSTPLUS members think about
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