The Necessities Before electric refrigerators became available ice by lindayy


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									               The Necessities

Before electric refrigerators became available ice
chests were used to keep food fresh. The height of
this ice chest is 600mm, the width is 400mm and
the depth is 1020mm. In ice chests like this one a
large block of ice was placed into the top section,
allowing cold air to filter down into the section
below and preserve the food placed on the shelves
or racks. The foods that were most likely to be
spoiled were placed in the very bottom of the chest
where the temperature was lowest. Any highly
flavoured food was placed onto the top shelf to
minimise odours tainting other food.

Compare this ice chest to the refrigerator you have
at home.

     1. What are the main differences? Think about
        the size (you may want to ask for help to
        measure your refrigerator at home with a
        tape measure), what it is made of, the
        colour and other features.

     2. Are there any similarities?

     3. What foods are stored in the bottom of your
        refrigerator? What is stored on the top

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