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									Carrie McDowell – Bio

Carrie, born in Nashville Tennessee spent much of her formable years in Florida and

In 1991, her father was given a short time to live after suffering a heart attack. Carrie
returned to Tennessee first taking a position in the meat industry, and then changing
Careers in 2003. In 2003 Carrie began going to college part time in pursuit of a new
career in the IT field. Currently attending Middle Tennessee State University, she has
completed 100+ hours. Carrie plans to continue in the IT field obtaining a masters degree
and possibly a doctorate in Bioinformatics.

Currently Carrie is enjoying her position as Department Head / Help Desk Manager with
employees in Alabama and Tennessee for GovDeals. GovDeals is an online auction
company and much of what Carrie does involves training. Carrie has mastered
documenting easy steps for non technical clients to follow, and has written and published
almost all of the training guides for GovDeals.

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