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					Early Fall Tournament 2006 (Westbrook – Packet 4)

1. Joseph Warren headed a body known as this in Massachusetts, selecting Artemas Ward to take command
of soldiers in the run-up to Bunker Hill. General Salan established a body by this name in Algeria in 1958.
The most famous one came into existence with nine members, and at one point became the mouthpiece for
the decree of a feast in honor of the Supreme Being. It raised a total of 14 armies, growing to include men
like Georges Couthan and Louis de Saint-Just after the defeat of the moderate Girondists. Originally an
executive arm of the National Convention. FTP, name this body of revolutionary France, a certain
“committee” responsible for the Reign of Terror.
         Answer: Committee of Public Safety

2. The servant Manes appears twice but does not speak in this work, which quotes Pherecrates’ remark
about flaying a skinned dog. The story is told of a boy Melanion, who fled to the mountains to weave nets
and catch hares, and this story is countered by one about Timon. Over halfway through, an exchange occurs
between Cinesias and Myrrhine, and very early on we meet Calonice. A great black bowl is set on the
ground and several characters pledge not to add a single drop of water to the Thasian wine poured into it,
including Lampito the Spartan. Presented in 411 B.C., FTP, name this play by Aristophanes about a bunch
of women who storm the Acropolis and refuse sex until the war is over, led by the titular chick.
         Answer: Lysistrata

3. Their formation is described by the Shapiro-Keyser Model, an alternative to the long-existing model of
Jack Bjerknes, which built off of the Margules Formula and was called the Norwegian Model. In this
model, Solberg predicted the emergence of a wave on the front from an upper level disturbance embedded
in diffluent flow, and Bergeron predicted its life cycle would end with occlusion, which occurs when cold
air surpasses warm air. Francis Galton proposed the existence of an anti type of them, which results in fair
weather. FTP, give the term for this circular rotation of air around a low pressure area, which often occurs
in tropical places.
          Answer: cyclones (do not accept hurricanes or typhoons)

4. One man present at the playing of it was Friedrich Bonet, who gave an account of this work, sponsored
by Baron Kilmanseck. Eleven of its movements were compiled by John Walsh, but the edition by Samuel
Arnold of 19 movements is considered authoritative, and it was notably arranged by Hamilton Harty. The
“Alla Hornpipe” movement, as well as the Bourrée and the “Air” movements in the first part, are the more
famous pieces. That first part is a suite in F major, joining two other suites in D major and G major. Often
paired with “Music for the Royal Fireworks,” FTP, name this set of pieces by Handel played for a trip by
George I up and down the Thames River.
         Answer: Water Music

5. The so-called Concertina Rule deals with these, and they are the focus of the Metzler Paradox. They may
be described as scientific if they are made-to-measure, and a Harberger Triangle may be used to measure
their net welfare loss. They may also be described as redundant, cascading, or compound, in which case
they have a specific and an ad valorem component. Created by conversion from NTBs, actual examples of
them include the Dingley one, the Wilson-Gorman, the Fordney-McCumber, and the Hawley-Smoot one.
FTP, name this economic term defined as a tax on trade.
          Answer: tariffs (prompt on duty or tax)

6. Stuart Picken wrote about the essentials of it in an analytical guide explaining its customs. Others who
notably studied it include Karl Florenz and Ernest Satow. The Ring of Grass, the Four Affirmations, and
the idea that the three elements of gas, liquid, and solid constitute all of existence are traditions espoused by
this system, as is the existence of unfortunate “water children.” More obvious traditions of it include the
decorative gates known as torii in front of its shrines, and its teaching of a world filled with spirits called
kami. FTP, name this ancient native religion of Japan.
          Answer: Shintoism
7. Key figures in this organization included Hugh Sloan Jr., Maurice Stans, and the accomplished pilot
Kenneth Dahlberg. It launched Operation Gemstone with the help of Frederick LaRue, shortly after A.J.
Woolston-Smith prompted William Haddad to write about the November Group. It also included Donald
Segretti, who ran a special part of it, and James McCord and Jeb Magruder, both eventually connected to E.
Howard Hunt, who worked here along with his fellow “Plumber” G. Gordon Liddy. FTP, name this White
House fundraising organization devoted to seeing Richard Nixon return to office, often given a derogatory
name from its abbreviation.
          Answer: CREEP or CRP (or Committee to Re-Elect the President)

8. One of this author’s plays, The Princess of Baghdad, saw an appearance by the actress Eleanora Duse.
His last play, The Return from Thebes, was left unfinished but more successful theatrical works include
Denise and Monsieur Alphonse. He coined the titular term for a link between high and low society in the
comedy The Half-World, but his most famous work is a novel narrated by the poor writer Armand Duval
who loves the sickly Marguerite Gautier, a representation of the real-life Marie Duplessis. FTP, name this
writer of L’Affaire Clémenceau and a novel that was the basis for Verdi’s La Traviata entitled Camille, the
illegitimate son of the author who wrote The Three Musketeers.
          Answer: Alexandre Dumas fils (or Dumas the Younger or anything which implies the lesser

9. This site requires AAA-ATPase Cdc48 for homotypic membrane fusion events. Its compartmentalization
is often described as septin-dependent and relates to a portion of it that forms at the bud neck during yeast
polarized growth. It contains narrow channels known as translocons which facilitate transfer to the part of it
that lies continuous with the nuclear envelope, and its collective structure was once called the gastroplasm.
It has a large complex lumen consisting of numerous cisternae or flattened sacs where newly synthesized
proteins are sequestered. FTP, name this cellular organelle which may possess ribosomes, leading it to be
called “rough” or be “smooth,” and either way is abbreviated ER.
          Answer: endoplasmic reticulum or ER before mentioned (accept smooth or rough endoplasmic
reticulum at any time)

10. This man’s writing was promoted by Henry Reeve, including a work written in poor health which
attempted to “retrace” his own recent actions, entitled Souvenirs. After wedding Mary Mottley, he
composed a Memoir on Pauperism, which argued against governmentally sanctioned charity. Often quoted
in David Riesman’s The Lonely Crowd, he is more famous for predicting the emergence of Russia as a
superpower and promoting the doctrine of “self-interest rightly considered,” after he departed to study
prison systems with his friend Gustave de Beaumont. FTP, name this author of The Old Regime and the
Revolution, a Frenchman who also composed the monumental work Democracy in America.
         Answer: Alexis de Tocqueville

11. Sights in this city include La Chascona and Forestal Park, which is located along the Mapocho River.
That river runs through this city served by Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport. Founded by Pedro
de Valdivia, it features a notable Central Station designed by Gustave Eiffel. Its nearby cities include
Puente Alto just south, Rancagua farther south, and Valparaiso to the northwest. Liberated after the Battle
of Chacabuco, FTP, name this South American city, the capital of Chile.
         Answer: Santiago

12. This band composed “Theatre of the Soul” and “Bastard Son of a Thousand Blues” for their fifth album
Native Tongue. Formed with guitarist Matt Smith, they sing about “a small-town girl with her whole life
packed in a suitcase by her feet,” lamenting that “sometimes you can’t choose, it’s like heads they win, tails
you’re gonna lose” in the song “Fallen Angel,” which joins a cover of “Your Mama Don’t Dance” on Open
Up and Say…Ahh!. Named after Mick Shrimpton’s shirt in This is Spinal Tap, other members include
bassist Bobby Dall, drummer Rikki Rockett, and lead singer Bret Michaels. FTP, name this band which
also has C.C. DeVille, an 80s glam metal group maybe best known for “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”
         Answer: Poison

13. This ruler beat the Egyptians at Rafah, engaged the kingdom of Mannai and its king Aza, and defeated
Rusas I. The new capital city that he built contained the Nabu Temple, a massive winged and human-
headed bull sculpture, and the residence of his brother and grand vizier Sinahusur. This man, the son of
Tiglath-Pileser III, abandoned that capital about 15 years later, and was succeeded by his son Sennacherib.
A ruler from 722-705 BC who restored the dual monarchy of Assyria and Babylonia, FTP, name this guy,
the second ruler of his name, the first of whom founded the Akkadian empire and was known as the Great.
          Answer: Sargon II (prompt on Sargon, don’t take Sargon the Great)

14. This is the name of Red Sammy Butts’ restaurant where a family stops for barbecued sandwiches in
Flannery O’Connor’s story “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” Kenzaburo Oe wrote a 1990 work about a
Treatment one of these. In Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship, the main character is controlled by and
eventually becomes a member of a secret Society known by this name. The poem of this name begins
“What shall I do with this absurdity,” and appears in a collection of the same name which also includes
“Sailing to Byzantium.” In a Robert Browning work, Childe Roland came to a dark one. FTP, name this
type of structure; a Biblical one was built in Babel and a leaning one is in Pisa.
          Answer: towers (or any phrase mentioning towers)

15. Ganson’s Conjecture makes a prediction about one type of them, which are structured by Andersen’s
Theorem. A weird number is abundant but cannot fall into this category. A one-to-one relation between
some of them and Mersenne primes is implied by the Euclid-Euler theorem. Carl Pomerance showed that
odd ones must have at least seven prime factors, but it is unknown if any odd ones exist. 6, 28, and 496 are
the first three of 43 known ones. FTP, give this term for numbers which are the sum of their proper positive
           Answer: perfect numbers (accept picture-perfect numbers or semiperfect or pseudoperfect)

16. One of these is called Balan Bacham and is defended by Mampes. The Owl Woman is in charge of one
in Native American myth and Zoroastrian tradition refers to one called Chinvato Peretav, which is related
to the Muslim al-Sirat. In Japanese myth, Ninigi marries the dancing Uzume off to a god associated with
one. One of them in Norse myth can be called Asabru, and is presided over by Heimdall, but is better
known as Bifrost or the Rainbow one. FTP, name this type of structure that connects two landmasses,
another example of which might be the Golden Gate.
         Answer: bridges (or reasonable equivalents, though I can’t think of any)

17. John Michael Montias and Arthur K. Wheelock are renowned for their studies of this artist. A recent
addition to this artist’s canon came with the analysis of a duplicate of a painting by Felice Ficherelli, or il
Riposo, a depiction of Saint Praxedis. After his earliest known work, Christ in the House of Mary and
Martha, he took over the inn of his father called the Mechelen. His only dated work, which also contains a
possible self-portrait of him, is The Procuress. Also known for works on The Astronomer and The
Geographer, FTP, name this artist who also created Girl with the Pearl Earring and View of Delft, a 17th
century Dutch painter.
         Answer: Johannes/Jan Vermeer

18. This nation saw the implementation of a program known as Operation Jock Scot. Important politicians
in its history include Bernard Mate, Simeon Nyachae, and Masinde Muliro. At one point, tensions led to the
resignation of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who formed the People’s Union, years before the assassination of
the unionist Tom Mboya. Long before, the Portuguese established the center of Fort Jesus on its shore. Its
most famous leader published Suffering Without Bitterness and adopted the slogan of Harambee, before
being succeeded by Daniel arap Moi. A country plagued by the Mau Mau Rebellion, FTP, name this
African nation first led by Jomo Kenyatta with its capital at Nairobi.
           Answer: Kenya

19. This author writes about an amusing confrontation in a nightclub in “A Hard Time Keeping Up,” and
tells of a trip on a freight train in “I Did Not Learn Their Names.” A sailor named Parker takes to singing
the Star Spangled Banner in the story “In a Strange Country,” while his other stories include “A Party
Down at the Square” and “King of the Bingo Game.” Author of the essay collections Shadow and Act and
Going to the Territory, he features the characters of Adam Sunraider and Alonzo “Daddy” Hickman in
Juneteenth. Better known for a novel featuring Brother Jack and Ras the Exhorter, FTP, name this
American author of The Invisible Man.
         Answer: Ralph Ellison

20. This type of organic compound is the starting point in a Ferrario-Ackermann Reaction. They are readily
created through copper(II)-promoted coupling of arylboronic compounds in Ullmann-type reactions. Their
fragmentation in a mass spectrometer can occur in a simple heterolytic fashion or involve homolytic
cleavage at the alpha position forming a resonance cation. They can also be prepared by an SN2 reaction
which reacts halides, preferably ones not sterically hindered, with alkoxides. This is called the Williamson
Synthesis. FTP, name these compounds in which an oxygen atom is connected to two carbon chains,
known for being flammable.
         Answer: ethers

TB. This man made enemies in John Parker and T. Semmes Walmsley, against whom he was supported by
Oscar Allen. He defeated Joseph Ransdell for a seat in the Senate, and placed Gerald Smith in charge. The
author of My First Days in the White House, which he called his second autobiography, he’s more famous
for his run-in with Carl Weiss and being fictionalized as Willie Stark by Robert Penn Warren. The sponsor
of the Share Our Wealth plan, FTP, name this politician with the motto “Every Man a King,” a Louisiana
swindler known as the Kingfish.
          Answer: Huey Long
1. His lithographic artwork can be found in Travel Pictures and Art Forms in Nature. FTPE:
 A. Name this scientist and philosopher, the author of The Natural History of Creation and Systematic
Phylogeny, famous for his work on radiolarians and the phrase “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.”
          Answer: Ernst Haeckel
 B. Ernst Haeckel’s ideas in evolution were similar to this Frenchman, who deviated from the thought of
contemporaries like Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire in his Philosophie Zoologique.
          Answer: Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
 C. In other words, Haeckel didn’t believe in natural selection, unlike this guy who cruised on the Beagle
and hung out in the Gallapagos.
          Answer: Charles Darwin

2. Its plot sees Richard Rowan drift away from his wife Bertha, who is wooed by his friend Robert Hand,
and toward the more intellectual Beatrice Justice. FTPE:
 A. Name this rather obscure 1918 play, an Ibsen-esque work and the only play of its author.
          Answer: Exiles
 B. Exiles was the only play of this Irish writer, better known for The Dubliners and Ulysses.
          Answer: James Joyce
 C. This final story from The Dubliners deals with Gabriel Conroy and his wife Gretta and some regretful
thoughts around Christmas time.
          Answer: “The Dead”

3. Random scandals in American history, FTPE.
  A. Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall leased some oil lands to Harry Sinclair and Edward Doheny in this
1922 scandal of the Harding administration.
         Answer: Teapot Dome
  B. The fraudulent sale of land by the Georgia legislature in Yazoo River country was implicated in this
landmark 1810 Supreme Court decision.
         Answer: Fletcher v. Peck
  C. After he was found to have accepted a vicuna coat from magnate Bernard Goldfine, this chief of staff
under Eisenhower resigned.
         Answer: Llewelyn Sherman Adams

4. Name some assorted figures from myth who caused trouble, FTPE.
 A. Though he’d be defeated by the Wax Girl, this African spider god was pretty tricky, and perhaps
created the first human with the help of his dad Nyame.
         Answer: Anansi
 B. This son of Iapetus and Themis stole fire from the gods to give to humans and, afterwards, had his liver
repeatedly eaten.
         Answer: Prometheus
 C. This Welsh god of agriculture, the son of Don, stole a hound, a deer, and a bird from Arawn and thus
kicked off the Battle of the Trees, in which his brother Gwydion turned the trees into fighters.
         Answer: Amaethon

5. Name the composer, 30-20-10.
 A. In addition to probably sustaining a relationship with singer Anna Giraud, his pupil and apparently the
daughter of a French wigmaker, he wrote an opera on Montezuma.
 B. He composed a famous oratorio on Judith’s triumph over Holofernes, and his opus 3 is known as The
Harmonic Fancy, while opus 8 is The Trial of Harmony and Invention.
 C. This Italian “red priest” is better known for his concerti The Four Seasons.
         Answer: Antonio Vivaldi

6. Name these Supreme Court cases important in civil and criminal procedure, FTPE.
 A. This 1966 case established that suspects in custody must be informed of their right to remain silent and
some other stuff.
        Answer: Miranda v. Arizona
 B. This 1961 case established that evidence obtained from illegal searches and seizures is inadmissible in
state court. It concerned the invasion by police of a woman’s home in Cleveland, which happened to turn
up some obscene material.
          Answer: Mapp v. Ohio
 C. This landmark 1938 case overruled Swift v. Tyson and held that federal courts may apply their own
rules to procedural matters in suits arising under diversity jurisdiction.
          Answer: Erie Railroad Co. v. Tompkins

7. Simple laws of structural chemistry, FTPE.
 A. This law states that for a fixed amount of gas at fixed pressure, the volume is directly proportional to
the absolute temperature.
          Answer: Charles’ Law
 B. It states that under conditions of constant pressure and temperature, a direct relationship exists between
the volume and the number of moles of an ideal gas.
          Answer: Avogadro’s Law
 C. This basic law of isomorphism states that substances with the same crystal structure will have a similar
chemical formula.
          Answer: Mitscherlich’s Law

8. Name these 20th century Asian-ish authors, FTPE.
 A.. This Asian-American chick is known for writing The Bonesetter’s Daughter and The Joy Luck Club.
         Answer: Amy Tan
 B. This slightly more Asian chick hung out in the feudal court of 10th century Japan and wrote a diary and
her Tale of Genji.
         Answer: Lady Murasaki Shikibu
 C. This giant of modern Chinese lit has written The Garlic Ballads and Big Breasts and Wide Hips, but is
probably most famous for his second novel Red Sorghum.
         Answer: Mo Yan

9. Name some early Byzantine rulers, FTPE.
  A. This guy beat up on Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge and moved the capital becoming the
first per se Byzantine ruler. He loved Christianity.
           Answer: Constantine the Great
  B. He was succeeded by his sons Arcadius and Honorius after coming to rule in 379 AD, and his
namesake code proclaimed religions other than Christianity illegal.
           Answer: Theodosius I/the Great
  C. This Monophysite ruler, who succeeded Zeno in 491, is known for building a wall to keep out Bulgars
and Slavs, and recognizing the rule of Clovis. He’d be succeeded by Justin I in 518.
           Answer: Flavius Anastasius I

10. “In the beginning, the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely
regarded as a bad move.” FTPE:
 A. This man offered the above statement, part of his series on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
          Answer: Douglas Noel Adams
 B. Arthur Dent escapes the demolition of Earth by this notoriously bureaucratic alien race. In the movie,
they’re defeated when Marvin zaps them with the point-of-view gun.
          Answer: Vogons
 C. Vogon poetry is the third worst in the Universe, ahead of the Azgoths of Kria, who have this poet
master. He recited “Ode to a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found in My Armpit One Midsummer
Morning,” which made four people die of internal hemorrhaging.
          Answer: Grunthos the Flatulent

11. Answer stuff about Tarski’s truth definition, FTPE.
 A. Said definition is a formalization of this man’s statement that understanding a proposition entails
knowing what case exists if it is true. He wrote Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.
        Answer: Ludwig Wittgenstein
  B. As a relation between a given sentence and its truth value, the definition is of importance in this field of
linguistics, which studies what words mean.
          Answer: semantics
  C. On the other hand, a pragmatic meaning theory may feature speech acts, which were notably detailed
by this English author of How to Do Things with Words.
          Answer: John Langshaw Austin

12. Glaciers are super-duper. Stuff about them, FTPE.
 A. This is a glacially eroded valley that extends below sea level and connects to the ocean. Lots of them
famously exist along the coast of Norway.
          Answer: fjords
 B. This is a meandering serpentine ridge of sediment like sand that forms within a glacier channel and
then is exposed when said glacier melts.
          Answer: esker
 C. This is the rather colloquial term for the distinctive sound that occurs when air bubbles formed at high
pressure are released during glacial melting.
          Answer: bergy seltzer or ice sizzle

13. He called in Lord Thomas Cochrane to support his reign, which began in 1822, but eventually returned
to his home country to fight in the War of the Two Brothers in support of his daughter Maria II. FTPE:
 A. Name this ruler, the son of John VI of Portugal.
          Answer: Don Pedro I
 B. John appointed Pedro I to rule in this South American country, which Portugal then controlled.
          Answer: Brazil
 C. Part of Pedro’s downfall was this conflict, also known the Argentina-Brazil War, which included the
Battle of Ituzaingo and eventually resulted in the Treaty of Montevideo.
          Answer: Cisplatine War

14. Works of Stephen Crane, FTPE.
 A. Crane is quite well known for this novel, featuring Jim Conklin and Henry Fleming in the Civil War.
         Answer: The Red Badge of Courage
 B. This novel sees the unfortunate title chick screwed over by the bartender Pete, disowned by her mom,
and become a whore.
         Answer: Maggie: A Girl of the Streets
 C. This poem is the first and titular piece in a collection of 68 poems by Crane and ends “In the rush upon
the wind: / Thus the ride of sin.”
         Answer: “The Black Riders”

15. Geography of Scotland, FTPE.
 A. This narrow lake runs along the Caledonian Canal from Fort Augustus to Inverness and is drained into
the Moray Firth. Oh, some people think it has a monster in it.
         Answer: Loch Ness
 B. Although the Tay River is the longest in Scotland, this principle commercial river flows north through
Hamilton and Glasgow into its namesake firth, which is across from the Firth of Forth.
         Answer: Clyde
 C. This mountain system delineates the division between the Highlands and Lowlands and includes the
highest peak of Great Britain, Ben Nevis, in the west.
         Answer: Grampian Mountains

16. Name some Italian chapels, FTPE.
 A. In addition to Perugino’s Christ Giving the Keys to Saint Peter, this really famous chapel has a ceiling
painted by some guy named Michelangelo.
         Answer: Sistine Chapel
 B. This chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine has some well known work by Masacio like The Tribute
Money, and was completed by Fra Lippi.
         Answer: Brancacci Chapel
 C. This chapel in Santa Felicita in Florence showcases the work of Pontormo, including his Pieta above
the altar, Annunciation on the wall, and depiction of the four Evangelists done with Bronzino.
          Answer: Capponi Chapel

17. Name some assorted religions from basic details, FTPE.
 A. Founded on the teachings of the first guru Nanak, its primary scripture is the Adi Granth.
          Answer: Sikhism
 B. The Zend-Avesta scripture and some cosmic duality between Ahriman and Ahura Mazda are featured
in this ancient Persian religion.
          Answer: Zoroastrianism
 C. Often considered a religion of sorts, this state ideology of North Korea was put forth by Kim Il-Sung in
1955 and of course promotes obedient communism.
          Answer: Juche

18. Though it started in Lincolnshire, the more virulent phase of it was led in Yorkshire by Robert Aske.
 A. Name this religious uprising in 1536, prompted largely by the dissolution of the monasteries by
Thomas Cromwell.
        Answer: Pilgrimage of Grace
 B. The Pilgrimage of Grace opposed the recent activities of this English king who had six wives.
        Answer: Henry VIII
 C. She happened to be the wife of Henry during the Pilgrimage. She gave birth to Henry’s only male heir
Edward VI after succeeding Anne Boleyn.
        Answer: Jane Seymour

19. Answer stuff about wave coherence, FTPE.
 A. One may measure temporal light coherence by this kind of spectrometer. This integral transform re-
expresses a function in terms of sinusoidal basis functions, and is named for a Frenchman.
          Answer: Fourier transform
 B. One may also use one of these instruments, which split and then recombine an optical beam, and come
in all sorts of types like Twyman-Green and Michelson.
          Answer: interferometer
 C. A 1956 landmark experiment subtracted the background from the coherence function using two
photocathodes, mounting one on a transverse slide to measure transverse coherence by displacing an
intensity detector. Name either physicist who conducted the experiment.
          Answer: Robert Hanbury-Brown or Richard Q. Twiss

20. Name these literary works with lawyers in them, FTPE.
  A. Like probably every book by Charles Dickens, this one has a lawyer, named Jaggers who is hired by
Abel Magwitch and helps out Miss Havisham and the protagonist Pip.
          Answer: Great Expectations
  B. In this novel, Heloise Dubuc dies after having her property taken by a lawyer, and Leon Dupuis is a
law clerk with whom the titular chick has an affair after Rodolphe Boulanger.
          Answer: Madame Bovary
  C. Gilbert Glossin is an unsavory lawyer in this Walter Scott novel, which features Dandie Dinmont and
some prophecies in the life of Harry Bertram.
          Answer: Guy Mannering