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									HP ProCurve Product Naming
As of October 1st, 2008, Colubris Networks has been acquired by HP ProCurve. HP ProCurve has
begun integrating the Colubris product line into its ProCurve Networking product portfolio

Colubris product names are being changed to their equivalent HP ProCurve product names. In this
5.2.4 release, the management tool user interface and online help use the new HP ProCurve
product names. However, the documentation continues to use the Colubris product names.

Note: SOAP and SNMP MIBs retain the Colubris naming so you do not need to change
      your existing SOAP and MIB usage.

The Colubris Networks product names and their corresponding new HP ProCurve product names
are as follows:

 Colubris name                                    HP ProCurve name
 MSC-5100 MultiService Controller                 MSM710 Controller
 MSC-5200 MultiService Controller                 MSM730 Controller
 MSC-5500 MultiService Controller                 MSM750 Controller
 MSC-3200 MultiService Controller                 MSM313 Access Point
 MSC-3200R MultiService Controller                MSM313-R Access Point
 MSC-3300 MultiService Controller                 MSM323 Access Point
 MSC-3300R MultiService Controller                MSM323-R Access Point
 MAP-320 MultiService Access Point                MSM310 Access Point
 MAP-320R MultiService Access Point               MSM310-R Access Point
 MAP-330 MultiService Access Point                MSM320 Access Point
 MAP-330R MultiService Access Point               MSM320-R Access Point
 MAP-330 AP+Sensor MultiService Access Point      MSM325 Access Point
 MAP-625 MultiService Access Point                MSM422 Access Point
 MAP-630 AP+Sensor MultiService Access Point      MSM335 Access Point
 WCB-200 Wireless Client Bridge                   M111 Client Bridge
 Visitor Management Tool                          Guest Management Software
 RF Manager 1500 Enterprise                       RF Manager 100 IDS/IPS system
 RF Manager 1300 Basic                            RF Manager 50 IDS/IPS system
 RF Planner                                       RF Planner

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