Talk to the hat by lindayy


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									                                                Language Support Program
                                                                                                     Teaching Procedure
Observational Profile Area                      Talk to the hat.
           Using language to achieve pur-
                                                Language Focus
Suitable for Years Prep-6                       To use language appropriate                in a milkbar, an elderly person.
                                                to the conversation partner
                                                and situation e.g. Peer in the
Suitable For
                                                playground, School Principal in
           Small Group                          his office, Parent, Shopkeeper

           Whole class (for younger years)

                                                A variety of hats to depict the
                                                conversation partner e.g.
                                                baseball cap, bowler hat,
                                                school hat, straw hat, visor.

                                                     Working in pairs, students            Name use (Mr, mate, dude, sir,
                                                     choose a hat and then act             first names).
                                                     out a conversation using
                                                                                           Conversation topic (what’s
                                                     appropriate language.
                                                     Things to keep in mind
                                                                                           Language (using slang etc)
                                                     and to discuss at the end
                                                     of the activity:
                                                Greeting types (formal, casual)

                                                Younger children may find it               hats. Discuss greetings,
                                                easier doing this activity as a            language, topics etc and what
                                                class with the teacher or aide             types would be appropriate to
                                                acting as the ‘hat’ person, or             each “hat’ person e.g. which
                                                being the mediator between 2               person could you say “hey
                                                younger students.                          dude” to? Who would you call
                                                                                           Mr or Sir?
                                                Alternatively, start the activity
                                                by having a number of
                                                students stand at the front of
                                                the class wearing all of the

                                                  Document prepared by Hugh McCusker and Lee Oliver (Lewis & Lewis 2006).

                               Based on material developed by Dr John Munro in conjunction with the Victorian Department of Education & Training.

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