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The Dangers of Doggy Breath


The Dangers of Doggy Breath

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									  gardening                                                                                                                                                                                 pets

                                                               The Dangers of Doggy Breath
                                                              Pet owners who thought the         decay (not normally due to gum       Many clinics are offering free        Free Check Ups
                                                            worst side effect of smelly dog      disease), bad breath, bleeding     dental health checks through-
 Winter coming to an end always brings                                                                                                                                   If your pet is showing any
                                                            or cat breath was the daily as-      gums, abscesses and even           out the month.
that rush of excitement. Soon we will all                                                                                                                              signs of potential tooth prob-
                                                            sault on their nostrils are in for   tooth loss.                          Owners can take preventative     lem, contact one of the follow-
be able to chow down on the fruits of our                   a nasty shock – bad breath can             Serious Health               measures to ensure their pets      ing clinics in your local area,
own labour.                                                 have serious long term health                                           have healthy teeth and gums,
                                                                                                        Implications                                                   for a free dental check up dur-
                                                            implications for pets.                                                  such as regular brushing,
  I must admit I only write about plants that are                                                                                                                      ing August.
                                                              Bad breath is often a sign of        Gum disease can cause in-        checking their mouths regu-
edible or bear edible fruits. I just love the ability to                                         flammation and infection of the                                       Beaumaris Vet Clinic
wander out into the veggie patch and select my              gum disease which is the most                                           larly and visiting the vet for
                                                                                                 tissues surrounding the teeth                                            Ph: 9589 5159
own salad.                                                  frequently diagnosed health                                             check ups.
                                                            problem in pets, affecting as        as bacteria and plaque build up                                       Burke Road Vet Clinic,
  The first thing that goes in my garden are the                                                 in the mouth.                          If Your Pet Could                 Camberwell. Ph: 9822 3268
                                                            many as 80% of dogs and 70%
leafy greens, herbs like chives, salad burnett, pars-
                                                            of cats over the age of three in       When the pet eats, plaque and             Talk…                     Caulfield Vet Clinic, Caulfield
ley and nasturtium.                                                                              bacteria enter the bloodstream       Dr. Tony Caiafa of the AVDS         North. Ph: 9527 7740
  It is always interesting to checkout your local nurs-                                          and in susceptible animals, this   says dental disease often goes     Glenhuntly Road Vet Clinic,
eries and see what is new in the way of hybrids,                 Facts About Gum                 may cause damage to the            undetected for months, or even        Glenhuntly. Ph: 9571 7144
don’t you just love the way you can pick up fruits                Disease In Pets                heart, the liver and kidneys,      years.
and vegetables that are not the traditional colours                                                                                                                    Ormond Vet Clinic.
                                                              Gum disease is currently the       which in turn, can shorten a         “Pets can’t talk or express
and shapes.                                                                                                                                                               Ph: 9578 0041
                                                            most common infection in dogs        pet’s life expectancy.             their pain the way humans can,
  No dig gardens are also quite productive. This            and cats over the age of three,            Help is at hand                                                 Sandringham Veterinary
                                                                                                                                    making preventative care, den-
means simply layering lucerne on the bottom of the          with 85% of dogs and cats over                                                                                Hospital. Ph: 9597 0193
                                                                                                   National Pet Dental Health       tal cleanings and annual check-
bed, then spreading a good quantity of animal ma-           one year of age having some                                             ups all the more necessary,” Dr    Central Vet Hospital,
                                                                                                 Month is held in August each
nure over the top of this and covering with a seed-         degree of periodontal disease.                                          Caiafa said.                          Sandringham. Ph: 9598 7848
less straw.                                                   Problems begin when food par-                                           Signs your pet might need to     South Melbourne Vet Clinic.
                                                                                                   Local veterinarians and na-
  This type of garden can be thrown straight down           ticles and bacteria build up in                                         visit the dentist include bad         Ph: 9699 9137
                                                                                                 tional organizations such as the
on concrete or gravel, and there isn’t much you             the mouth, forming plaque and                                           breath, discoloured teeth, red
                                                                                                 Australian Veterinary Dental
can’t grow this way.                                        mineralizing to become tartar,
                                                                                                 Society (AVDS) are encourag-       or swollen gums, an increase           Telephone metro
                                                            which can lead to gingivitis and                                        in salivation, shying away from
                    2nd Quarter                             irreversible periodontal disease.
                                                                                                 ing owners to take a more ac-
                                                                                                                                    hard food, chewing only on one
                                                                                                                                                                         news on 9534 6122
                                                                                                 tive role in keeping their pets’
       August 16th 9:15am till August 18th                    Gum disease can result in          pearly whites healthy this Au-     side of the mouth, and pawing         to advertise in our
                                                            other problems including tooth       gust.                              or rubbing at his face.                   newspaper
                      9:40 am
   There are a couple of hours on the 14th before
 5:48am for the eager, but you will get a full day on
 the 17th to address your fruiting annuals.
                                                                     & Moon Planting Guide
                    3 Quarter
                                                              MAIL ORDER PRICES:
   August 20 9:00pm till August 22nd 9:02am
                                                               Single Copy - $7.50.
  August 24th 12:00pm till August 26th 5:00pm
                                                              Bulk Purchase $4 Each*
   A couple of good days to attend to preparing
                                                                  * Bulk is 4 or more copies.
 for your root veggies
                                                                (For 3 there is a special - $15)

                    4th Quarter                                 Contact: Thomas Zimmer, Mt
     August 27th till September5th 5:00pm                     Cougal Road, Tallebudgera Valley,
   Get in there and weed and compost and prepare                      Queensland 4228
 those beds. It will all be happening soon.

                    1st Quarter
    September 5th 5:53pm till September 10th
                                                                                                                                               SALES PEOPLE
  Spring has sprung and this is a perfect time to
 get all those early salad veggies in the ground.                                                                                                 WANTED
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2005 August                                                        connect to our website                                                                                       25

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