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									 hotspot Express
Product Presentation

1. Product Perspective

2. Managed Services

3. Conclusion
Product Perspective
                  About Us

One of the Pioneers of complete WiFi
 solutions in India
First in India to Integrate Subscriber
 Management & Billing Software into a special
 purpose appliance running on LINUX kernel
Software to secure HOTSPOTs & Manage the
 users and their usage
Have been providing WiFi solutions for the last
 2 years
90% of customer base is outside India
Specialist in Out-Door Transmitters
    AAA/Billing Solutions from Hotspot Express

Product Name        Description                       Target Market

                    LINUX based integrated            Hotels, Resorts, Hotels Chains,
hotEx Billing       Subscriber, Bandwidth and Billing Enterprises and WISPs
Manager             Management Software

                    Username/Password           based Enterprises, Universities and
                    Authorization, Authentication and Colleges.
                    Accounting Software

                    A standard WiFi unit from Hotels, Café, Café Chains and
                    Hotspot     Express    with    a Service Apartments
SPOT               customized firmware. Billing is
                    given    through   our    hosted
hotEx Billing Manager
hotEx RADIUS Manager
Managed WiFi Billing through SPOT
Modules of Hotspot Express Products
AAA Sequence when a user tries to access
                Why hotspot Express products/services?

                              hotspot Express has been in the niche WiFi billing
                             products/services business for the last 2 years
Product Name                  Experience of supporting global customers
                              Customer Premises Equipments on LINUX platforms
                             give that extra stability
hotEx Billing
Manager                       Ability to customize and add features like reverse
                             SMS billing

                              Product portfolio to serve all service verticals right
Manager                      from a single user to café to Hotel Chain to Enterprises
                             to WISPs
                              Hosted Services platform to service globally and
SPOT                        simple Plug & Play SPOT device for ease of
                              Committed core team with right blend of people to
                             meet the demands of global scale of operations
Managed Services
SPOT for Global Reach

   Wherever broadband is available
            Whom we are targeting?

                                     WISP/Mobile Telecom
Household                            Operator

  Hotel                               Enterprises

  Cafe                                Mobile
                                      Work Force
SPOT for All Service Verticals

      Secure services to any WiFi device
              SPOT- More Technical Details
 SPOT is a Captive Portal from Hotspot Express

Captive Portal: A redirector which intercepts Internet Traffic and prompts, a
Login Page. After authentication a user is allowed to login

 SPOT is tightly integrated with AAA/Billing Manager from Hotspot Express
             SPOT More Technical Details
 This SPOT device need not be a WiFi device per se. It can be loaded on
a Standard Pentium Machines

 SPOT is a Captive Portal that captures every single packet flowing out of
the LAN

 When user tries to access Internet the captive portal forces the user to get

 Username based AAA mechanism enables the services to be literally device

 SPOT can be loaded onto any WRT compliant WiFi AP

 LINUX not only enables us to be very cost effective in an extremely competitive
market but makes the service extremely reliable

 SPOT is not making any existing devices redundant at customer end. It gets
connected between LAN and WAN and delivers security/AAA services interacting
with Central AAA/Billing servers at hotspot Express data center
      The difference that we bring to table…
 Security
     Simple Username/Password based authentication mechanism
 Reliability
    LINUX based CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) to improve
 Ease of deployment & support
    Either a SPOT loaded on WRT compliant AP or firmware can
    easily be loaded on any PC having two ethernet cards
    Experience of hotspot Express in supporting global customers for
    more than 2 years
 Global Reach
    Vernacular Languages; Plug & Play hardware with Security/Billing
    functionalities. 24X7 Data Center to monitor users/usage
 Make money or Freebee
    Freedom to charge WiFi Access or give WiFi Access as
    complementary services
         Service Deployment/Support

 Each Customer will be given a SPOT loaded AP that
needs to be plugged between Internet Gateway and LAN

 If Customer has WRT Compliant WiFi routers, SPOT
firmware can be loaded

 If Customer wants to use a standard Pentium machine
(having two ethernet cards one one LAN and one on WAN)
using Remote Desktop Control software like VNC we can load
our firmware

 24X7 technical support services from India for Customers

 99.5% Uptime with the latest servers having in-built
                                             SPOT Benefits

                       SPOTFEATURES                                           BENEFITS

                                                  Reduced Billing /Database functions at customer end saving money
                  Hosted AAA/ Billing Services
                                                  and time
Login Screen in   Username based authentication Central administration simplified

Vernacular        LINUX Kernel for AAA functions Extremely reliable services
                  Pre-paid & Post-paid, PayPal    Choice and ease of usage to users
                  Web based Interface             No configuration change on the Client laptop; Truly plug & play
                  Username based authentication Makes it device independent – Same login process for Laptop/PDA
                                                  Login screens in Arabic, French, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish already
                  Multiple Languages

Username          Tariff plans based on Time or   Flexible Tariff Plans; Being a Business Administrator, customer has
Based AAA         Volume or Speed                 absolute control over Tariff Plans including complementary services
                  Payment Gateway                 PayPal is default. Reverse SMS billing option too available

                                                                                                                            Ease of
                  Media Independence              Ideally suited for managing both wired and wireless networks              Payment
                                                  Every single packet being sent/received is captured resulting in better
                  Captive Portal
                                                  management of users/resources
                  Walled Garden                   Redirection to specific Websites/Messages/Promotions
                  Inactive Timer                  The precious bandwidth is optimally utilized
                  Reach / Roaming                 Across any hotspot where AirNode services are available
through Walled
hotspot Express has PPP

    People
      Core technical team to ensure smooth operations of back end
      servers and quality support

    Product
       Tested, reliable products to meet the demands of global operations
       Except few tailor made customization requirements in pipe line all
      other features are already operational

    Process
       As a team we have put the best practices in place and evolve over a
      period time to ensure quality and value for money services to our
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