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Subsea Plant Operator Course by lindayy


Subsea Plant Operator Course

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									Subsea Plant Operator Course
14th August 2008
Fremantle Room, Parmelia Hilton Hotel, Mill Street, Perth

Subsea production is not a new concept; however, advances in subsea technologies continue to enhance the
economic development of offshore exploration discoveries in all water depths. Crucial to the economic success of
such developments is the need to understand the consequesces of one’s actions. This one-day course is aimed at
creating an awareness of the applications of subsea equipment and plant, how subsea equipment is operated, the
vulnerabilities to which it is susceptible, the requirements to continuously inspect, maintain and repair and the
consequences of equipment downtime and lost production.

                                                                                                               Pictures courtesy of FMC Technologies Australia

09.00 Registration                                               14.15 What could go wrong?
09.15 General Introduction to Subsea Production systems                Presented by: Graham Bonner, Chevron Energy
      Presented by: Chris Lawlor, Woodside Ltd.                        Explanations of the vulnerability of subsea hardware to the
      Components of subsea systems, the “building blocks”              following:
      The purpose of each element and how they fit into the            Hydrates, waxes & scale, causes & remedies
      overall system.                                                  Control Fluid Cleanliness; Incompatible Fluids
10.00 Subsea Assets                                                    Insulation Resistance; Gas Ingress & condensing wate
      Presenteb by: Chris Lawlor, Woodside Ltd.                        Technology Obsolescence
      Examples of existing subsea infrastructure.                      Reliability, redundancy & flexibility
      The extent of production from subsea wells                       Dragged & dropped objects - Fishing activity
      Indicative subsea maintenance costs                              Corrosion/erosion
      Examples of engineering, operations and maintenance              Marine environmental influences - temperature, internal
      roles & team structure.                                          water motions, marine growth.
11.00 Tea/Coffee                                                 15.15 Tea/Coffee
11.15 Subsea Hardware & Systems                                  15.30 Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
      Presenteb by: Simon Carpenter, Cameron Subsea Systems            Presented by: Geoff Hogg, DoF Subsea
      Examples of equipment and their interrelation.                   The need for IRM and how it is carried out, exploring:
      Trees, chokes, manifolds, connectors, control modules,           Diver intervention; ROV Capabilities; Vessels; Integrity
      flowlines, bundles, risers & umbilicals                          management; Platform liaison; Knowledge management &
      Surface control & Chemical Injection systems                     operational improvement: OEM healthcare programmes
      Workover control system
       Subsea power system/downhole pumps                        16.30 Advanced Systems
                                                                       Presented by: Martyn Witton, INPEX
12.15 Lunch                                                            Production modelling & Operator
13.15 Operating Strategies/practices                                   Simulators
      Presenteb by: Paul Oakley, Multiphase Solutions Pty Ltd.         Subsea Seperation
      Typical Oil FPSO & big Gas developments                          Subsea Compression
      Pressure, Temperature & Flow management                          Direct Seawater injection
       Flow assurance; Well/field start up;
      Operator problems commonly experienced;                    17.30 Course Conclusion
      Surface control system operation; Routine operations -
      testing; Interlocks; Man machine interface; Condition
      monitoring/ Shutdown systems; Inherent & active
      protection & safety; Marine Operations & SIMOPS;
      Pigging                                                                           SUT reserves the right to change/amend the programme as it see fit.

                                                  Presenting Companies Include:

Registration Information – SPOC                                                                                            (Aug 08)
To register, either e-mail the information required on the registration form to
or fax the completed form to +61 8 9204 3826
Registration Fees
SUT Members - $385.00 Inc. GST
Non Members - $440.00 Inc. GST
Fee includes - All refreshments, handout notes of the presentations & CD containing PDF versions of the presentations .

Preferred Payment Methods:
Credit Card: Mastercard, Visa, or AMEX ONLY. We cannot accept payment by any other card.
Cheque:          Australian Dollar only, made payable to The Society for Underwater Technology
                Send to, SUT, PO Box 1107, Kalamunda, WA, 6076
                Please make sure you reserve a place by e-mail or fax before sending payment.
Joining Instructions:
Joining instructions will be e-mailed to the registered delegate (as shown on the registration form). All details of presenters and updates
to the programme will be included in the joining instructions.

Refunds will be made on written cancellation received up to ten working days in advance of the event, but will be subject to a 15% han-
dling charge. 50% will be deducted up to three working days in advance and 100% thereafter up to the start of the event. No refund will
be given for non-attendance. Delegates may wish to nominate a substitute in their place.

Transport During the Course:
Delegates are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from the Parmelia Hilton Hotel.

Registration Form
Please e-mail details to or fax the completed form to +61 8 9204 3826

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