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					Why support medical research?

The future is purchased
by the present                                   I wish to support the AHMRF.
Samuel Johnston

                                                 Please find my donation to the AHMRF
The value of medical research cannot be          in the form of a cheque for:

over-estimated. We must invest time and
money into present day research if we are
to have a healthy future.
We are grateful for the assistance of the         Name:                                                    AUSTIN HOSPITAL
many corporate bodies and trusts that
                                                                                                           MEDICAL RESEARCH
provide funding to support research at
Austin Health through the AHMRF.                                                                           FOUNDATION

How you can support
medical research at                               Phone:
Austin Health.

You can help the AHMRF support medical
research at Austin Health by making a
donation. Donations to the AHMRF of $2 and
over are tax deductible. Donations can
support a specific research project, a
particular research group or research into a
particular disease e.g. cancer or diabetes.
Unspecified donations are used to support
                                                                                                           Studley Road, Heidelberg
high quality research projects selected by the                                                             Victoria 3084
Research Advisory Committee. It is a matter of                                                             AUSTRALIA

policy that every dollar donated to the AHMRF                                                              ABN 11 004 857 827

goes directly to supporting research.               Thank You                                              Telephone: (+61 3) 9496 3410
                                                 for your support
                                                           Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible
                                                                                                           Facsimile: (+61 3) 9496 3497
                                                How does the
                                                AHMRF support                                    Medical Research
About the AHMRF                                 medical research?                                at Austin Health
The Austin Hospital Medical Research            The AHMRF supports medical research at        There are many areas of medical research activity at
Foundation (AHMRF) was established in           Austin Health with over $350,000 awarded in   Austin Health, encompassing laboratory and clinical
1970 as an Independent Company Limited          grants each year.                             research into the major diseases affecting our
by Guarantee, to promote medical research                                                     communities. These include diabetes, heart disease,
                                                Applications for funding are received from
at Austin Health. It has grown steadily over                                                  renal disease, cancer including cancers of prostate
                                                research groups working in all areas of
the years providing researchers at Austin                                                     and lung, epilepsy and stroke,
                                                medical research. These applications are
Health with vital financial support.
                                                considered by an expert Research Advisory     Recent funding has allowed important advances
Austin Health is one of the major hospital
                                                Committee that ranks them according to        towards the following research goals.
precincts in Melbourne with a leading role in
                                                their scientific merit.
medical research and education.                                                               Epilepsy and Stroke: Identification of patients at

                                                The AHMRF supports newly qualified            risk by development of early diagnostic procedures,
Our Objective                                   researchers begin independent research        improved diagnostic imaging and therapeutic
"To promote medical research of any kind        projects or established groups to work on a   strategies.
and to encourage and advance investigation      new area of research.
                                                                                              Diabetes and Heart Disease: Identification of
into the cause, prevention, diagnosis and
                                                The AHMRF also administers grants             diabetic patients at risk of heart disease and
treatment of all types of illness and in any
                                                provided to Research Teams at Austin          development of relevant treatment.
or all of those branches of science which
                                                Health from external funding organisations,
are relevant or related to this purpose".                                                     Cancer: Identification of factors, which promote
                                                such as the National Health and Medical
                                                                                              cancer growth and subsequent development of
                                                Research Council and the National Heart
                                                                                              drugs targeting specific types of cancer.
                                                                                              Osteoporosis: Identification of patients at risk of
                                                                                              developing osteoporosis and the design of early
                                                                                              intervention strategies.

                                                                                                                         AUSTIN HOSPITAL
                                                                                                                         MEDICAL RESEARCH

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